Isla Bikes Luath Range £50 off  - £350 @ Isla Bikes / Mail Order

Isla Bikes Luath Range £50 off - £350 @ Isla Bikes / Mail Order

LocalFound 30th Oct 2014
A kids' bike for £350! I could buy a car for that etc....

Isla bikes have knocked £50 off their Luath range of road / cyclocross bikes for kids. These bikes are very well reviewed and can be bought via their telephone helpline but make sure you have your kid's measurements first.

Depreciation is very low with 2 year old models going for £300 on eBay!

Very lightweight and well-proportioned they are very popular at kids' road and triathlon events.

Check out their website…-24
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Great value, solid bikes for those children who are wanting more out of cycling than just dashing round the block with their mates. Heated.
My kids competed at a cyclocross race on Sunday and it was pretty obvious from the line-up at the U8 and U10 races that they have got something right - fully 2/3 of the bikes were Islabikes! It must be said that the older categories were less dominated, mostly because Islabikes don't do any carbon frames, so a lot of the older kids are running around on carbon Ridleys etc.

I know that Islabike deals get quite a bit of abuse, but please trust us - they /are/ good bikes and if you take a look at the residual values, they're not even that much more expensive than some much cheaper bikes!

Highly recommended.
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The thing with Islabikes is that they are usually a lot lighter than most kids bikes, which makes them easy to ride and manoeuvre, plus the quality of the components is very good, they are basically smaller versions of high quality adult bikes.

Look on ebay at the resale values, the TCO is could even be less than some of the super heavy Halfords tosh.
Islabikes are brilliant! £50 quid off is a bonus.
Is there any bike in between as Islabike and a heavy Halford bit of rubbish that any bike expert could recommend for a first bike after balance bike?

Keen to give the little on a good bike but would like to spend up to £100 rather than £300 if possible.

Thanks in advance
Frog are the obvious alternative. Bit cheaper, bit heavier. Unfortunately for you, "bit cheaper" puts them closer to Islabikes money than Halfords money :-( On the plus side, they sell through normal bike shops, so there may be deals to negotiate on the other side of Christmas.

Also worth nosing around for secondhand stuff. Islabikes pull top whack money, but other brands (Trek do some OK kids bikes too) can be had for that sort of money without any problem.
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