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Posted 10 September 2023

Jimi Adult Mountain Bike (Size L)

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£700 off! Lightweight, low step over mountain bike.

Size L only. Discounts on other bikes on their website too. From the website…

Jimi specification−
  • Super-lightweight from just 9.9kgLow stepover design makes it easy to get on and off
  • Versatile riding positions and light action controls
  • Easy-Tyre-Change rims make puncture repairs a breeze
  • Carbon fibre fork provides lightweight comfort with a host of accessory mounts
  • Size specific low Q-factor cranks for comfortable pedalling
  • Very low gearing

info added by @sigorney Size Guide

Light and responsive

The Jimi is a capable and agile climber, weighing from just 9.9kg thanks to its aluminium frame, carbon fork and careful component choices.

Low Step Over
Mounting and dismounting is easy with the Jimi’s low stepover frame design. It can be even easier if you add a dropper post. Originally designed solely to help you get lower in the technical sections we have found they are also perfect for riders who find setting off and stopping a challenge. A dropper post allows you to prepare to set off in the saddle with both feet flat on the ground and then raise the saddle once you are riding. You can then lower it again as you prepare to stop – or for the technical stuff!

Versatile riding position and light action controls
Sit more upright or get down low. The Jimi’s 17 degree handlebar stem provides a wide range of handlebar adjustment to suit your riding position. Light action Grip Shift gear changing allows you to use the strength of your whole hand to easily change gear whilst short reach hydraulic disc brakes are easy to operate with limited hand movement and guarantee consistent, powerful braking in all weather conditions.

Easy-Tyre-Change rims
Getting a puncture is never fun. Getting a puncture and not being able to fix it because you can’t remove the tyre is even worse. To combat this, we’ve developed a unique rim bed that makes tyre fitting and removal a cinch.

Carbon fibre front end
The Jimi’s equipped with an exclusive thru-axle carbon fibre fork that features the comfort, precision and lightweight associated with carbon fibre and the benefits of accessory mounts. For full versatility you can fit “Anything Cage” type luggage holders, full mudguards and even a crown mounted light to Jimi’s fork. Perfect when heading out into the wilderness.

Islabikes size specific cranks and low Q-factor
The Jimi has dedicated crank lengths for each frame size, as short as 165mm for the small model. This seemingly small difference reduces the range your hip and knees have to bend when riding, ensures your muscles are operating in their most effective range and you are more comfortable in the saddle due to the reduced movement at the crotch. The distance between your feet when pedalling has a significant impact on both your comfort and pedalling efficiency. Our unique narrow Q-factor cranks are specifically designed to bring feet closer together and optimise your pedalling.

Remarkably low gearing
Low gearing can be the difference between making it up that challenging steep climb and walking. Jimi’s 11-40t, 8 speed wide ratio cassette and 26t single front chainring provides super-low gearing to ride those climbs.

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  1. Sajad_Mohammed's avatar
    Designed for OAPs wanting to stay mobile. Tow paths and the like. They do great kids bikes or bikes for people that are short / old etc.
  2. blackanchorage's avatar
    It's like a Dutch bike, but with better brakes and gears.
    JonF992's avatar
    And half the weight
  3. andiron87's avatar
    Posted 50 mins ago and 120° already.
    Not the prettiest, a bit weird looking.. what am I missing?
  4. Muig1972's avatar
    Well...it's different. For mountain biking in a long skirt?

    Seriously though, that's incredibly light for a mountain bike. I've never seen a MTB with a rigid carbon fork before, so I'm not sure who this is aimed at- I'm sure it will be perfectly good for light trails though.

    EDIT: If you look at the detailed specs, each size is listed as being the same weight: 9.9kg. Seems highly dubious to me!

    50959958-JbCVM.jpg (edited)
    Johnmcl7's avatar
    They're not common but there's still a number of mountain bikes out there with rigid carbon forks, I ride a rigid in the winter on all the same trails I do my summer bike so it can handle a good bit more than light trails.

    That said the frame design makes this look more intended to be used like a hybrid/tourer than a mountain bike though.
  5. rik111's avatar
    Its an Islabike which is pure quality. All my kids learnt to ride on one and after 10 years it was as good as new and sold it on.
    No idea about their adult bikes, looks liek they have diversified and its not worked out too well.. They also have some relatively cheap ebikes thst look "interesting"
    mutley1's avatar
    yeah their e-bike look very interesting as they are incredibly lightweight at 15kg, which isn't that much heavier than my old fold up hybrid bike! and most e-bike weighs an absolute ton unless you pay mega bucks.
  6. This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Totally random but for £400 worth a punt. Hydraulic brakes etc. You definitely save money and weight not having a suspension fork. Wouldn't trust it on hardcore trails but will be totally adequate for lots of people. 🔥
  7. cheapasch1ps's avatar
    What maintenance do you have to do on these? Looking for something very low maintenance will rarely be used
    mchcreations's avatar
    Get a bike with hub gear (internal gears) and belt drive (belt instead of chain). You can leave it for a year and ride it as no need for oil/lubricant
  8. Smugnamehere's avatar
    I like this but I'm 192cm, above the suggested max height for large. Would using a longer stem and a longer seat post work to make it fit?
    Abbadon2001's avatar
    its possible you might need a lay back seatpost, and longer stem to increase the cockpit length,
  9. simonT's avatar
    Muig1972's avatar
    My, what a bitter contribution.
  10. stec77's avatar
    I thought I’d check out the other Isla bikes after seeing posts on here especially the e-bike although I couldn’t see anything that took my fancy I did see a couple of categories of “dwarfism “ which really surprised me ! Quite a niche category!?
  11. ishybon's avatar
    I had several Islabikes growing up - can't speak to their quality today but I loved mine back then.
    Abbadon2001's avatar
    My daughter had one when she was 7, and she was still just about able to ride it when she was 15, it was one of their 26" wheel children's models, had a lot of seat post length and cockpit adjustability. We still have 3 isla bikes that my younger ons are using, they last so well, and are built to a v high standard
  12. Zimmy's avatar
    I think "mountain bike" is pushing it a bit. Looks more like a city bike but with MTB gears, good if you have lots of hills in your city or are pretty unfit!
    mutley1's avatar
    Yeah, it isn't a proper mountain bike. It is more the male version of their road bike. It has slightly more sturdier frame, wheels and mountain bike tyres.

    Their adult bikes are aimed at the older market. They market it as bikes for people who aren't yet ready for the e-bike
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