Island Sun Coconut Milk 400ml 35p @tesco

Island Sun Coconut Milk 400ml 35p @tesco

Found 31st Dec 2010Made hot 2nd Jan 2010
Not a very exciting one, but this coconut milk is really good value at 35p (reduced from 55p until 9/1/11). It's in stock in my local Tesco and also appears online.

In my local store it is in the world food section (hidden at the back) and not with the curry sauces and pastes (where there is only hugely overpriced £1.93 tins), so it's worth having a look around for it (or asking).


DO NOT BUY, I am a big fan of coconut milk, I make curries, rice pudding, and drink it from the can straight, I even make coconut milk myself from scratch, but this new brand is just vile, I have seen it at ASDA and Tesco lately, I bought it for 35p last week, it has to be the most digusting coconut milk I have ever tasted. NOTHING beats Dunn River coconut milk.

Thanks I love cooking with this milk, I prefer to make my own cocnut milk, but this is a great store cupboard goodie! x


LAZY! made hot the first time around, two days ago!

can i drink this??
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