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Isopropanol Alcohol IPA 99.99% - Pure Chem (White) 5Ltr - £16.97 with S&S - sold & dispatched by Trade Chemicals

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Works out at £3.75 per liter -
Really good price

About this item
  • Dissolves a wide range of non-polar compounds
  • Most commonly used as a disinfectant
  • 99.99% Strength
  • Can be diluted and used as rubbing alcohol

ISOPROPANOL ALCOHOL 99%(PROPAN-2-OL)Isopropanol Alcohol IPA 99.99% dissolves a wide range of non-polar compounds. It also evaporates quickly, therefore leaves nearly zero oil traces. In comparison to ethanol, IPA is relatively non-toxic, compared to alternative solvents. As a result, it is used widely as a solvent and as a cleaning fluid, especially for dissolving oils. Consequently, examples of this application include cleaning electronic devices such as contact pins (like those on ROM cartridges), magnetic tape and disk heads.
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  1. trevordavies0629's avatar
    Dilute with water to 70% - it is more effective when diluted to about 70% than pure: blog.gotopac.com/201…or/

    certain viruses that are not enveloped in fat, like norovirus need bleach to kill instead.
    fryitup's avatar
    Depends on your usage...
    Im using it to clean my 3d printer print bed and I want as pure as possible
  2. Joshywa's avatar
    On Hexeal the Discount code " FIRST5 " makes it £16.19
  3. Darryl1234's avatar
    Can you infuse with your own botanicals to make Gin? Just add purefied water
    DonnyBrago's avatar
    For the avoidance of doubt (and a poisoning) no, it is a different type of alcohol and you can't drink this type.
  4. honeybags225's avatar
    Could you make limoncello with this?
    SirSpanky's avatar
    Not sure if you're serious, but on the slim chance you are, then NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    The only alcohol that is safe to drink is ethanol. This is isopropanol and is definitely not safe to consume.
  5. sanfermin's avatar
    Use 1 part isopropyl to 5 parts water small amount liquid soap making it cheap windscreen wash. Ideally distilled water is better but actually never had an issue with tap water. Never had it freeze over a Scottish winter😁
    greglowe1's avatar
    Truely frugal when you can get 5L concentrated washer fluid for a few quid on offer at points throughout the year!
  6. gemmaind's avatar
    5 x 1L bottles not much more
    sajidtg's avatar
    about quid more - and being on deal site, we have to be looking at saving every penny we can
  7. gianthair's avatar
    I usually buy meths for cleaning but also as a fuel in a simple camping burner I have that is made out of an old beer can. I can see comments on its suitability for cleaning. Would this burn in a similar way to meths and is it as safe in terms of what it releases when combusted around food?
    RoosterNo1's avatar
    Its clean to burn - no fumes, but its VERY volotile - ie it evaporates quickly, so when you come to use the stove you may find it empty !
  8. mastutio's avatar
    A bit on the strong side for an IPA but might get a few in for the Euros
    justabout72's avatar
    This will give brew dog a run for its money
  9. Saro's avatar
    Do the mafia use this to clean up lol?
    simonspeakeasy's avatar
    In my experience, bleach does a more thorough job.
  10. konan100's avatar
    Dilute with equal parts water for an excellent grout cleaner
    123sonny123's avatar
    Hi. I have some perfumers alcohol lying about. I bought it from a company called Craftover for home made fragrances etc. It's strong, but not as strong as this stuff. Do you think I could use the perfumers alcohol to clean grout? I tried everything to clean our grout...astonish, fairy liquid, vinegar (soak and non soak methods), good 'ol elbow grease and nothing really does anything.
  11. kwl147's avatar
    This is perfect to make up a batch of your own panel wipe when removing left over traces of waxes or oils after machine polishing paintwork on cars.
  12. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Lol, I posted a joke about Frosty Jacks, but it got removed for being "off topic" etc...
    Nothing wrong with IPA, White Lightning, Limoncello and Gin it seems!
    Roger_Irrelevant's avatar
    All these over-zealous mods are gonna be put out to pasture soon, then free speech resumes.
  13. Saeed's avatar
    Had it in my ebay basket for a month £19 odd . Glad i found this post , thanks op (edited)
    tjc2005's avatar
    Haha you're barely saving much are you tbh
  14. simbcfc1875's avatar
    Can you make crystal meth with this ?
  15. johnszi23's avatar
    Perfect hand sanitizer
    projectdarkstar's avatar
    You're not using it neat are you? Add aloe or something. Repeated usage of pure alcohol on skin isn't a great idea
  16. mrjheeta's avatar
    Thanks OP
  17. porky232's avatar
    I used to use this for cleaning my vinyl records, good stuff.
    GrahamPrince's avatar
    Still do 😁
  18. SuperJB's avatar
    This "matches my deal alert for 'beer'"...
    MoonBall's avatar
    Haha same
  19. smurkenstein's avatar
    Good stuff to have around for paintwork and cleaning but 5 litres is a bit much for me
  20. Quids's avatar
    52907926-tCZWM.jpgAwesome deal...
  21. ifeeltheheat's avatar
    Perfect mouthwash
  22. gizzareth...'s avatar
    Are there any cold ones left?
  23. martinelsen's avatar
    this isn’t ethanol based so i don’t think technically you can wasted on this
    Dananski's avatar
    You can certainly get wasted in the GTA sense of the word...
  24. j.k88's avatar
    is it safe to add this to my gas tank?
  25. Poppin's avatar
    This is good for also cleaning the thermal paste off of your processor right?
    AM5's avatar
    Yes sir
  26. Andy_HayessSQ's avatar
    Thanks. I think I paid £7 a litre last time.
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