Issey Miyake Sport 200ml EDT £40.70 delivered @ AllBeauty

Issey Miyake Sport 200ml EDT £40.70 delivered @ AllBeauty

Found 3rd Oct 2015
One of my favourite scents and I always tend to buy the 200ml bottles of this. A very likeable modern citrus/woods scent that is very versatile.

Use discount code SHOP3 to get £3 off the original price of £43.70 making it £40.70.

Possibly even cheaper for new customers with 6.5% Quidco available too and 3.5% Quidco for existing customers.
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Er....£3 off.....seriously?
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Er....£3 off.....seriously?

No. It usually costs around £55 for the 200ml. It's already been discounted to £43.70. The £3 off is just an added bonus bringing the price down further.
Ah, wasnt clear. Apologies.
This stuff is awesome - but doesn't last all that long
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This stuff is awesome - but doesn't last all that long

Agreed. Not as long lasting as my Dior Aqua Fahrenheit which can last me all day but I get around 6 hours from it which is good enough for most. The citrus dies down quite quickly though. Probably only lasts an hour and a half before the woodsy notes take over. Mainly a clean vetiver scent for the majority of it's life on your skin. Still this and Zegna Uomo are probably the safest, most modern and affordable people pleasing scents I've owned that work for all occasions and seasons. Also they both have 200ml bottles that don't break the bank and last me quite a while.
200ml? That's a crazy size! I guess it lasts though

Heat OP!
Thanks. Another Xmas present sorted!
Never smelt this, what's it like compared to the original Issey miyake which I love
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Never smelt this, what's it like compared to the original Issey miyake … Never smelt this, what's it like compared to the original Issey miyake which I love

The original Issey Miyake is a bit dated now and this version doesn't retain the floral sharpness of the original. This is more of a modern take on the original excluding the floral aspect and introducing a more bright and vibrant citrus/mint/leather combo with vetiver on the drydown. It's definitely more masculine than the original L'Eau d'Issey but not as long lasting which might be a blessing to some since the original had some monstrous longevity.

Zegna Uomo

Never heard of this but may have a gander next time in duty-free.
The OH wouldnt let me buy Nuit d'Issey on the outbound, the on the inbound he bought it for himself... pfftt

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No Issey no missy
i find this doesn't last as long as original or intense. have had good comments about all three on me
Can't go wrong with that price tag, it's the price of 100ml your getting 200ml bottle. Love this scent, better than original in my opinion, longevity not as the original or intense.
8.08% TCB cashback for new customers. Only checked TCB after I signed up via the quidco
Damn want to buy this but have never smelled it before, anyone know anythong similiar to it?

I usually wear chanel allure/ sport, is it similar?
cheaper here
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cheaper here

eBay. From Germany. Long shipping times. No idea if it's genuine or not. Sure it's cheaper but it's definitely a gamble and not as convenient as shopping with AllBeauty aka CheapSmells.

Also you should read the sellers feedback. Hit the translate button. You'll see a lot of folks complaining about the fragrances being fake.
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