It Ain't Half Hot Mum Series 1-4 Box Set £24.97 delivered @ Amazon
It Ain't Half Hot Mum Series 1-4 Box Set  £24.97 delivered @ Amazon

It Ain't Half Hot Mum Series 1-4 Box Set £24.97 delivered @ Amazon

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5 Disc Set
This fantastic DVD collection contains all the episodes from series 1-4 of Jimmy Perry and David 'Croft's 'It Ain't Half Hot Mum', first broadcast in 1974. Episodes comprise - Series 1: 'Meet The Gang', 'My Lovely Boy', 'The Mutiny Of The Punka Wallahs', 'A Star Is Born', 'The Jungle Patrol', 'It's A Wise Child', 'The Road To Bannu' and 'The Inspector Calls'. Series 2: 'Showing The Flag', 'Down In The Jungle', 'The Natives Are Revolting', 'Cabaret Time' 'The Curse Of The Sadhu', 'Forbidden Fruits', 'Has Anyone Seen My Cobra?' and 'The Night Of The Thugs'. Series 3: 'The Supremo Show', 'Mind My Maharajah', 'Bang Goes The Maharajah', 'The Grand Illusion', 'Pale Hands I Love' and 'Don't Take The Micky'. Series 4: 'Monsoon Madness', 'Kidnapped In The Khyber', 'A Fate Worse Than Death', 'Ticket To Blighty', 'Lofty's Little Friend', 'Flight To Jawani', 'We Are Not Amused' and 'Twenty-One Today'

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I remember watching this as a sprog & enjoying it at the time but haven't seen it in years (sure some other members can point out that it's probably repeated over & over on one of the satelite channels). BBC haven't stood by the series in terms of repeats due to comments & complaints about the racial nature of some of the comedy (Michael Bates was 'blacked up' to play an Indian character) & Windsor Davies constantly screaming about 'pooftas'.
Not having seen it in ages I don't know how well it's stood the test of time but it seems a damn good price for 4 series worth!
Trivia -
Some viewers considered that there was a racial element to the humour, with critics singling out Michael Bates in the black-face make-up as the most obvious example. Detractors claimed that, at the very least, a real Indian actor could have been cast in the part rather than a white-skinned man. Bates had a tongue-in-cheek response: he pointed out that he was born in Janshi, India, spoke Hindustani before he learned English, and, as the two genuinely brown faces in the cast actually belonged to a Pakistani and a Bangladeshi, he was in fact the only real Indian in the production!
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