IT Works Weather Station -  £20.94 delivered -  NOW Just £4.99 Collect in store!!

IT Works Weather Station - £20.94 delivered - NOW Just £4.99 Collect in store!!

Found 9th Nov 2006
IT WORKS KW9009-U Weather station is now half-price at Comet. Was £29.99 & now reduced to £14.99. Delivery is £5.95 extra for any number of items.

HALF PRICE - Check the weather forecast before you even get out of bed in the morning with this IT Works weather station with indoor and outdoor temperature readings and barometer with forecasting symbols.

Features : Barometer with forecasting symbols | Radio controlled clock | Measures indoor humidity | Measure indoor & outdoor temperature | Pressure history and bar chart | Moon phase | Snooze alarm | Selectable 12/24 hour and C/F temperature format
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Larger image :-
Another option from Argos - [COLOR=darkred]Acctim 'Indikon' Weather Station Alarm Clock[/COLOR] for £19.99

Where: Argos
Saw this in Woolworths the other day for £29.99 and it looked like a nice little gadget so a steal for £14.99, shame about the high delivery charge though.
Bah. No NI delivery
Hi Edi,

Nice find(s).
Good price for £19.99 and £20.94.

Best Regards.
Also from Comet is the bigger brother to the IT WORKS KW9009-U this one the IT WORKS KW9007-U only £19.99 ]http//ww…256. I bought the IT WORKS KW9007-U last year for £9.99 when they were last on offer last Xmas. The KW9007-U also comes with separate remote sensor for indoor/outdoor use and mine it is still running with original batteries it came with and I think it is better value than the KW9009-U more features and bigger display.
I take it this is wireless. So can you have one piece outside and other inside - no cables?
How big are these?

It's hard to tell from the pictures?
Good enough to be used next to a bed as well?
Ordered one today o collect at store saves the £5.95 delivery charge
*bump* This is now £4.99 with collect at store option to save on that pesky P&P...…248

Another option from Argos - [COLOR=darkred]Acctim 'Indikon' Weather … Another option from Argos - [COLOR=darkred]Acctim 'Indikon' Weather Station Alarm Clock[/COLOR] for £19.99Where: Argos

Got that clock, it has no radio control feature.
wow 4.99 and collect in store bargain
Just ordered a couple for stocking fillers, nice new price:thumbsup:
Just reserved a couple ...Cheers OP !!!! :thumbsup:
Thanks for this, bargain at £4.99:thumbsup: ! For some reason, it will only let me reserve one, but hope to get a couple more when I collect:)
I've reserved one too - thanks for the post!
thanks - reserved 2 , looked at some last week for presents for the older people in the family and nearly spent £20 each
Thanks for this edi :santa:

Just reserved a couple ...Cheers OP !!!! :thumbsup:

Stock check does not work for nearby stores :x.
Think that need to fix this fault as it's been persistent for several weeks now. Although not bought this item from Comet it's an excellent buy for £4.99 at a guess.
Just picked mine up - the staff nearly had a heart attack when they realised how much it was. They told me that if they'd known, they'd have bought them all! :giggle:

A brilliant deal, thanks again, OP - rep left!
picked a couple up as well, very cool. total bargain for 4.99.

By the way its 7.5 degrees outside here :-)
Just returned the one I bought for £9.99 last week and grabbed two @ £4.99 :giggle:

Thanks should go to MikeT for spotting the £4.99 price drop :thumbsup:
Quidco tracks at £1.00 for this so only £3.99

Date Merchant Amount (£) Earnings (£) Status Payment Date
23 Dec 2006 Comet 4.99 1.00 tracked ~ Jan 2007

Quidco track at £1.00 for this so only £3.99

Oh my G... thought Quidco isnt available for Collect-in-store ...
:viking: :viking: :viking:
Its tracked it for me on Collect in Store so I am always hopeful....
I just got home and unpacked my 2 so I could set them up before wrapping for Xmas stocking fillers for my girls.
They are bigger than they looked on the web pic, display is 60mmx60mm and the whole station is 130mm square with a pull out stand at the back. 4 AAA batteries are supplied, setting them up is easy and the outside unit isnt ugly either with its own temp readout.

They really do look very nice and well worth £5 so go grab one or more before they all go.

I wasnt first to spot the latest price reduction but I did alter the title to reflect it so all not reading the thread would know:santa:
rpoints give 60 points per click and reserve - so its £4.39
just reserved a couple - started my christmas shopping for next year already. i feel so organised for once....

cheers fo rthe heads up:-D
yep, just picked up 3 @ 4.99 at my local store. just need to return the one I got at 9.99 now

excellent deal!

... just need to return the one I got at 9.99 now

Did that today
Got mine yesterday. Very happy with it. Fab product for the price with good build quality.

One thing I dont understand - why are there 3 channels? Whats the point of this? Why should I want to measure the temperature on the other channels when one channel will do?

Anybody able to explain?
Gekkoa, you may have other equipment transmitting on the same channel that the unit is set for so would get interference to the reaadings, they give you a choice of three so you can find a quiet one.
Also some people use 2 or more channels (greenhouse, conservatory, +outside....)
hi, brought mine from comet yesterday, just opened it today. It doesn't have the exterior unit or any batteries....

Take it i got a dodgy one

Also some people use 2 or more channels (greenhouse, conservatory, … Also some people use 2 or more channels (greenhouse, conservatory, +outside....

Not sure what you mean here KINGKANO. So I can get a second(or third) sensor and put it in a different place and read it off the same weather station?…939 Welcome to the forums, yes you got either the wrong thing or an incomplete box.
It should have 2 plastic packets with the main unit and remote unit in, plus the outside sensor, 2 batteries in a pack and the instruction book
Pic "borrowed" from ]freddysmith on MSE
sorry if this is a daft question but i can't see a collect at store option anywhere on the comet site for anything

how me do this?
cool cool,
problem is i live 20 miles away from comet so when i go there just for this it cos't me more than the things worth lol. Glad i didn't give it anyone tho, would of been devestated - or is that an exageration. Thanks for the reply tho Mike.
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