IT 'Worlds Lightest' Suitcases - £19.99+ - Instore @ B&M

IT 'Worlds Lightest' Suitcases - £19.99+ - Instore @ B&M

Found 31st Jul 2013
Lots of different sizes available - red and black! These often retail for £45+ and seem really nice quality to me. They are spread throughout the store - both in the suitcase section and on top shelf near fizzy pop etc!

They didnt have any that officially are ok for Ryanair Cabin Luggage though (although £24.99 19 inch case comes very close).

I saw them in Dudley store but as they are on website should be national. Hope this helps folks!
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Link to my other deal with suitcase that should be ok on Ryanair
I'm a cargo handler at a UK airport, these cases are awful and brittle. Buy a hardcase all day, not a tacky plastic case but a proper hard shell case if you want your things protecting!
Can you get a hard case light weight ??
cold... good luck using it the second time
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These are only really suitable for cabin luggage ( if you get the correct size).

Be aware they make lots that are just too big for the Ryanair size limits ( and its the wheel/handle side that cannot be squashed a little to fit in the cage ). With a £50 fee for putting the bag in the hold its not worth the risk.
I have one of these (the large hold one) and have used it loads of times without any problems and it's still going strong. They really are light.

They do not offer as much protection as hard shell cases, but for going on holiday for me it's fine as there is nothing to damage inside.
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