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Free - Grass Cutter @
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Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Free for a limited time. GAME OVERVIEW: Grass Cutter is a game with rare and unique mechanics that requires logical thinking and quick reaction speeds. You have to mow th… Read more

Is this for Android?


Isn't it always F2P on Steam ?


thx OP, heat added

There's a selection of other games 100% off on the site (until Weds), take a look!


Oh it was Hovver Bovver I used to play - that’s right! - that all looks very familiar! Real 80s throwback. Amazing how far videogames have come in around 35 years - from this to the immersive realism of modern 3D titles!

2 Award Winning Games For 81p at
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Discover the secrets of Midnight Village and it's interesting unique characters! OUT NOW!

Honestly, empty (self-)praise like that makes me less interested, not more.


Which award did they get?

No response - free @
Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
After a car accident leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere, you need to find help as soon as possible. Your phone screen broken by the crash, you're unable to call for help,… Read more

Thanks for sharing @flash_f (y)




Thanks! should help get through this lockdown...


Thank you for helping people here. (y)

200 Free to own PC games to help pass time -
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
I'll apologise upfront if you're looking for AAA titles like The Last of Us, God of War or Forza Horizon. Sadly there's nothing like that here. I've had a filter through (links be… Read more
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thanks op


Do you get Steam key for any of them?


Heat added, lots of games....amazing effort (y)


Ok so after going through all these and downloading any that appear half decent to my tastes I discovered 2 games that aren't free: - BoingKid ($7!) - Sheep with Mates


Actually is a more up-to-date version that has fixed many of the annoyances of the original

GDC Relief Bundle - Pay What You Want for 167 games/assets (inc. Nuclear Throne) [Pay $10 or more for 11 games as Steam Keys]
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Truth be told, I've literally only heard of one of these game before today and some of these games were free or PWYW before this - but for PWYW for this whole bundle this might be… Read more
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'Only'? It isn't either/or. Apparently you think that all game devs get a share of a magical game sales pot or something. Facepalm indeed.


Lol, I welcome it! Thanks!


@Bazallworks ignore the trolls. Good deal, and for a good cause. Heat.


These are mostly indie devs who don't have the financial safety net of working with AAA publishers and have become massively in debt and some stranded abroad during a global pandemic. If you don't beleive in the cause don't buy and keep it to yourself.


yes like e.g. game developers can only think of other 'suffering' game developers. games sales and usage are up year on year and especially now with covid. 'surely' they need relief of the fact that they cannot meet in person anymore. facepalm

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141 Free Games on Itchio to help pass the time in isolation
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Refreshed 23rd MarRefreshed 23rd Mar
141 Free Games on Itchio to help pass the time in isolation
"from developers who are offering discounts to do what they can to help".....features 141 free games at time of writing Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is on all of us, so make yo… Read more
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Cack. Free, but cack.




they not good. yucky


Self-isolation on a budgeta collection by avie · last updated Yesterday at 2:21 PM A list of (nearly) every game that has generously been made free to claim/download during this hellish time. I'm keeping this list updated for as long as I can; these titles will not be free/PWYW forever, so some of them may disappear suddenly. If you see something you're interested in, grab it now. Stay safe - play video games.

Hyper Sentinel game free for limited time (Windows only) @
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Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Hyper Sentinel game free for limited time (Windows only) @
Brilliant little game this. Worth donating a few quid to the developers if you can afford it, otherwise enjoy :)

This was already posted couple of days ago Free PC games including Nuclear Throne and Bleed 2 @


Strong recommendation for "Death Ray Manta" on that list (y)


Might aswell put this here aswell. “A list of (nearly) every game that has generously been made free to claim/download during this hellish time. Stay safe, play video games.“…get

Free PC games including Nuclear Throne and Bleed 2 @
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Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
Free PC games including Nuclear Throne and Bleed 2 @
Games to help you stay inside Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is on all of us, so make your time social distancing a little easier. Here's a collection of games from developers w… Read more

They keep adding games, so it's worth checking back (y)


This one looks good: Induction


Go to the game page and click on 'download or claim'. Then you can pay/get it for free, and download or claim it for later.


I'm not too familiar with itch. How do you claim them? Do you just add them to a collection and then you own them or is something else involved?


“A list of (nearly) every game that has generously been made free to claim/download during this hellish time. Stay safe, play video games.“

Halloween Selects Bundle 5 games for £5.46
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Posted 25th Oct 2019Posted 25th Oct 2019
Halloween Selects Bundle 5 games for £5.46
Great deal from Worth it just for Lucah, I would say, although I'm also excited about The Hex. Separately these games would cost 30,42£ with all available discounts. … Read more

Still a great deal, but you do have to pay VAT with a UK billing address, so its a bit pricier than $7


This looks great!

DIY Simulator (PC) - Steam Key, Summer Sale £9.99 -
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Posted 21st Jun 2019Posted 21st Jun 2019
DIY Simulator (PC) - Steam Key, Summer Sale £9.99 -
DIY Simulator is teaching everyone how to build DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) objects like electric skateboards, drones, power banks, portable speakers, wireless chargers and many more.
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Funny ...


Wish people wouldn't post a review unless they have played for at least an hour those reviews even if positive if they only played for 10 minutes then thought I know what would be more interesting posting a positive review on steam. Honestly reviews should only be posted if have value.


If you enjoy sims like this, check out Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, brilliant!


I'm hopeless at DIY so doubt I'll find this remotely fun. (skeptical)


I’m married with kids. Half my time is spent building stuff, fixing stuff, fixing stuff I built. i don’t need a game on DIY.

153,091 Free Indie Games (and Comics, Books & Soundtracks)
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Posted 19th Apr 2019Posted 19th Apr 2019
153,091 Free Indie Games (and Comics, Books & Soundtracks)
Many people are probably aware of but for those who are not it is a rapidly growing digital repository for both paid and free content including games, books, comics and gam… Read more
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Look at my deal for Rome. Its a few quid cheaper and has more dlc but is colder than the next best deal. Should get more heat if you put cd keys in the title.


Look good, any recommendations guys?


Your in luck, it's already up to 153,291 :-)


I'm holding out until there are 153,092 games still worth some heat for now though :)

Lisek is one of best marketplaces for indie content. I have few friends selling content over there and my gf is selling her comic there too.

[PC] INSIDE - £3.09 -
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Posted 11th Feb 2019Posted 11th Feb 2019
[PC] INSIDE - £3.09 -
I'm not 100% sure what the DRM is here, if any at all. The tags in the listing indicate it could be a Steam key, although the download files indicate it's a DRM free offering. Lo… Read more
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First game I've sat down to and played from Beginning to the End in one play though! Loved every moment... towards the End is just next level and for £3, how can you say no to that!


Think you're confusing it with Bloodborne ;)


It's a great price. The proportion of the money going to the developers/publishers on is configurable. It'll be DRM-free. There's a demo on Steam for the unsure. Reviews are great: INSIDE Metacritic: 87% (22 critics, 8.6 from 605 users), Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 95% (16974 reviews) Also, Super Hexagon for 79p: 96p for VVVVVV: 79p for 140: £1.24 for SUper WIn the Game: 46p for Dreaming Sarah: £1.86 for Nihilumbra:


Great cinematic experience!!!


Most overrated game on PS4

[Game] The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car - PC, Mac, Linux - Name Your Own Price at
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Posted 25th Jun 2018Posted 25th Jun 2018
[Game] The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car - PC, Mac, Linux - Name Your Own Price at
The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car is a visual novel by Lox Rain. Shadows was made over the course of four days during mid-August 2016 and was released August 19, 2016. The ga… Read more

You can actually get it for free (pirate) just hit Download now and then 'No thanks, just take me to the downloads'


Yeah, well, I was thinking that some workplaces (like crisis centres. hospitals, etc) won't filter out things like suicides, whereas others probably would.


Only some workplaces? If your workplace is ok with suicide then the job must be fairly terrible. My advice is try the job centre first before you go straight to company sponsored suicide.


The game mentions suicide, I thought I'd be careful, in case some workplaces have issues with it. I've just played this, takes about half an hour to run through each story. It's not bad - Less of a game, more of an interactive story.


Why is this NSFW?