iTronics Speaker Dock - reduced to £4.49 @ Argos !

iTronics Speaker Dock - reduced to £4.49 @ Argos !

Found 17th Nov 2008Made hot 18th Nov 2008
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# Compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm jack plug.
# Mains AC adaptor.


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I bought one of these a while back and they are ideal for travelling with - ie they fold flat so fit in luggage really easily and although they are small the sound quality is very good

Brilliant deal but all out of stock in Northern Ireland - shame!

just checking could you use this with ipods?

none near me either

Yeah these are really quite ****.
Only useful for holidays when this is all there is room for.
Do not buy for quality, buy only for portability.
I do own some of these, pretty sure they were free with an ipod purchase. Wouldn't have paid for them.

They are good for the money. I got these the last time they were cheap. For the 2 days we had a summer (!) they were pretty good for the garden.

Work with any MP3 player. but best to get decent batteries for them as they are a bit hungry!


No offence edi, but these LOOK absolutely ***** lol.

What do they sound like?


just checking could you use this with ipods?

yeah this works with my ipod touch 1st gen. i use it in the garage while im training and it is very good for whta i want it for.
in terms of price then its very hot and the quality is pretty good.
if anybody thinks these are rubbish then they should buy from bose and pay £400+ more.
just vote on the deal itself

OOS for me!
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