(it's back) Kre-O Transformers Destruction Site Devastator Set £7.00 @ Smyths (Instore Only)

(it's back) Kre-O Transformers Destruction Site Devastator Set £7.00 @ Smyths (Instore Only)

Found 3rd Mar 2017
Kre-O Transformers Destruction Site Devastator Set £7.00 @Smyths (instore only) good price for a 560 piece set
RRP is something like £64.99, Great set and good quality bricks, about 2nd or 3rd best brand after lego (imo)

Product description - Four destructive decepticon warriors combine to form the incredible construction devastator robot. Each robot is a powerful fighter on his own but when they come together to create the giant combiner nothing can stand in their way. You can choose the form of the destroyer by building four vehicles, four robots or one giant super warrior!

Autobots across the universe live in fear of the day they must face construction devastator. He is the ultimate weapon in the decepticon arsenal. He is a robot so powerful that when he is unleashed the other decepticon do nothing but get out of his way. Now this incredible force for destruction is yours to create and command.
Product details - Build 4 robots, 4 vehicles or a construction devastator
Figures feature poseable joints in robot mode!
Vehicles and robots feature movable weapons like a spinning drill, a swinging wrecking ball and moving claws!
Vehicles feature working wheels and treads, opening doors and hoods!
Suitable for ages 8+
Assembled Dimensions: 50.8L x 35.6W x 8.9H cm
Contents: 560 pieces and instructions
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vehicle and robot modes ( set includes pieces for one mode to be built at a time)
I got the one of these with Ironhide included, great value for money, the devastator bot is huge - can't say much about the mini figures, too much lego bias, but the robots they've done a great job with
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