It's back! Over 55 travel anywhere on the Arriva Trains Wales network for only £15 return

It's back! Over 55 travel anywhere on the Arriva Trains Wales network for only £15 return

Found 6th Sep 2010
Arriva Trains Wales have brought back it's Club 55 offer for 2010. I recieved an email from them Saturday morning and saw posters and leaflets in Cardiff Central this morning.

This is the text from their website:
With Club 55 you can travel anywhere on the Arriva Trains Wales Network for just £15 return. To get this great deal all you need is proof that you’re 55 or over.

There's something for everyone on the network whether you want to go shopping in Manchester, take a leisurely break at The Imperial Hotel in Llandudno, visit a National Trust property, Portmeirion Village or if you're feeling brave, visit the children in university. Rail Travel has never been this easy.

Senior Railcard holders and Disabled Persons Railcard holders, over the age of 55, can get an additional £2.00 off the fare.

Have you seen our television advert yet? If not, click here to view.

How can I buy my ticket?
Book online by clicking here:…LUB
Any station booking office
By calling 0870 9000 773
On an ATW train when boarding at a station where no booking facilities are available.

Who can get a Club 55 ticket?
Anyone aged 55 or over can buy a Club 55 ticket. You are required to carry proof of age when you travel to validate your ticket..

Which routes can I travel on?
Club 55 is available for travel between any two stations on the Arriva Trains Wales network. A supplement may be paid to upgrade onto the First Class service running between Holyhead and Cardiff. Click here for the Network Map.

If you wish to travel beyond the Arriva Trains Wales network, an ‘Add-On’ fare may be purchased for selected routes. Click here for more information.

When can I travel?
You can travel between 6th September and 11th December inclusive.

You can travel anytime at the weekend and on any train Monday to Friday apart from those arriving into Cardiff Central, Birmingham New St, Manchester Piccadilly or Liverpool Lime St / Central before 9.30am. Please see Terms and Conditions.

You cannot travel on:
6th, 13th, 19th and 27th November to Cardiff.

Do I need to book in advance?
No. You can purchase your Club 55 ticket on the day of travel.

Is the ticket subject to availability?
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WoooHooo £13 for the over 60's .... now where can I go ...
Need to bring this in for others as well!!
i know other train operators have done it in the past. maybe they will follow suit in the next few days or weeks?
Scotrail sometimes have it as well.
ageist deal but hot if your getting on
Age discrimination.. Cold.. and should be illegal...
because it's not enough the FOP's get free bus passes they can travel the country with ffs!!

They really ought to scrap the nationwide aspect of those bus passes it's a FARCE!! Out local bus service you can't get a seat on it cos it's full of OAP tourists not paying and you wouldn't mind so much if they needed it but you see them and they have their hiking gear on. My wife was 9 months pregnant and trying to get by boy to pre-school and not one of the FOP's would get up and let her have a seat for TWO stops grrrrr.

So free bus passes for OAPs but if you're unemployed and on JSA you get feck all help.

Sorry to the OP it's a good deal for those who qualify so thanks for posting it
a bit ageist I think - what's so special about being 55???
Perhaps it won't seem so Ageist to us when you get there - lol. Seems a bit more lie jealousy to me!! X)
55 is the age (generally) when you don't have kids at University, nor are they living at home. So finally, after 35-40 years of constant working, you actually have a little free cash.

You could stay in and watch mindless quiz shows and give the cash to a bank at 0.5% "interest" on it, and help maintain those well-deserved banker bonuses.

Or, you can take advantage of a deal like this and become a "tourist". Of course that means you will be out somewhere and actually buying things like lunches, teas, souvenirs and maybe even something a little pricier. Of course, people actually using buses/trains shows that those services are useful and being used, whereas services that are only used for 2-stop journeys are often soon for the chop.

So, over-55's can stay in and watch bus/train routes close, or get out and use them and put a bit of cash back into the community. I know which I would prefer they did, if I was someone looking for a job.
No, I'm not 55 and I won't be taking advantage of this offer, but thanks for posting.
I wouldn't say this is an ageist offer - you always see offers that exclusive for students / 16-25 age group or 'kids go free'. I'm not in this age group or don't have kids but you won't see me complaining. I think it's a great offer and i hope they will still be running it by the time i reach 55!

I rather see my parents and grandparents go out and about on day trips or weekend away using this offer than stay at home and watch mindless daytime tv. By that age, ti's about time you went out to enjoy yourself after working for 35-40 years and bringing up your children.
so is it possible to travel from Swansea to Brighton?
OK, I want to gett from Wolverhampton tto Cardiff Central to arrive at 10am on 28th October then return the same day, about 2ish, why is this not valid (even with a Senior Citizen card? Is this yet another con that just directs people to the more profitable tickets
how much to go to blackpool on 12 sept till 17 sept
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