It's back - XBOX 360 for under £140 ( price of 195euro)

It's back - XBOX 360 for under £140 ( price of 195euro)

Found 5th Apr 2007
Hi people, this deal has been up before but expired last week - it appears to be back on the table now!!

See this link for more info:…box

For information to those looking at the deal I ordered mine last Friday and it arrived via DHL delivery yesterday! Its all set up at home, there are no extra fees (no VAT or anything) and the only issues are relating to having an approrpaite plug to plug it into the wall (which can be rectified with an adapter for less than a quid).

Its exactly the same as the core sold in the UK, with same warranty etc!!

Be quick.

Also, please registere any thinks to those who initially put the link on here a week or two back - don't credit me with it I'm just passing the info along for others to get a great deal!

Link has an extra "http://" at the start. Link should be:…8-2
- Zedmeister


link doesn't work properly

Use the link I posted above

Translation of Availablitly:

Availability: Usually ready for dispatch with Amazon in 4-6 weeks. Please you note that titles can be not available occasionally out of print or with the offerer. If with this title delivery difficulties should arise, we will inform you. Sales and dispatch by

As well as....

Price: EUR 195.95 ready for dispatch with Amazon in 11 to 14 days sales and dispatch by

Was going to get it but my amazon vouchers are only redemable at :x

EDIT: Back upto full price now

fantastic price go for it again are rumoured to be selling the core for £150 tomorrow and the Premium at £249.


Now it is 295.95 Euros!

Ze ******s haz caught on zat us engliz is buying their cheap goodz. Zey put ze price up to 295 euros, ze full version on their site iz only 33 euros more (20 quidish).
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