It's Complicated - £7 @ ASDA (IN-STORE)

It's Complicated - £7 @ ASDA (IN-STORE)

Found 10th Aug 2010
IN-STORE ONLY. Next best is £7.99 at Play.

It's Complicated is a frisky middle-aged romantic-comedy directed by Nancy Meyers and starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.

Jane (Streep) is a successful and independent divorcée who owns a bakery in Santa Barbara. She separated from her ex-husband Jake (Baldwin) 10 years previous and has three grown children with him.

After many agonising years, Jane has finally built a pleasant relationship with her ex who has now remarried Agness, a much younger woman. However, when they attend their son's graduation together, Jane and Jake ignite a spark they had long since thought they'd lost. Although they think it's a one off, their affair follows them back to California and Jane finds herself becoming her ex-husbands mistress of all things! What's more, caught up in it all is Adam an architect working on Jane's kitchen. Adam has fallen head-over-heels for Jane but soon realises that he's involved in a strange love triangle that can't work. Sound complicated? - It is!

Can love work the second time around? Or should Jane take the plunge and start over with Adam?

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Dreadful film according to the Mrs.
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