IT'S MORPHIN TIME! All Power Rangers Seasons only £1.49 each - Amazon Video

IT'S MORPHIN TIME! All Power Rangers Seasons only £1.49 each - Amazon Video

Found 24th Mar 2017
With the new movie reboot coming out today I was looking for the original series and find out you can get a whole season for only £1.49 each which is the same price as one episode.

From the original Mighty Morphin all the way up to the more recent Super Samurai they are all the same price for the whole season.

A bargain for 25-60 episodes depending on which season you choose and the DVD’s are hide to come by.

If you have a £1 Credit for Amazon Instant Video this can be used towards it so it works out even cheaper!

A great way to keep the kids entertained or nostalgia for fans of the show.
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High on morphine power rangers
How to see your credit on Amazon ?

How to see your credit on Amazon ?

​click on "Redeem a gift card or promotion code"
Excellent deal for short people, especially with Instant Video credit, couple of series for nothing! Thanks!
OMG. ... you make my kids very happy. £1.49 for 30-60 episodes, that is cheap! even cheaper as I'm using my amazon video credit. thanks op!
Uhh.. so I bought series 1 then looked at my order details and it said £0.00. Then I selected series 2, clicked on 'redeem gift card or promotional code' and saw I had £2.00 video credit, so bought series 2. Selected series 3 and checked credit and it said £2.00 again so bought series 3 aswell. Now my video credit is £1.03. I'm not sure but it seemed like it gave me credit for buying at least 1 maybe 2 of these X) as it still said £2.00 before and after buying series 2
Hey thanks for posting this, I was watching some of these on Twitch but can't watch everything so it's nice to get some of the older series for cheap

Hot hot hot. Probably will only buy up to Space though as I didn't watch anything beyond that really.
RPM is excellent. The writing is much better than any other season. It's too bad the production team got changed midway, as it starts of really strong and then gets a bit weak towards the end. But it's still excellent.
FYI, power rangers samurai & super samurai are also same price and they are in HD! add it to your title
These are on Netflix if you pay for that

These are on Netflix if you pay for that

Also on Netflix if you don't pay for it.
Kind of loosely related as it was done by the same licensing company & it might have the power rangers crossover episode, Ninja turtles the next mutation live action series volumes 1 & 2 (2 volumes in total for the complete run with 6 discs each) £1 each at poundland.
How does the video quality compare to netflix? Assuming there's be no need for buffering with these. Very tempted to buy everything as netflix may lose the rights one day.

Also on Netflix if you don't pay for it.

Heh funny as several months ago this was free on Amazon. Then pulled it with the new movie coming out and started charging for it
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