iTunes 12 days of Christmas app (iOS) - Day 12 (January 6th) - Shark Dash App

iTunes 12 days of Christmas app (iOS) - Day 12 (January 6th) - Shark Dash App

Found 6th Dec 2012Made hot 6th Dec 2012
It's back!

It's now available to download.…983

If you still have the app on your iOS device from last year you'll probably notice that as of 5th Dec (now), you can update it but you'll probably get;

Basically this is a reminder to set a reminder for 26th December. I imagine the app will be properly available shortly.

Note: This is not the app by By KwiqApps Inc.

Correct direct link:…983
- badzed

UPDATE: (14-12-12)
"Here's a gift to get you started"

App is now giving free gift early today

Rod Stewart - Let It Snow! (free music video)

UPDATE: (26-12-12)
Starts very soon!

Day 1 (December 26th) - Maroon 5 "Holiday Gift" EP
Tracks are:
1 Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera) [Soul Seekerz Club Mix]
2 One More Night (Cutmore Club Mix)
3 Moves Like Jagger (The Making Of) [Video]

Day 2 (December 27th) - Score! Classic Goals app
Day 3 (December 28th) - Sherlock - "A Study In Pink" TV Episode
Day 4 (December 29th) - Free Book - Rachel's Holiday, Marian Keyes
Day 5 (December 30th) - Ed Sheeran Free EP
Tracks are:
- Drunk (Live)
- Small Bump (Live)
- The City (Live)
Day 6 (December 31st) - Sonic Jump - App
Day 7 (January 1st) - Toy Story Toons
Day 8 (January 2nd) - Ken Follet - "Pillars of the Earth" a book
Day 9 (January 3rd) - The xxmas EP
Tracks are:
- Sunset (Jamie xx Edit)
- Angels (Live Video)
- Chained (Video)
Day 10 (January 4th) - The Photo Cookbook - Quick & Easy App
Day 11 (January 5th) - One Direction Video
Day 12 (January 6th) - Shark Dash App


Thanks; Must be still to early, I get "Temporarily unavailable" when trying to update from last years.

Original Poster

Probably best to try again in the morning. Couldn't even get a google hit on it.

cant wait

thanks for the reminder.

Yes, the 12 days of rubbish from Apple

^^^ funny.... But true lol

I like this app ! It does have days when the apps/music/films aren't my taste. But I bet we will get at least 3 days when we do download something that's been offered

Tried it today after updating app - now says 20 days 'til your 1st gift arrives

Let's hope it's better than the crap they gave us last year

cant download it as i got a old ipod touch that now seems to be unable to use any new apps and i think some the old iphones have the same problem from the amount of complaints last year


Let's hope it's better than the crap they gave us last year

And the year before and one before that as well



Cool, just downloaded mine (not update). Thanks


Just downloaded mine fresh! Thanks for the update, Heat added!

Might not be the best of apps but hey, free's free. Heat added.

nice one....


there were a couple of ok apps last year - Need for Speed Shift and Sonic racing

Cheers for the reminder! ill reinstall it! X)

Thanks for the reminder OP.


Usually at least 1 thing worth downloading, its free after all. Only wasting a few minutes of my life checking....

Worth downloading early and having notification on early as last year about 10 days before it started you got a notification for a free gift for having the app early


Anything good or is it just a one day watch or listen sort of thing

Installed thanks!

apps are usually good, music is always ****

Cheers, for looking for this just the other day!

Thanks for this, will download later.

will be reinstalling

wonder if ipad and iphone get different gifts?

thank you

Thank you very much.

Ta been waiting for this , couldn't find it in App Store on Tuesday

Generally been a disappointment over the last few years but definitely worth a look.

i missed having this as an app as im on android but hopefully it will return next year and hopefully ill be on iphone again


I've been downloading the christmas freebies for years even though I didn't have an iPhone! Now I have an iPad and lots of free apps

nice post thx

The link to deal is wrong. The correct link is:…983
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