iTunes £25 digital code for £12.50 tesco club card vouchers

iTunes £25 digital code for £12.50 tesco club card vouchers

Found 1st Jul 2012
Just looking to spend my clubcard vouchers when I saw this in the limited availability section, there's about 2500 left, seems like fantastic value!

Here's the blurb:

About this reward

Let your friends and loved ones choose their favourite music, films, games and much more**. With the iTunes Digital code you can treat anyone to prepaid credit at the world’s top digital entertainment store and let them decide what they like best.

• Goes towards any purchase on the iTunes Store

• Buy music, films, TV programmes, games, apps and more**

• iTunes is free to download for Mac or PC

**Service restrictions apply. Please visit your iTunes Store to see a full list of available services.

How this reward works...

This reward is “buy in full” – simply exchange your Clubcard vouchers to buy this reward in full.

1. The voucher price is on the right. Decide how many tokens you want and click ‘add to basket’.

- any change from your vouchers will be credited to your Clubcard Account.

2. We’ll email your iTunes Digital codes to your email address within 24 hours.

- To ensure your Tesco emails get to your inbox, please add to your email Address Book or Safe List.

3. Once you have received your email you can redeem your iTunes Digital code online at the iTunes Store.

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This was online for some time now. Still a good deal.
Was last posted ages ago, so alright I think. Its a good deal, as for me, I actually would buy these and have nowt else better to spend my vouchers on. Not massively wanting to spend £40 in Pizza Express, etc.
Depends how you define "deal". If you want cheaper-than-normal iTunes vouchers, I guess it's quite neat. But given that most of the Clubcard rewards offer 3x or 4x value, you're effectively throwing away £12.50 or £25 for each of these that you get.
Not for tesco club card owners, it's for tesco club card owners who have £12.50 in vouchers, so cold.

Not for tesco club card owners, it's for tesco club card owners who have … Not for tesco club card owners, it's for tesco club card owners who have £12.50 in vouchers, so cold.

The deal doesn't say for "Tesco Clubcard Owners"?

The deal doesn't say for "Tesco Clubcard Owners"?

it did say it, it's been changed now though.
Great deal and especially useful with OS X Mountain Lion around the corner.
You can buy music!?
Thanks OP. Just ordered £50 of itunes vouchers.
Can someone help me? Bought 3 of these a couple of hours ago and we haven't received the codes - just the confirmation email. The T&C's say that the code will be sent to the email address but I don't have a email address - just the hotmail one associated with my account. Will it go through to the hotmail or somewhere else?
I think it means the email address you have registered with

If it's any comfort, I'm in the same boat as you - bought one hours ago but only confirmation email, no code yet. It's odd, as I also got one yesterday and the code arrived with minutes.

I'm going to leave it at least 24 hours before worrying or thinking about ringing them, but at least we're in the same boat.
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yeah the confirmation said 30mins but gonna give it 24 hours
^^^Mine's just come through. Seven hours between confirmation and the code arriving, if that helps.
Tanks, just ordered
Thanks for posting, ordered £100 worth, never know what to do with my vouchers
still 4000 odd left. great as new TCC vouchers being issued.
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