iTunes Free MP3 Concerts download - Radiohead, Travis, Arctic Monkeys and more

iTunes Free MP3 Concerts download - Radiohead, Travis, Arctic Monkeys and more

Found 25th Oct 2008
For those who may not have found this before (like me)

Full concerts to download for free from iTunes artists include
Radiohead 2hr gig
Travis 1hr52
Belle and Sebastian 1hr40
Peter Bjorn and John 1hr32
and many more

simply search for npr on the itunes uk site and choose "live concerts from all songs cosidered podcasts"

Hope you find something you like
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thanks! hot.
how long to down load seems very slow
super find - thanks
nice one

dont need to download surely via itunes store, can listen to it direct.
itunes is all about downloads - unless you want to stream a quick 30 sec preview :thumbsup:

these are setup as podcasts so can be found in itunes/ipod under podcasts
I can't them, I'm tired today, someone hold my hand and show me the way... lol
:thumbsup:GOOD FIND! heat & rep added
Ta, heat added.
Brilliant. Heat and rep from me.
i cant find them:oops:

i cant find them:oops:

Not easy to find but they are definitely there.
Great find! Too those having trouble once you have done the search and 1 result appears click the little right facing arrow to get the list of concerts
very hot h&r added
good spot, thanks mate! HOT!
Top find! Thanks!

Heat added
thanks I'll try as soon as I get home! :thumbsup:
searching on NPR on itunes - all I can see is loads of obscure stuff. Has Radiohead/Travis been removed?
great post! to get them you do the search, then at the bottom click on the little arrow next to NPR live concerts from all songs... this will bring up the complete list, where there are some awesome live gigs!

I downloaded:

jose gonzalez
the polyphonic spree
death cab for cutie
fujiya and miyagi
explosions in the sky
arcade fire
jenny lewis
the walkmen
yeah yeah yeahs

but there are lots more on there...:)
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