Unfortunately, this deal has expired 26 January 2023.
Posted 26 January 2023

ITunes One Night Only Deals 26th January from £2.99 (including Mobius, The Outsiders) @ iTunes Store

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This is the One Night Only deal for iTunes Store for 26th January, prices are available until midnight.

The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent (4K) £2.99
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (Director's Cut) (4K) £2.99
The Outsiders (4K) £2.99
Paddington £2.99
Paddington 2 (4K) £2.99
Micky Flanagan An' Another Fing Live £2.99
King Tweety £2.99
Mobius (4K) £4.99
Where The Crawdads Sing (4K) £4.99
Superpets (4K) £5.99
The Hunger Games: Complete 4-Film Collection (4K) £5.99
Paddington/Paddington 2 £5.99
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  1. pb-live's avatar
    Worth noting that the iTunes version of Close Encounters includes all 3 versions of the movie., with 2 of them in iTunes Extras (so you will need an Apple device or Apple TV to watch): Director's Cut, Special Edition and Theatrical cut plus a great documentary.
    Dribbles_MacTavish's avatar
    Fantastic film, loved it ever since I watched it in the 80s (as you say, the mashed potato scene is a classic)
  2. Xemorph's avatar
    The Outsiders is the Complete Novel with more scenes added that brings it more true to the book, great film. Shame I have most of these but great prices. (edited)
  3. pb-live's avatar
    King Tweety and Superpets have now been added
  4. mick.thorpe's avatar
    I’ll be picking up the paddingtons, anyone who doesn’t like those is allergic to joy.
    I’d pick up the hunger games pack if I didn’t already have it, great price.
    I should also get close encounters, it’s a great film that should be in my collection but it’s not one I’ll watch often
    pb-live's avatar
    For £2.99 in 4K Close Encounters is a must. Even if you just skip to the mash potato scene (my kids are fed up of me quoting it every time we have mash)
  5. Dribbles_MacTavish's avatar
    Close Encounters is worth heat alone!

    Complete Hunger Games for less than £6 is very good too (edited)
  6. SuperCoolFunHappyGuy's avatar
    It's Morbing time! (edited)
  7. anchor44's avatar
    Definetly picking up close encounters of the third kind and Hunger Games
  8. Enchante's avatar
    Close Encounters and Hunger Games both great prices
  9. LordLott's avatar
    pb-live's avatar
    That's the sale price.
  10. jimbobgooner's avatar
    The Hunger Games, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and The Outsiders for me
    cheers pb
  11. royy's avatar
    Got quite a few movies off iTunes but problem for me anyway is I can't play them on an android tablet and I don't have an apple tab anymore. Some of these offers are on amazon prime as well if anyone is interested
    wetbandit's avatar
    You can use the Apple TV app on android I think
  12. CloneRico's avatar
    The Outsiders and the Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent for me
  13. themachman's avatar
    Close Encounters is a must have!
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