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Posted 12 September 2022

iTunes Weekly Movie Sale List 12 September - From £1.49 @ iTunes Store

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Both feet into September now and there are some more great iTunes deals this week.. Looks like a Batman sort of week.

Deals start on a Monday and are updated during the week. If you spot any new ones feel free to let us know in the comments.

Note that the direct link to the iTunes movie in the deal link doesn't always work, if it sends you to Apple Music you will need to type in the name of the movie manually in iTunes to find it.

Updated 16 September

Open Graves
Elfie Hopkins
It's A Lot
Abandoned Mine
The Black Balloon
Omar Killed Me
The Man Inside
Jay And Silent Bob Get Old
Some Kind Of Hate
The Lesson

Hot Tamale
The Bygone
Eaten By Lions
Silent Night
Beast Beast
Escape And Evasion
Mother And Child

Death Wish (2018) (4K)
Disappearance At Clifton Hill
The Year Of Spectacular Men
Storm Boy
Wings Of Fame
Too Late
A Perfect Plan
My Heart Can't Beat Unless You Tell It To
Conni And The Cat
Ted Bundy, American Boogyman
Damascus Cover
Off The Rails
Brain Freeze
See You Then
Ride The Eagle

Don't Look Now (4K) - added 16 September
The Lady Killers (4K) - added 16 September
Universal Soldier (4K) - added 16 September
Terminator 2 (4K) - added 16 September
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (4K) - added 16 September
Farmageddon (4K) - added 16 September
Apocalypse Now The Final Cut (4K) - added 16 September
The Last Letter From Your Lover (4K) - added 16 September
The Outsiders (4K) - added 16 September
The Great Escape (4K) - added 13 September
The Magnificent Seven (2016) (4K) - added 13 September
The LEGO Batman Movie (4K)
The LEGO Ninjago Movie (4K)
Rampage (4K)
Pokémon Detective Pikachu (4K)
Dog Soldiers (4K)
Jerry Maguire (4K)
War Of The Worlds (2005) (4K)
Pan (4K)
Submarine - added 16 September
Rush - added 16 September
Under The Skin - added 16 September
Non-Stop - added 16 September
Four Lions - added 16 September
Searching For Sugar Man - added 16 September
Evil Dead (2013) - added 16 September
The Railway Children (40th Anniversary Edition) - added 16 September
The Wicker Man (The Final Cut) - added 16 September
Inside Llewyn Davis - added 16 September
Blue Valentine - added 16 September
Eden Lake - added 16 September
Bait - added 16 September
Convoy - added 16 September
Chaplin - added 16 September
Vicky Cristina Barcelona - added 16 September
An Inspector Calls - added 16 September
Air America - added 16 September
Song Of The Sea - added 16 September
Grave Of The Fireflies - added 16 September
Train To Busan - added 16 September
Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula - added 16 September
A Bigger Splash - added 16 September
A Helluva Ride - added 16 September
The Lost City of Z - added 16 September
Agatha Christie's Evil Under The Sun - added 16 September
The Son Of Bigfoot - added 16 September
Midnight Sun - added 16 September
Playmobil The Movie - added 16 September
Balloon - added 16 September
Color Out Of Space - added 16 September
Summer Holiday - added 16 September
Honduras: Trump & The Gangs - added 16 September
Healing From Hate - added 16 September
Supernova - added 16 September
Another Round - added 16 September
Downfall - added 16 September
Near Dark - added 16 September
Orphan - added 16 Septembe
12 Angry Men - added 13 September
Be Cool - added 13 September
The Pink Panther (2006) - added 13 September
Death Wish 2 - added 13 September
Death Wish 3 - added 13 September
The Greatest Story Ever Told - added 13 September
September - added 13 September
FX2 - added 13 September
All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 - added 13 September
Some Like It Hot - added 13 September
Breaking The Girls - added 13 September
My Mistress - added 13 September
Blackwood - added 13 September
The ABC Of Death 2 - added 13 September
Escaping From Tomorrow - added 13 September
Touchy Feely - added 13 September
Hello I Must Be Going - added 13 September
Save The Date - added 13 September
Afternoon Delight - added 13 September
The Motel Life - added 13 September
It's A Disaster - added 13 September
Knights Of Badassdom - added 13 September
Violet And Daisy - added 13 September
A Second Chance - added 13 September
Patrick - added 13 September
Hell Baby - added 13 September
Plush - added 13 September
Dancing At The Blue Iguana - added 13 September
Amar Akbar & Tony - added 13 September
Android Cop - added 13 September
Sex Killer - added 13 September
Earth Apocalypse - added 13 September
The Dark Stranger - added 13 September
Night Of The Wild - added 13 September
Mega Shark vs Kolossus - added 13 September
Sinister Squad - added 13 September
Dare To Be Wild - added 13 September
Trolland - added 13 September
Bermuda Tentacles - added 13 September
100 Degrees Below Zero - added 13 September
Authors Anonymous - added 13 September
The Fast And The Fierce - added 13 September
Departures - added 13 September
Out Of The Shadows - added 13 September
Hangman - added 13 September
The Last Sharknado: It's About Time - added 13 September
The Tracker - added 13 September
Altered Skin - added 13 September
Rootwood - added 13 September
Rent An Elf - added 13 September
The Mercenary - added 13 September
Cam Girls - added 13 September
Christmas In Vienna - added 13 September
Love Is In The Air - added 13 September
Pleasure Or Pain - added 13 September
Sacrament - added 13 September
Charlie's Farm - added 13 September
Summer Of Blood - added 13 September
Fury - added 13 September
Loose Change - added 13 September
We're The Millers
Mortal Kombat Annihilation
New Jack City
The Shoes Of The Fisherman
Jack The Giant Slayer
Critters 3
The Postman Always Rings Twice
Corrina Corrina
The Secret Of Moonacre
Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Defending Your Life
New York Minute
The Hidden
Operation Pacific
The Assistant
American: The Bill Hicks Story
A Bread Factory Part 1: For The Sake Of Gold
A Bread Factory Part 2: Walk With Me A While
Hollywood Bulldogs
Language Lessons
The Long Walk
Don't Say Its Name
Love Is Love Is Love
When Claude Got Shot
Ghosts In The Graveyard
John Wick Chapter 2

They Live (4K) - added 16 September
The Fog (4K) - added 16 September
Flash Gordon (4K) - added 16 September
Kind Hearts and Coronets (4K) - added 16 September
Cliffhanger (4K) - added 16 September
Mulholland Drive (4K) - added 16 September
The Deer Hunter (4K) - added 16 September
Evil Dead 2 (4K) - added 16 September
The Fifth Element (4K) - added 16 September
Total Recall (4K) - added 16 Septembe
The Great Gatsby (2013) (4K) - added 13 September
Braveheart (4K)
Wild (4K)
Mad Max Fury Road (4K)
Batman The Killing Joke (4K)
Batman: Gotham By Gaslight (4K)
Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (4K)
Batman Ninja (4K)
Batman: Assault On Arkham (4K)
Batman Hush (4K)
LEGO Batman: Family Matters (4K)
Justice League Dark (4K)
Justice League Dark Apokolips War(4K)
Our Brand Is Crisis (4K)
Hidden Figures (4K)
Mortal Kombat (2021) (4K)
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (4K)
Ready Player One (4K)
The Favourite (4K)
Bohemian Rhapsody (4K)
Can You Ever Forgive Me? (4K)
The Graduate - added 16 September
You've Been Trumped Too - added 16 September
Stephen King's Cat's Eye - added 16 September
Wherever You Are - added 16 September
New Moon - added 16 September
I Need You - added 16 September
Forever More - added 16 September
Michael Collins - added 13 September
Winx: The Mystery Of The Abyss - added 13 September
An American In Paris - added 13 September
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf - added 13 September
The Adventures Of Robin Hood (1938) - added 13 September
Doctor Zhivago - added 13 September
Ben Hur (1959) - added 13 September
Ocean's Eleven - added 13 September
Ocean's Twelve - added 13 September
Ocean's Thirteen - added 13 September
Conspiracy Theory - added 13 September
The Pelican Brief - added 13 September
The Lifeguard - added 13 September
Three Kings - added 13 September
Barry Lyndon - added 13 September
Amadeus (Director's Cut) - added 13 September
Something To Talk About - added 13 September
Contracted - added 13 September
Contracted Phase II - added 13 September
Rumour Has It - added 13 September
Closer To The Moon - added 13 September
Road Wars - added 13 September
Noble - added 13 September
The Brother - added 13 September
A Christmas Love Story - added 13 September
Pitfighter - added 13 September
Hold Your Breath - added 13 September
Hornet - added 13 September
Incidental Characters - added 13 September
13 Graves - added 13 September
Trick Or Treat - added 13 September
Buffaloed - added 13 September
I Am Vengeance: Retaliation - added 13 September
Homeward - added 13 September
Outback - added 13 September
Waiting For The Barbarians - added 13 September
Adam - added 13 September
My Best Friend - added 13 September
A Christmas Feast - added 13 September
Gutterbug - added 13 September
The Cannibal Club - added 13 September
Aviva - added 13 September
Jack Walker - added 13 September
Zana - added 13 September
Hidden Kisses - added 13 September
Tribal: Get Out Alive - added 13 September
Winter In Vail - added 13 September
Memories Of A Teenager - added 13 September
Dark Whispers - added 13 September
Les Girls - added 13 September
Journey 2 The Mysterious Island
Chariots Of Fire
Soul Surfer
Pearl Harbor
The Longest Day
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Neverending Story
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Scooby Doo The Movie
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
Batman vs Dracula
Batman vs Robin
Son Of Batman
Batman Under The Red Hood
Batman Mystery Of The Batwoman
Batman Gotham Knight
Batman & Mr Freeze
Batman Mask Of The Phantasm
Batman Beyond The Return Of The Joker
Batman Bad Blood
Batman Return Of The Caped Crusaders
Batman Vs Two Face
Scooby Doo & Batman: The Brave And The Bold
The Perfect Storm
Men Of Honor
Bridge Of Spies
King Knight
Corrective Measures

Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice Extended Cut (4K)
Batman (4K)
Batman Returns (4K)
Batman Forever (4K)
Batman and Robin (4K)
Batman Begins (4K)
The Dark Knight (4K)
The Dark Knight Rises (4K)
Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice (4K)
Zak Snyder's Justice League (4K)
Batman The Long Halloween (4K)
Batman The Long Halloween Part 2 (4K)
Joker (4K)
The Suicide Squad (4K)
Birds Of Prey (4K)
The Eyes Of Tammy Faye (4K)
Where'd You Go Bernadette? - added 16 September
American Sicario - added 16 September
Triggered - added 13 September
Hockney - added 13 September
London Road - added 13 September
The Absent One - added 13 September
Wiener-dog - added 13 September
Marguerite - added 13 September
The Man From Mo'wax - added 13 September
Grace Jones: Bloodlight And Bami - added 13 September
That Good Night - added 13 September
Batman The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Edition

Nomadland (4K)
The Show - added 13 September

Nobody (4K) - added 13 September
Retaliation - added 16 September
Lost Angel - added 16 September
Words On Bathroom Walls - added 16 September
Poltergeist - added 13 September
Ali & Ava

Marry Me (4K) - added 16 September
The Batman (4K)

Movie Bundles
Non-Stop/Unknown £9,98 - added 16 September
Get Shorty/Be Cool £7.98 - added 13 September
THe Pink Panther 2 Film Collection £11.98 - added 13 September
The Magnificent Seven 2 Film Collection £11.98 - added 13 September
The Witches 2 Movie Collection £8.99
The Meg/Rampage (4K) £11.98
Mortal Kombat 2 Film Collection £11,98
The LEGO Movie/The LEGO Batman Movie (4K) £11.98
The Neverending Story 2 Movie Collection £12.98
The Dark Knight Trilogy (4K) £12.99
Birds Of Prey/Suicide Squad (4K) £13.98
Batman 4 Film Collection (4K) £14.99
Justice League Trilogy (4K) £14.99
Mortal Kombat 3 Film Collection £16.97
Justice League 3 Film Collection (4K) £21.97
Batman The Killing Joke 5 Film Collection (4K) £30.95

TV Deals
Victoria Season 1 £4.99 - added 16 September
Victoria Season 2 £4.99 - added 16 September
Victoria Season 3 £3.99 - added 16 September
The Moorside £2.99 - added 16 September
Mum Season 1 £4.99 - added 16 September
Mum Season 2 £4,99 - added 16 September#
Doc Martin Season 9 £4.99 - added 16 September
Grantchester Series 7 £6.99 - added 16 September
Grace Series 1 £3.99 - added 16 September
Grace Series 2 £6.99 - added 16 September
Schitt's Creek Season 1 to 6 £5.99 each - added 16 September
Endeavour Series 8 £4.99 - added 16 September
Manhunt: The Night Stalker £4.99 - added 16 September
Shetland Series 3 £6.99 - added 16 September
Shetland Series 4 £4,99 - added 16 September
Shetland Series 5 £5.99 - added 16 September
Shetland Series 1-4 £19.99 - added 16 September
McDonald And Dodds Series 1 £3.99 - added 16 September
McDonald And Dodds Series 2 £4.99 - added 16 September
Batman The Animated Series £21.99
Batman The Animated Series Vol 1 £5.99
Batman The Animated Series Vol 2 £5.99
Batman The Animated Series Vol 3 £5.99
Batman The Animated Series Vol 4 £5.99
Batwoman Series 1 £11.99
Batwoman Series 2 £11.99
Around The World In 80 Days £10.99
Deadline Series 1 £5.99
Suspect Series 1 £12.99
A Discovery Of Witches Series 1 £6.99
A Discovery Of Witches Series 2 £10.99
A Discovery Of Witches Series 4 £11.99
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  1. Avatar
    I wish the Zack Snyder's Justice League trilogy @ £14.99 made it clearer if BvS was ultimate or not
    There are different indicators depending on where you’re looking.
    iTunes Store/Movies App they both have different artwork.
    And via the ATV app one has Ultimate Edition in brackets and the other doesn’t .
  2. Avatar
    Nobody down to £7.99 too
    Only dropped by a £1 though, it was £6.99 a year ago so am willing to play the waiting game on this one just a little longer.
  3. Avatar
    I don’t see Elf in 4K. Anyone else?
    It isn't. CC seems to have changed their listing now, I don't have time to look them all up and check.
  4. Avatar
    As an itunes newb, if you purchase a non-4k title now, does it automatically get upgraded when a 4k version is released or is that not the case?

    Just thinking of the possibility of getting Elf now or wait to purchase when 4k is released on itunes.

    Some films do and others don't, sadly there's no way of knowing.
  5. Avatar
    Thanks as always. Dog Soldiers in 4K. That’s a must for me.
    No HDR or Dolby Vision though.
  6. Avatar
    Anyone know what the Ready Player One and Willy Wonka 4K conversions are like?
    I couldn't comment on Ready Player One but I have the Willy Wonka and think it's just as sharp and detailed as the 4K Disc which I've seen as well. I'm finding more and more now that specifically on Apple TV 4K actual box the stream vs disc debate has become almost redundant.
    I tend to collect Physical media for special editions but with nearly 800 digital films, 500 on iTunes I would have run out of space ages ago!
  7. Avatar
    Huge update today. Some real classics in the £3.99 to £5.99 sections have been added. Stephen King's Cats Eye is a favourite of mine that often goes under the radar, as does Near Dark, a great vampire story.

    The proper original The Railway Children is finally on sale, too.
    His wife gets raped if he smokes… such a shocking film
  8. Avatar
    The Great Escape is £3.99! In 4K too!
  9. Avatar
    Updated with all the new film deals
  10. Avatar
    Poltergeist and The Lost Boys now 4KDV - also dropped to £4.99

    48256386-PMxPA.jpg (edited)
    Was the Poltergeist 2015 remake any good?
  11. Avatar
    Just Death Wish(Willis) for £2.99, I am also considering Rampage.
    Rampage is one of those films I watched, remember enjoying but then completely forgot everything about it 24 hours later.
  12. Avatar
    Is anyone else having trouble making purchases? They have finally reduced BvS Ultimate Edition, and it took me ages to buy it.
    Checking as we speak
  13. Avatar
    Heat for the effort, but the new films added, what a load of rubbish. Although, I did buy 12 Angry Men, which obviously isn't rubbish. (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Highlander has dropped to £3.99

    Also looks like it’s getting ready for some upgrade action as the artworks changed.

  15. Avatar
    Went a little nuts

    Jurassic world dominion (Now can buy not rent) hey I was in the minority I really liked it
    Dark Knight trilogy
    Harper (saves me going for the hmv premium collection)

    Thanks @pb-live
  16. Avatar
    Thanks for these. Just wondering, has curb your enthusiasm ever been on sale?
    We wish
  17. Avatar
    Thanks as always 👏🏻 🏻
  18. Avatar
    Thanks for the effort
  19. Avatar
    I only bought Jurassic World Dominion. Haven't seen it yet. Might buy Your Name. I'm not a Batman fan really, I've seen the films but he's one of my least favourite superheroes. (edited)
    When watching Jurassic World, make sure to watch the Extended Edition. The theatrical cut wasn’t great, and removes some good scenes that help with pacing, tone and storyline.
  20. Avatar
    Thanks pb, heat as always.
  21. Avatar
    Does anyone know if Batman beyond return of the joker is the uncut version ?
  22. Avatar
    Wings of Desire is an interesting film. £2.99. Peter O'Toole and Colin Firth. It's on YouTube, though the quality won't be quite as good.
    I haven't seen that one, thanks for the recommendation. Not sure where you're seeing it on sale though as it was delisted from iTunes, as were many other Wim Wender films distributed by AX1: Paris, Texas, The American, Kings of the Road, Alice in the Cities. (edited)
  23. Avatar
    Looks like some of the 101 films are on sale
    got rabid for 3.99