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Posted 19 September 2022

iTunes Weekly Movie Sale List 19 September - From £2.99 @ iTunes Store

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

More deals for this week with a real mix of movies to choose from. I'm expecting them to add £1.99 films at some point this week, so keep checking back for those.

Deals start on a Monday and are updated during the week. If you spot any new ones feel free to let us know in the comments.

Note that the direct link to the iTunes movie in the deal link doesn't always work, if it sends you to Apple Music you will need to type in the name of the movie manually in iTunes to find it.

The Last Days In The Desert
Lords Of Anarchy
End of Sentence
Love, Marilyn

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (4K)
Escape From New York (4K)
Intern (4K)
IT Chapter 1 (4K)
The Post (4K)
The Land Before Time
Billy Elliot
Inside Man
Ghost Ship
Attack The Block
Forgetting Sarah Marshal
The Debt
Endless Love
Wait Until Dark
US Marshals
Step Up 3
Time Cop
Burn After Reading
American Pie Presents Beta House
How High
The Wrong Man
The Man With The Iron Fists
Death Race 2
Death Race: Inferno
Universal Soldier: Regeneration
Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning
Legal Eagles
Crimson Peak
Secret In Their Eyes
The Man Who Fell To Earth
Drop Dead Fred
Public Enemies
The Mummy
Little Shop Of Horrors
Wonder Wheel
Unbroken: Path To Redemption
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
They Came From Beyond Space
Under Siege 2
Seymour: An Introduction
The Eagle
Ted 2
You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger
The American
Something To Talk About

Carlitos Way (4K)
Backdraft (4K)
Dunkirk (4K)
Boy Erased (4K)
Poltergeist (4K)
Deep Blue Sea
The Willby Conspiracy
Lillies Of The Field
Blood Father
In The Heat Of The Night
Mister Tibbs
The Organisation
The Children Act
Jarhead Law Of Return
So Cold The River
Elite Air Force
Graphic Desire
No Way Out
Balto III: Wings Of Change

This Is Elvis
Elvis On Tour
Kissin' Cousins
It Happened At The Worlds' Fair
Live A Little, Love A Little
Jailhouse Rock
The Trouble With Girls
Viva Las Vegas
The Colony

My Friend Dahmer
Zombie Creeping Flesh
Mickey Flanagan: Peeping Behind The Curtain
The Mother

American Carnage
Shark Bait

Movie Bundles
IT 2 Film Bundle (4K) £11.98
Contagion/Outbreak £11.98
The Virgil Tibbs Trilogy £12.98
Death Race Trilogy £13.98
Elvis Presley 5 Film Collection £19.99

TV Deals
Warehouse 13 Season 2 £4.99
Eureka Season 1 £4.99
Life Season 1 £4.99
Psych Season 1 £4.99
Monk Seaosn 2 £.4.99
Magnum PI (2018) Season 1 £4.99
Life's Too Short Season 1 £4.99
Knight Rider (2008) Season 1 £4.99
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  1. Avatar
    The Lost Boys has just had a 4k upgrade and is only £4.99 (edited)
    I bought this back in May on iTunes from the same studio, Warner Bros. On PC iTunes it shows as HD on my Library page and 4K on the Store page, with a £4.99 price. I.e. It has not been upgraded for me! Looking at a later post, I need to try playing it on the TV and see if comes out at 4K, but...would I be charged again if I proceeded with the £4.99 purchase? (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Universal Soldier Regeneration is well worth it if you haven’t seen it, underrated in my view
    Interesting. I assumed all the sequels would be rubbish.
  3. Avatar
    Poltergeist and Escape from New York for me.
  4. Avatar
    Just in the heat of the night for me
    Quick question though can you only get 'itunes extras' on ipad and not the smart TV apps? Got jurassic world dominion and can't seem to get the extended version anywhere but the ipad....thanks in advance
    As far as i know, iTunes extras can only be viewed on apple devices
  5. Avatar
    Thanks again pb, heat added.
  6. Avatar
    Contagion and Outbreak, now who didn’t watch those at the start of the Covid outbreak????
    Nope, didn’t watch either
  7. Avatar
    Rubbish week for me so far, good for the wallet mind.
  8. Avatar
    The Northman is £1.99 to rent..
  9. Avatar
    I've been dead mean and not buying as many movies
    Still got a library full of ones i haven't watched yet
    Few im still after though like Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Surviving the Game. The Mechanic (Bronson one, not the awful Jason fella )
  10. Avatar
    Why hasn’t my poltergeist and lost boys not been upgraded to 4k automatically?? If the free upgrade has stopped then I’ll be a lot more selective in the future!
    It's always been down to the studio not Apple which films get a free upgrade.

    My Poltergeist got updated the other day so unless it was bought as an SD copy, it should be.