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Strippers v Werewolves  - a quality film for Halloween only £1.99 to buy iTunes Store
Found 16 h, 3 m agoFound 16 h, 3 m ago
I think the title really does say it all. Got to be worth £1.99 of anyone’s money.

So which one is the stripper and which one is the werewolf? This plot is too complicated for me!!


Strippers? Werewolves? Heat!


What’s it about?


How about "the room".


its not worth 5p of anyones money, plus the hour and a half of your life you'll never get back!! (lol)

From Dusk Till Dawn £2.99 @ iTunes
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
From Dusk Till Dawn (HD) via iTunes
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you're right, both great films


Bar joke? Are you getting mixed up with Desperado?


One of the best openings to a film I think I’ve seen :{


FANTASTIC DEAL will most likely be updated to 4K too - for no added fee unlike '4K Blu-Ray' AKA the new LaserDisc


Everybody be cool. You, be cool.

American Psycho in 4K Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos £3.99 @ iTunes
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
American Psycho in 4K Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos @iTunes comes with iTunes Extras Also in 4K on offer but at £4,99 Blair Witch 2016 Jigsaw
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Actually the older films are more likely to be true 4K given filmed on 35mm film which can provide a 4K source.


Was released in 2000


I thought it was gonna be just the original clip :). Top marks for editing.


I'm safe...but if it was Matt Damon I'd be on my own pretty quick. Top of her laminated list!


I dunno, I’m sure your missus would play hide the sausage more with him than you (lol) he’s lost the 40llb he put on for Dick Cheney part, prob lost too much like, was in one of the rags yesterday with his wife and kid.

(iOS) Multi Translate Voice @ iTunes
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Multi Translate is a professional translator and interpreter app able to translate any language into 3 others at the same time (you can select any 3 languages from 100+). Welcome… Read more

£12.99 not "free"


£12 for me


Shows £12 to me!? I will stick to google translate.


They use a universal translator supplied by the Vulcans.


Google Translate is my default app, but don't know of others that support multiple translations ...

Truck Simulator PRO 2 for iPhone. £4.99 reduced to 99p @ iTunes
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Truck Simulator PRO 2, a bigger and better version of the highly successful last year’s edition. Build up your transporting empire driving huge and powerful trucks on American soil… Read more
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Only if its a section with no more than two lanes (y)


Do you score extra bonus points for overtaking another lorry while doing about 1/2 mph quicker, getting alongside then running out of steam and staying at the same speed holding up all the traffic behind.


Link to Google Play


For 99p take a chance!


Drive a LGV for a living ......does this app have stuck on the M6 or road closures at night as a feature (lol)

Ryan Gosling sale iTunes. - Various films £3.99 each
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Drive Only God Forgives Nice Guys Gangster Squad Crazy Stupid Love £3.99 each. Also if anyone uses U.S iTunes Store American Psycho 4K is ONLY $4.99!

I you think that was unbearable try the directors next film, the Neon Demon!


Just watched fracture tonight with Ryan Gosling great film.


im sure i watched that and was thinking wtf is this and i was thinking this is rubbish this is what i get for not reading the story or looking for reviews and picking the choice of movie just because of some big names in it lol


Frikken love that film.


The Nice Guys is a really good film. Very, Very weird. But really good nonetheless.

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Shutter Island 4K - iTunes / Apple TV - £4.99
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Cracking film in glorious 4K Dolby Vision
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Resolution isn't everything.


While that's currently true. If they used the proper encoding and bit rate its technically possible.ita just the film studios would never go for it.


How bout when 8K streaming begins?


4K Streaming does not equal 4K UHD Disc. Never has, never will. Guaranteed.


Good film but the giant unicorn ridden by a 3 armed leprechaun reading viz comic is a stupid ending

Harry Potter 8 film 4K collection £29.99 @ iTunes
LocalLocalFound 10th OctFound 10th Oct
back on again
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Had anyone brought this and had any issues downloading the films? I can’t download the 2nd film no matter what constantly says failed even though I can download the others without an issue and have a stable connection must have tried 20-30 times to download it and that’s not even an exaggeration


8 films for £30, and I got a cynical reply when I commented on an Avengers 3-pack 4k set saying £45 was ridiculous lol


Theft is theft whatever the value, you can’t hide behind other illegal acts to justify your own means.


Somebody should set it up correctly then. The differences are very noticable.


Yes I have a 65dx902 Panny 4k hdr

Construction Simulator 2. £3.99 reduced to 79p @ iTunes
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Ranked #1 for the iPad & iPhone in 25 Countries In the Top Ten for the iPad & iPhone in 66 Countries —— Construction Simulator 2 - One of the most successful simulators … Read more

Awesome, heat n tha


that's a different one


Showing as 4.99 for me on iphone


Also on offer for android @89p. Can someone explain why they still have in app purchases for a game that u buy?


Will this keep me entertained on the way to work?

Christine 4K £4.99 iTunes
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
The best it's ever looked. Not bad for a 1983 movie. First time in 4K in the UK
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Just google UHD disc release schedule and that should give you some idea. The whole Matrix trilogy should be 4K by the end of the month.


Is there a site that tells you which films should be receiving 4K upgrades and the dates that it's proposed to happen?


As a kid I used to watch this over and over, Great film.


The ending really scared me as a kid. I had nightmares!! Funnily enough, I was talking to a mate the other day about the scariest car on film (as you do). Christine was first. The car from “The Car” was second, and the truck from Duel was third.


Watched this on Netflix recently, a great film, don’t mess with Christine she’s bad to her wish bone (popcorn)

Pre Reg Master (For the country's future pharmacists). £25.99 now FREE for limited time
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
The Pre Reg Master app prepares the country’s future pharmacists for the pre-registration exam by granting them access to hundreds of questions and offering detailed explanations t… Read more
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Not really a deal at all. The app is free but you can't use the questions unless you pay so they are not really advertising properly. Most apps you download are free. Everything in here is like an in app purchase.


Hahahahahahahahahaha, pure JOKES!!!. (party) (flirt) Well, at the end of the day "MrBeansDrivingInstructor" IS Mr Bean's Driving Instructor after all?. (highfive) :{


Does it have the recipe for "Blue Sky"? ;)


Pharmacists lol...


Must be incorrect medication.

Mailbox/Postbox around the world sticker collection for iMessage (emojis). 99p now FREE!
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
99p now FREE! A collection of mail/post boxes around the world to use in your messages/chats.

Yipee!!!!.....Finally found something I've absolutely no interest in buying. (y)


Someone thought of it & people them paid for it. They are probably loaded of it now... lol


Thanks Allah for Whatsapp, or apple would have charge us for every free thing.


I like it, thanks.



La La Land 4k £3.99 @ iTunes
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
La La Land 4k Atmos on sale this week

Yep, all those apps run like cr*p on my Sony TV compared to Apple TV. When you get an Apple TV, never again will you use smart TV functionality.


i have one of the latest LG oleds. Apple TV has more apps, which are quicker loading and slicker when in use. It’s nots just about apps either the interface is better and Plex one of my favourite apps is better on Apple TV. The LG apps are a good back up though.


Guess it's not that bad when you don't have a smart TV, but if you do you'll have all that functionality already built in. For example my Samsung TV has Amazon, Now TV, Netflix, etc. Makes no sense for me to buy an extra device just for iTunes movies.


What's so good about a film about Liverpool?


Most depressed film ever

Fort Trivia for Fortnite. 99p now FREE!
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
99p reduced 100% FREE!!! Are you a huge fan of Fortnite? Then you’re at the right place! If you think you know everything about Battle Royale, you can test your knowledge with thi… Read more



Proof that sometimes even free stuff isn't worth it.

Apple Store iPhone Fast Charging USB C to Lightning Cable - £16.80 (For military personal with Defence Discount only)
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
For military personnel. Using the Defence Discount Service at Apple will let you get the fast charging cable at a discounted price of £16.80, which isn’t too bad considering Apple … Read more

Oh no I totally agree with you there, I've posted deals on some expensive items and got cold votes for the whole "who would spend that much money etc..." a deal is a deal after all, doesn't matter who thinks the absolute price is over the top, the discount % should be the thing that's judged but Apple products tend to be quite erm... divisive


You’ve linked a £2 cable which is no longer for sale (lol) I promise you there are no third party sellers of these cables, do your research or be stuck with 10w speeds It’s like everyone’s too lazy to research this



I’m not trying to be a ball bag... But if you look at the product you just linked you’ll notice that in the description “Note 2” states “This USB 2.0 USB C to lightning cable can not support fast charging for iPhone”. I.e. this will not let the full wattage required through for fast charging, and is only charging with 10w (which is still very good compared to the 5w standard charger). Please be aware, there are NO third party suppliers of the fast charging USB C to lightning cable. The current third party USB C to Lightning cables use the slower standard usb 2 speed, only with a USB C enclosure. Apple have said they will open the tech up to third parties midway through next year.


I bought this third party USB C to lightning cable a year ago and have had no problems with it. It was £8 and there’s bound to be cheaper ones if you look.

Apple photo walks BELFAST free
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
You can sign up on Apple’s website to do a free photo walk with them. It lasts 90minutes and they teach you how to get the best out of your iPhone/iPad photography
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I’ve gone on two of these walks in London and really enjoyed them. Definitely recommend the Today At Apple sessions - they’re free, cater to various interests and you always learn a few things.


You wouldn’t be the first.


Just join in with a group of Japanese tourist...iPhones, Android all welcome (lol)




Wondering around looking at your’ll never catch on

(iOS) OXENFREE - Free @ iTunes
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller about a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift. Play as Alex, a bright, rebellious teenager who brings her new stepbrother Jonas t… Read more

Yeah it’s a demo so not really a deal but thanks for posting I’ve always wanted to try it


Not free


Yeah this is just the opening bit. You need to pay for the full game. It is a great game though.


Only the opening is free. IAP for full game - £5


This game's great - kinda like stranger things in video game form