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Day and Knight (Extended Cut) £1.49 @ iTunes
Found 1 h, 23 m agoFound 1 h, 23 m ago
1.49 for this version. I didn’t even want it but for that price......... ;( The normal version is £5.99 so posted this as it could easily be missed if it’s what you’re looking for… Read more

Great film it’s like mission possible rom com


No I believe it’s just a one off comedy.


Put it on the larger thread too


Is Day and Knight the sequel?

(iOS) Adblock Extension for Safari
Found 5 h, 39 m agoFound 5 h, 39 m ago
Save data and speed up your Safari - block ads, trackers, unnecessary resouces and bypass anti-adblock detectors. Say goodbye to: - ads and banners - autoplaying videos - fake "… Read more

Firefox also do an ad-blocker for Safari called Firefox Focus.


Do install an adblocker if you can (is possible on iPhones). My advise is to get a good one, I personally use “1blocker” and would recommend. Look around for “content blockers” in the App Store and here an article with a recent review for your information:


The developer is called Crypto Tracker... Does that mean the app will use your mobile to mine Crypto for the developer in the background?


Don't bother with tat like this - go for adguard every time. can't recommend it highly enough for both android AND iOS.


For general information. This isn’t made by eye/o, it’s a third party app.

The Orville, Season 1 £4.99 @ iTunes
Found 13 h, 35 m agoFound 13 h, 35 m ago
One of my favourites at the moment. From executive producer and creator Seth MacFarlane (FAMILY GUY, “Ted”), THE ORVILLE is a new space adventure series set 400 years in the futur… Read more
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A bit like the voting on here (y) (lol)


I thought the episode set on a planet where everyone is judged by upvoting and downvoting was very clever and thought-provoking.


Most new series start off clunky and awkward, kind of unavoidable as they have to introduce all the characters, and their backgrounds. I enjoyed it, in fact I was bored at the weekend and started watching it again, I feel it's actually better on second viewing, maybe because I wasn't trying to 'judge' it the second time.


Can the Orville fly?


Check out Future Man. It's way better than this..

Mega Movie Week iTunes 4K film sale from £1.99! Titles include The Meg (£2.99,), Greatest Showman (£2.99!), Mission Impossible 6 etc
Refreshed 1 h, 55 m agoRefreshed 1 h, 55 m ago
Some great 4K films from just £1.99! Details below... (Link to Atomic Blonde to get you started Link to nearly all the price drops thanks to Giant_Panda... https://www.hotukde… Read more
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No point in the Christmas deals now (lol)


Mega Movie week has its own website added to OP interesting to note that despite being a joint cross brand promotion, there are some slight differences on price and films included, “i feel pretty” (yes, i know its bad) is £2.99 on Amazon, yet £7.99 on iTunes..


Actually you can’t watch HDR on a 2018 iPad Pro 3rd Gen. it will output to a compatible source but cannot natively run it on its liquid retina screen. Whereas the 10.5 pro and 12.9 second gen will play HDR content directly,


Yeah I don't mind switching between accounts just the wife might moan....i might just but them all on the UK account too as not much money at all :p


Did that, and I’ve now bought them at this price... not too bothered... there might come a time apple falls out with Moviesanywhere ;)

Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 71 - free on iTunes
Found 22 h, 47 m agoFound 22 h, 47 m ago
To help our readers like you start this year off right, we’re giving away Issue 71 of Autism Parenting Magazine on our iOS and Android platforms iOS… Read more

Thanks (y)


I’m confused so you subscribe and get issue 71 then cancel and it will remain?


sorry you need to subcribe and then cancel it


Issue 71 it seems


Thanks butIt’s not clear which issue is free within the app.

(iOS) YoWindow Weather
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
YoWindow is a unique new weather app. The magic of YoWindow is a living landscape that reflects your actual weather. For instance, if it's raining - it rains in YoWindow. The suns… Read more

YW. Just wanted to point out that as with most weather apps it looks much better in Landscape.




It's on Android too. Free one has an adverts bar at the bottom. Non advert one is £2.49.


Downloaded thank u


Thank you very much, I got it.

(iOS) Remote Drive for Mac - Free @ iTunes
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Turn your iPhone or iPad into the wireless flash drive for your Mac. Have full access to your Mac files – use your iOS device to stream videos, view photos and documents, from anyw… Read more

Showing at £4.99 for me


It's comparable in that it does the same job. No it's not free but there is a free version available if anyone wanted to test it out first. (Maybe I should have linked that version instead?). The *important* difference is that you don't have to install a 'helper' app on your Mac before you can use this app. I'm not keen on allowing random apps to have full access to the files on my computers/network.


If you download the files to your phone/tablet then you can still play them though. There aren't many apps that will let you stream content from your home network when away from home.


so after having played with this for a couple of days - it doesn't allow streaming when you are away from your home network, so I've uninstalled both the app and the helper.


Costs £4.99 so not really comparable with this app being available for free ...

My Town. Wonderland: Little Mermaid game free on iOS Apple and Android Google Play
25/01/2019Expires on 25/01/2019Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
My Kids love these My Town games. ENJOY! Link to Google Play Store: Welcome to wonderland! Come to m… Read more

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Sherlock, Series 1 - 3 Deluxe Edition by BBC £13.99 @ iTunes
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Series 1-3, with extras such as begging the scenes and interviews such as, Unlocking Sherlock and Sherlock Unlocked

Quality not quantity lol


Hilarious that the BBC manage to get you to pay for this twice over. What does HD mean here? 720p?


Only in the UK could 11 episodes be classed as 3 series (annoyed)


Yeah you save an extra £1 doing that as the last series is not reduced still.


Great price, I went for 1-4 and the Abominable Bride for £19.99!

Hack RUN for iOS
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Ever wanted to be a hacker? Play Hack RUN! Hack your way into the heart of a mysterious organization to uncover their secrets. Hack RUN® is a game which uses 'old school' command p… Read more

Just like the 80’s film “war games


Sounds like an idea for a movie - people download and play it only to find out later when they get arrested they were hacking for real :p


Voted Hot




Looks interesting

Father Ted Complete Collection £5.99 @ iTunes
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Back to this great price again, individual series are £2.99 each
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I don't like any comedy.


Good to know :) Now when you said that I see them in a different light. So which is your favourite comedy show if I may ask?


Chewing gum for the eyes...


Tea Father?


Your welcome (y)

iBroadcast - TOTALLY FREE, UNLIMITED cloud storage service for your music. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home.
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
TOTALLY FREE, UNLIMITED cloud storage service for your music. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home. This is nothing to do with iTunes so I do… Read more

Digital Millennium Copyright Act iBroadcast bides by the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by responding to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the DMCA and other applicable laws. If you need to contact us regarding DMCA issues, please email us at and.. Terms of Use for the iBroadcast Service In short, you cannot upload music which is not yours to upload, you cannot use iBroadcast to share music which you do not own the rights to do so, and more simply, you cannot use iBroadcast to do anything which is illegal.


Spotify was backed by a large organisation however that could shoulder an initial $4.4million loss. There are no details behind this company as far as I could see? I’d expect you’re paying with your privacy in this case.


1. Free beta testing. 2. Build up a strong enough user base reliant on the service then introduce a subscription fee. Spotify did something similar before offering a premium service and free ad-supported service.


Me: How are you planning to monetize iBroadcast? Rod: Monetizing the platform is easy once you have an active and engaged audience. We have several very creative ideas in the works. I can tell you we are going to do everything we can to avoid incorporating advertising and I believe we will be able to do that.


Some info here

War for the Planet of the Apes on iTunes in 4K HDR Dolby Atmos - £2.99
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
War for the Planet of the Apes is a 2017 American science fiction film directed by Matt Reeves and written by Mark Bomback and Reeves. A sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2… Read more
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Also thanks for letting me know. Updated my deal accordingly.


Was cheapest at the time.


Well, anybody that did buy this clearly overpriced movie :), and hasn't watched it yet, should request a cancellation/refund (which for the UK store you are perfectly entitled to do within 14 days of purchase, with no reason being requested by apple) and then rebuy it again this week for just £2.99 You can do this via the web at or via the app


Thank you for posting the deal.


Can’t say I noticed her eyes (y)

T2: Trainspotting on iTunes - £3.99
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
T2 Trainspotting is a 2017 Scottish crime comedy drama film, set in and around Edinburgh, Scotland. The film was directed by Danny Boyle and written by John Hodge, based on charact… Read more
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As did I!


Personally I thought it was excellent. Each to their own


First film was great this was pitiful. It really wasnt worth waiting for Ewan to get his knickers untwisted for this.


I think it is UHD on Rakuten. Or it was at the very least lol maybe they have paid to have that version in UK.


True but let’s not start that one haha

True Detective Season 1 only £8.99 on iTunes
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Loved the first season of this show! Season 1 is usually £18.99 on iTunes and was only reduced to £14.99 in the HBO Christmas sale. However it is now £8.99 (I guess to promote Sea… Read more
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Mate I’d recommend you start again and watch it up to episode 4, after that episode it’s all up hill madness. I found Breaking bad really hard to get into, but with solid characters like Hank, Walt & Jesse it was easy to watch and the last episode was pure genius.


few years ago...but cant recall...could have been 3 episodes I suppose.....might do one more try when I have a day of nothing to do


It’s available on NOW TV now..




Season 1 is a masterpiece

Panmorphia Game - Free on iOS and Android Google Play store.
TODAYTODAYFound 13th JanFound 13th Jan
Google Play link: • The Legend of Panmorphia • The legend goes that in each generation a child is born, a s… Read more

Downloaded this onto iOS, but then deleted it again as I hated the controls. I kept jumping multiple pages at a time and ending up who knows where! I have played many of the point-and-click games without issue, but this one needs some more work doing to it. Shame really, because I love these kind of games and it had much promise.


Voted Hot


Fun little game thanks



Wagamama Cookbook on iTunes 99p
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Seems a good price



A japanese person told me it was a negative word that means selfish. So I googled it and it says to be selfish, demanding, care only about yourself


Do you have a link for that please


come on then share with us all


Nice price i've had this book for years. Plus ive visited the restaurant for years without knowing what the name ment until the other day

Predator 4-Movie Collection (including new one out digital today!) all in 4K - £17.99 @ iTunes
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
All 4 Predator films! Well worth this price as new one alone is 9.99 today! Individually priced at Predator £7.99 Predator 2 £4.99 Predators £7.99 The Predator £9.99 A saving of… Read more
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Most recent film on that deal is The Shape of Water so alas no.


Is ant man and the wasp in that deal? Still need that for my collection.


Lol, i will just buy that case off Ebay, use a black marker for the word "The" and put my recently ordered 1987 UHD version of Predator in there instead. :D


Thanks for the reminder to check if Predator 4K UHD had come down in price. Now down to £14.39 delivered from Zavvi thanks to the 20OFF4K on selected titles on their site. Been watching this film since i was 14 and it was on VHS the first time i saw it :D


You know it!

A Quiet Place 4K £4.99 @ itunes
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
If they hear you, they hunt you. In this terrifyingly suspenseful thriller, a family must navigate their lives in silence to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. Kn… Read more
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Quite abusive buddy. I don't tend to party in cinemas tho.


I’ll bet you were on your own, life and soul of the party too. It amazes me why people like this bother watching sci-fi films when they can’t think outside the box. If everything they did was common sense then there would be no film dumbo


Maybe you should just go stick to teletubbies, fast and furious 99, pacific rim if it’s too complex for you.......subtitles would ruin the film, using dim lights adds to the suspense, you should take a course in film making as you might learn something.


Nope, they weren’t a patch on a quiet place


Spectral is all three, great film on film imo