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Liverpool vs Bayern Munich in the Audi Cup free on ITV 4
Found 1st Aug 2017Found 1st Aug 2017
Free football Liverpool vs Bayern Munich in the Audi Cup free on ITV 4 or on itv player online . time 7.15pm (7.30pm kick off) sky channel 120 freeview channel 24
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Am I missing something here, when had ITV4 ever charged for football or any live coverage?


Woah woah woah, wait. British came up with word soccer (Association Football) then they change the name and want the rest of the world to follow? No, thanks.


I know I shouldn't bite but can't help myself is called Football (nerd)


"dodgy illegal streaming" Someone doesn't know the law well. Please keep the speculation to yourself then. Watching anything online wherever it comes from IS LEGAL. Btw, who would pay to watch soccer anyway...?


The fact that you can buy the app and know what your doing doesn't make it illegal. It's built into the tv for a reason. That's like saying Netflix is illegal there's no difference

Found 29th Jan 2016Found 29th Jan 2016
Good Morning Britain are giving away 250 Fitbits it you claim by 10am! TO CLAIM We'll pop a Fitbit in the post to the first 250 valid emails, and get it to you within 28 working… Read more
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That's odd... I got mine at 8:23 and no Fitbit here...


8.27 am


What time did you get the out of office email at? I received at 8.29 but not received a fitbit.


I had the out of office reply as well. Received a fitbit last Friday :D


Yes I got that message received free fit bit today what a surprise

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Free FitBit (1St 250 people)
Found 8th Jan 2016Found 8th Jan 2016
TO CLAIM To claim send us an email to Please include your full name, postal address and a contact number in the email. We'll then pop a Fitbit in the post and g… Read more

or today?


Hi, So have they not given any away today? Thanks


Thanks, must have missed it!




​where did you find this out? Did they say that on the show?

Apocalypse Now free until Sunday 11th on ITV Player
Found 5th Oct 2015Found 5th Oct 2015
A little movie called Apocalypse Now by some guy called Francis Ford Coppola is free-to-view on ITV Player until this coming Sunday. If you don't know who this man is he made a mov… Read more

Also repeated on Tuesday at 23:15... tivos at the ready!


People here don't tend to like these iPlayer, ITV Player, etc. film freebies posts, but as I rarely watch TV or check the TV listings I don't mind a heads up for classic (or "new") films every so often. :) Well worth a watch for those that have never seen it before.

free carbon monoxide kits given free on Loose Women ITV now (See link)
Found 30th Jun 2015Found 30th Jun 2015
free carbon monoxide kits are been given out Another 1500 are been given out Wednesday 1st July 2015 from 12.30 noon first come first allocated have your email ready with name, ad… Read more
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says they have all gone now


[quote=redarrowrules]Mine arrived yesterday. Completely forgot about this so when I got a "Sorry we missed you" card from the postman I was confused as I wasn't expecting any parcels. All set up now on top of a kitchen cupboard. Neat little thing that you can sit upright without having to attach to a wall.[/quote That means mine should be on its way hopefully


Mine arrived yesterday. Completely forgot about this so when I got a "Sorry we missed you" card from the postman I was confused as I wasn't expecting any parcels. All set up now on top of a kitchen cupboard. Neat little thing that you can sit upright without having to attach to a wall.


I tried to get one of these, but my email just bounced back saying there was no such email address - tried it on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer!


Lol. Never again. Went to Magaluf once. ONCE!!!! Never again. The streets are paved with idiots!!!!

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FREE Tickets to special 10 years of Jeremy Kyle Show @ Piazza, MediaCityUK (Manchester) EMAIL REQUIRED!
Found 24th Feb 2015Found 24th Feb 2015
We have 1000 tickets to give away to a special recording to celebrate 10 years of The Jeremy Kyle Show! This event will take place on the Piazza, MediaCityUK, Salford, Manchester. … Read more



We should all get tickets, and then not show up. Just to show how much attention this show should actually get. Who's in? After the no-show, I'll sell my ticket on eBay to some benefits scrounger who somehow manages to earn more than me just by sitting on their backside watching this tripe.


Do you need your brain removed to match the people on stage (and Kyle) and those watching at home ? ;)


Thanks should be a good day


Worth getting tickets just to give the guy a slap! :)

Free ticket Football World cup  at ITV Fever Pitch
Found 17th May 2014Found 17th May 2014
Free ticket at Itv site for Fever pitch 2014. But get them quick lots of them have gone already. All at Granada studio tours Manchester, Big screen watch.
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Hi, if anyone has a couple of spare England tickets or iran vs argentina please email me Mod Edit: personal contact details removed


Ha ha someone from London moaning that they'd like it down there. Everything is tailored towards London. It's nice for us 'up North' to get something for once. We'll take our whippets along and walk down the street which will be cobbled as we have yet to discover Tarmac.


Cheers, up in Manchester for a wedding on the 20th June, so booked tickets for the following day, might pop in for an hour or 2 and check it out.


No idea why this has been voted down so much. Thanks so much for posting - I was too late for tickets for the final but got tickets for both Semi Finals and the opening game.


dont understand the cold vote? perhaps its the machine!

ITV3 & ITV4 free to view online
Found 22nd Apr 2014Found 22nd Apr 2014
ITV3 and ITV4 can now be watched LEGALLY and FREE on the ITV website....
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why dont I ? of course i use it


Might as well say "free itv bbc c4 and c5 if you own a tv"


simply not the case every month there is a debate about this on hukd and so many people still dont know the law even when its on the bbc website catchup tv weather its by an app on your smart tv ps3 xbox any other console iphone any tablet any pc or mac any device really it does not matter if your device is capable of receiving or not as long as your not watching live tv a time lapse of approx 2 hours then you can watch any catch up site there is best thing is take the aerial out and just connect via internet dont click any live tv button and your legal simple as that


Anything received through your tv (or other tuner) that is a scheduled (live broadcast even if it's a repeat) or if you watch online a "live stream" then you need a tv licence (irrespective of the channel choice). Anything on a catchup service does not require a tv licence That said ITV has very poor catchup programmes (hardly anything after 7pm except probably soaps) is missing. Only BBC and 4OD seem to offer a decent catchup service IMHO And yes the BBC should stop spending billions on producing "overseas broadcasting content" where they get no revenue and stick to what they do best (news/documentaries and the occasional drama) for the tv licence payer or if not then start adverts etc and stop asking the UK population to fund "overseas broadcasting content" and big payouts to sacked executives.


they never did have the right to enter your property without a court warrant and a police officer in attendance. It never ever happened.

Indian Premier League Cricket Live- free on ITV4 (Freeview and SKY 120)
Found 17th Apr 2014Found 17th Apr 2014
This could be useful for somebody who is interested to watch free T20 cricket action. There are 2 matches a day. The evening one is convenient timing, after getting back home.
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hot for me thanks op


For iPhone & ipad download filmon app


Same with Pakistan. Such a shame that people resort to fixing.


It's all fixed and all Indian players r fixers so no point of wasting your time on watching this ****


Handy for people who may not know, and this is what this site is about after all, even if you get annoyed by it. I'm pretty sure it's free on YouTube too, live streaming in 720p.

Jo frost audience tickets
LocalLocalFound 16th Feb 2014Found 16th Feb 2014
Hello!If you would like tickets to come and watch a BRAND NEW ITV DAYTIME SHOW - Jo Frost Family Matters - then please email us back with your name and number NOW.Tickets are for M… Read more
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chrismad4rit if you want to try contacting them via email.


Hello!If you would like tickets to come and watch a BRAND NEW ITV DAYTIME SHOW - Jo Frost Family Matters - then please email us back with your name and number NOW.Tickets are for Monday 17th February to Wednesday 19th February at 10am or 2.30pm.Alternatively please call us on  0161 952 6445 or 0161 952 0811.Tickets will go fast so call us soon. Only a limited amount available!Jo Frost Audience Team 

The Butterfly Effect - Watch Free On ITV Player
Found 24th Jan 2014Found 24th Jan 2014
Sci-fi thriller in which a student suffering from blackouts discovers he has the ability to go back in time and change the childhood traumas causing his memory lapses.
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Not if my research is correct. Thanks OP for highlighting this. Would have missed out on a great film if not for this post.


Agree great film... Up there with Donnie Darko! Is this the directors cut?


Excellent film, directors cut really changes the whole film and makes it darker :-)

Found 17th Nov 2013Found 17th Nov 2013
Coming-of-age comedy about a teen rebel who, sick of being pushed into beauty pageants by her mother, discovers the joys of roller derby, but must keep her new hobby a secret.
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I have been playing roller derby for 7 years and it's absolutely nothing like the film Whip It.


Thanks didn't know this was on.


Good movie.


Great film. Enjoyed watching it again last night. Hot that it's on ITV player.

Captain Scarlet Episode 1 Free on ITV Player
Found 17th Oct 2013Found 17th Oct 2013
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons Episode 1, is available to watch for free on ITV Player.
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Loved the theme though - the 7 notes from one scene to another


Taster to get you to rent the rest at 99p each - you can own the box set for about half that price. ITV player hasn't been blessed with a lot of clue in the rental department.


Not here it ain't. (Itv player, ipad).

Donate £5 to charity (from government) for free with This Morning @ ITV
Found 12th Sep 2013Found 12th Sep 2013
Featured on the TV show This Morning. If you have done a kind deed (like help an old lady with her shopping) fill in this small form and the government will donate £5 to charity. … Read more

But that's not true. The government spend 'your' money all the time, so you don't choose who, when and how much. But weirdly the time you're objecting to the spend is when it's for UK charities that do great work. Very odd..... Out of curiosity what government spending DO you agree with?


Toddler? Maybe if you learnt how to spell better and got out of your diapers you would see that charity is given of free will. Not used as an advertisement of your generosity using someone else's money. If I want to give my money, I will choose who, when and how much.


Wow Isobella, that's amazing. It's great to hear lovely stories about people like you. Please register it on the This Morning website and make it help even more. It's people like you that make the world a better place


Have been taking a lady into town as her husband has dementia, she has an amazing sense of humour and makes me laugh with her latest story about her husband. Just recently have also been taking another friend of hers into town save her waiting in the rain. Also have been clearing out junk, have taken 3 boxes into chariety shop so far. Plus last couple of weeks have had a friend staying who is having a marriage issue, thankfully the short break has helped them both. Trying to do a daily good deed


They are not my government

Register For "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" Audition
Found 2nd Apr 2013Found 2nd Apr 2013
Closing date for application is the 7th of April 2013
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well guess it's not a game of chance like the others. It's about what you know and like me not many are smart enough to give it a go!


Why is it cold???????


I have just applied!!!! :p

X-Factor finalist Chris Maloney's solo album for a pound
Found 5th Dec 2012Found 5th Dec 2012
Sure to be a bestseller so get your hands on it whilst it's at this price. The album is named - Songs for me nan The album is listed for release on the 21 December 2012. The tra… Read more
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It seems to be out of stock, shame i missed it.


Hilarious - although some people who voted cold simply have not grasped your comic genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:{


There is also a Deluxe version with two addtitional tracks : Hey! Hey! Calm Down And They Do Though Don't They Though?


class lmao


you missed the bonus track 11. Thanks for voting for me.

Watch England vs Ukraine LIVE !
Found 19th Jun 2012Found 19th Jun 2012
Watch for free on ITV's website!

Might as well take my tv bk now then lol


Or the building that the computer is in has one , then of course you wouldn't need one ;)


Because nobody could possibly be at work next to or on a computer without access to a tv could they ?


Hot, turnimg my tv off right now..........


COLD! why bother watching it live online when you can go watch it at the stadium in Ukraine.

Halloween Mask - Dartboard target - Murray Mask
Found 29th Jun 2011Found 29th Jun 2011
Bit early for halloween - but might be worth keeping hold of..... Need some incentive to get back into darts? Or (heaven forbid) you actually want to support Mr Obnoxious? Whate… Read more
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So what is your issue with Andy Deviouspaul from Kent. Is it that he is Scottish, or isn't Tm, or that during the World Cup he said he supported anyone but England, or that his Mum is his coach, or that he does not have the dynamic personality of say tiger Tim or Federer. What exactly is it that you hate and due to this would like to push darts into his face?


They should start throwing out the ones that shout come on tim, who is tim anyway, is it tiny tim from scrooge, or are they try to incourage their very small manhood to grow, well I think they should all grow up..peace!! lol


yes you are - thanks for coming bellend


^ so it's not okay for Murray to say "anyone but the English" and then apologise for it, but it's completely fine to say "anyone but Murray"? Hypocrites.