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ITVX premium subscription £3.99 a month for 13 months instead of £5.99 a month with code @ ITV Store

£3.99£5.9933% off
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About this deal

Their is currently a promotion running for britbox subscribes encouraging them to sign up to itvx by offering a discounted monthly subscription for 13 months making the monthly price £3.99 instead of £5.99 when using discount code ITVXSAVE13. Code can be used by none britbox customers as well when signing up to the ITVX premium subscription service.
ITV Store More details at ITV Store
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    Is this pr0n? (edited)
    Name wasn't very thought out .
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    Pay to watch repeats ,A joke surely
    Unlike DVDs which nobody had seen anywhere before... This is also where new ITV content is released first.
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    License fee is only for bbc
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    Are you doing it through the app? if so it won't work. You need to upgrade using the website. itv.com/wat…ent (edited)
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    I'm not sure why anyone would want to watch itv or britbox tbh. (edited)
    I'm an old man and love the old classic re runs but I HATE adds (to be fair who does like them). That said I won't watch these services (mostly - will put up with the adds every now and again to see something) and sure as heck won't pay for them
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    A better way is to change your DNS on your router to route through one that blocks Ads. You don't have to pay for any of these scams premium services, instead, adblock websites are not allowed to show on your network. You get ITVx, All4 etc with no ads without paying.
    How the heck does that work? , these are ads encoded within the stream not via the site, does it really work ? what does it do to the programme stream at the point there would be ads? (edited)
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    If we don't want the premium package, what's the alternative please? :/ 🤷‍♂️
    If you don't want to pay for Premium then the standard service has adverts and no Britbox. ITV clearly have some work to do explaining the service as it's clear most here don't understand. This is where new ITV content will appear first. This is a great deal for just Britbox let alone the wider ITVX too.
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    Fyi the premium you basically get Britbox as well
    Lots of britbox content is missing
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    48987519-Sn5SI.jpgI went to cancel Britbox and got this message... So easy to transfer , saved £30 for the year
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    No x rated content very disappointed. Back to babe station..
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    Not sure why this is voted cold…I’ve been waiting for a discount of some kind to sign up for this, so this was perfect. All the classic Doctor Who episodes for £3.99/month…Bargain! Thanks for the code details.
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    I had a good look around around the so-called new streaming channel setup, but nothing major for me...lots of stuff I've seen before and plenty of stuff I don't want to see!!!
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    Can they update the LG app for £3.99?

    Found the quality of the live tv to worse on the new app on Xbox than the old one, but could be the volumn watching the world cup i guess.
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    I can’t see anywhere to put the code in. Any ideas please
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    What is the picture quality of ItvX and is the premium any better?
    I was just about to ask about Itvx quality... Standard itvx is quite bad for me, but it looks that I am not the only one...
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    Sounds like A porn channel