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Grade A- Refurb Lenovo Thinkpad X260 20F6-S0M200 i7 6600U 16GB/256GB SSD Win 10 Backlit Keyboard 12.5" HD 1366x768, £342 With Code @ ITZOO
Found 10th NovFound 10th Nov
As ever, if THANKS10 (new customers) isn't working for you FACEBOOK10 will also take 10% off. £342 with code: Some reviews: (i5/8GB RAM, however - not sure if the ITZOO ver… Read more

Great small machine for the size, only downside is the low-res screen and the lack of type-C USB/Thunderbolt 3.


I think you read it wrong - I said I would have any screen marks as grade B or C - same as I wouldn't have screen marks as grade A.


You said you would have screen marks in your post. That’s why wondered if you meant wouldn’t?


Yes, I thought that was a strange grade as well. Never bought from ITZOO but as far as I know they get good feedback. I had an X200 from SCC Trade - though I also purchased an HP Elitebook (can't remember which one) which was "0GB" (bought an SSD and new AC Adapter in preparation) - totally DOA (I'd read HUKDers saying this was pretty much a dead cert that all it needed was a new HDD/SSD) - they refused to refund me, never purchased from them since.


In the eye of the beholder - I am used to a 4th gen i3 (IIRC) with a 23XX or 24XX score, which is relatively fast - anything above 2500 is fast enough & 4000++ is blistering for me. I don't do much intensive stuff & hey if a video transcode takes an hour or 2, so be it! Edit: 3rd gen just over 2300 actually EDIT2: Post me a link to an 8000 for sub £400 - keen to see that baby fly! :) EDIT3: OMG - they do exist - if this place it to be believed

Grade A Refurb Dell E6430 14" i7 3520M 8GB/500GB Swedish QWERTY Backlit DVDRW INTEL HD GRAPHICS 4000 NVIDIA NVS 5200M £180 With Code @ ITZOO
Found 8th NovFound 8th Nov
Saw this Dell Latitude laptop advertised on ITZOO's Facebook page Code FACEBOOK10 takes it down to £180 (if the New Customer THANKS10 no longer works for you). Grad… Read more

Great bargain, i need two hope they have discount for second purchase, otherwise i cant afford both.


Think it was a C-side?!


Not heard that Abba one.


I found this dell it has to be the bargain of the day its ONLY £6.5 MILLION ex vat and del


This is too much for this model really. They’ve had the E6440 for less than this and it’s the Haswell generation so you get a chassis refresh too. You can swap the keyboard easily, yes but then you’re at nearly £200 with the hassle and still don’t have an SSD to show for it (which makes the most difference). I got an E7440 ultrabook from them before for £130 and many others at similar lower prices.

iPad Air 2 refurb with 12 month warantee £144.49 @ Itzoo
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
15% off this weekend only, bought a Dell PC off these earlier in the year and haven't had any issues.

Yes its an old model, But still one of the best ipads for performance. Only issue is the screen relplacements are the same price as a refurb ipad air 2 :(


I bought two of these from ITZoo the other day and they are virtually immaculate. Screen doesn’t have a mark on either (not even a faint scratch), one of them had some light marks on the back.


Yup, another air 2 owner here - never considered another tablet bar the pro just for screen size. Had 1st and 3rd gen iPads


Same. Had mine 3 years and used every day for watching Sky and just general usage. Unless you use it for games there is no real reason to upgrade. Only thing I would like is a brighter screen, but otherwise I don’t see any reason to upgrade.


My little boy still uses the 4th gen iPad, after maybe 200+ drops and throws (over 5+ years) the screen got a slight crack. Still going strong even with that, I would never buy a 16gb version though. The 4th gen weighs a ton however, the air floats in comparison.... Maybe a replacement will be on the cards soon

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HP Elite 8300 Desktop PC Core i5 3570 3.40Ghz 4GB RAM, 500GB Win10, DVDRW, Grade A- Refurb, £135 With Code @ ITZOO
Found 25th OctFound 25th Oct
The 10% off voucher code FACEBOOK10 I mentioned yesterday is still working (wasn't sure if it was just a one-day code). Decent i5 processor - more than capable as an everyday P… Read more

Sounds like you got quite the bargain. The i5-6500 CPU is probably worth more than £60 on it's own. I wouldn't bother with a new case, just mount it outside, all these branded towers tend to have some proprietary bits in them so I don't think it's as easy as dropping it into another case without modification or expense.


Great, thanks for that




Ooops mine was a HP Prodesk, which I bought from a bailiffs auction for £60 with a monitor, much smaller than this. looks like I will need to mount the psu outside the case or buy a new case. just benchmarked


Would consider using it as a HTPC. What is it like for noise?

Viglen SFF Core i3 PC Refurb 3.60GHz 120GB SSD Windows 10 £79.99 with code - ITZOO
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Reduced from £109.99 to £79.99. Includes an SSD, 4th generation I3 processor and Windows 10. Free delivery as well.

I have added a low profile 710gt gddr5 i am trying to play 4k video through VLC but the fan sounds like it is taking off would have thought it could handle 4k.


Windows 10 1803 feature update is probably causing this and, if it is, then this could cause a problem for many that have bought this PC. You can disable Win 10 updates in a couple of ways but the way MS is going then you'd probably want or need to update it at some point. Whether the next feature update will fix what is going on with older hardware is the big question. I only use Win 10 on netbooks and tablets (stuff that's not critical use and newer hardware) and am not a fan of it personally. I'm probably going to install Win 8 on my Viglen because I find it more friendly and familiar to me (used it for quite a while on Dell T20 server without problems). Win 10 on the Viglen will be only a future possibility for me.


Looks like these have sold out again. The £5 cheaper ones were listed as 'Scratched lid' unlike the original deal item so that would account for the cheaper price.


I bought two of these and it's happened on both of them... slightly worrying


That was one of the options I was referring to when chewing the fat concerning the possible causes of your woes. Hope it wasn't from a dodgy Win 10 update. May be worthwhile checking the Windows Update status to see if an update failed or was successful as, if it failed and it's again attempted (sadly this isn't easily controllable by us mortals), then you may face this problem once more. I'd keep an eye on things over the next day or so and please let us know if it returns or you can pin it down to something specific. When I get mine out and plug it into the TV I'll have a squiz at the BIOS to see it's state re Windows 8 feature settings so I've got a reference for any potential future unexpected changes or UEFI probs like yours.

HP Elite 8300 Desktop PC i7 3770 3.40Ghz 500GB Win10 Grade A refurbished £204.99 @ ITZOO
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
Looks like a good deal for a Grade A refurbished Home/Office PC. Note base unit only and this is not a gaming PC

now £270 :(




Would there be enough space in the case for a SSD?


For what price? This is £200 for a very good desktop. You're not getting a prebuilt PC with a current 4c8t processor for a similar price. An SSD or 16GB RAM is simply not needed for light gaming (although an SSD is a welcome upgrade for any system). Btw, today's budget graphics cards aren't power hungry; people here have already upgraded these with 1030s, 1050s and 1050TIs.


It's all about the vPro on these, I love AMT.

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Dell Optiplex 3050 Refurbished PC. i5 6500 3.2Ghz 8GB 256GB SSD Win 10 £229 delivered from Itzoo. 10% off for new customers.
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
Sold out but availabl here for 10 quid more with longer warranty… Read more

Could you share a link, pls?


The CPU in this pc is a 6th Gen i5, would do 4k fine :)


Anyone got one of these running a plex server? wondering how well it would be at running 4k video.


just curious what's your use case, wouldn't a laptop be more suitable?


Just to add to that, a lot of the big OEM PC makers also use proprietary PSUs and Motherboard connectors. I know Lenovo do, not sure about Dell.

Dell Alienware X51-R2 Desktop PC i7 4790 3.6GHZ, 2TB, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 750 TI 2GB + INTEL HD 4600, Win 10 Pro (Grade A- Refurb) With Keyboard And Mouse @ ITZOO £349.99 (£315 For New Customers With Code THANKS10)
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Optional Two Year Warranty for £75. Comes with One Year Warranty - see below . Just got this by email. 10% off for signing up, using code THANKS10 (Just checked, it works, see… Read more
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I've been using a Core 2 Duo Thinkpad (as my travel laptop) for the last few years - it's perfect for kids as it's a sturdily made beast but I think it would struggle to even play Minecraft. The integrated graphics it had wouldn't allow me to play HD Youtube, even. I'm sure your old Radeon 7750 is more capable, mind you. I've upgraded but I'd actually still use it if I could put the internals of my new laptop in!! Maybe I'm mad but there's something adorable yet dependable about Thinkpads. I get the loyalty they inspire. Most kids around 9, 10, 11, 12 just want to go on Roblox and watch Youtube, if the kids I know around this age are anything to go by. And, of course, they can be careless. My niece has already trashed her laptop screen (a few months after mum and dad purchased), and broke numerous tablet screens. Some mums and dads might have tighter purse strings than those who can throw a grand on a gaming set up.


Okay im listening. Point me to a better office computer deal.


No, it's not, I explained it already.


This machine is able to run Overwatch, just not in highest settings. But the Upgrade-ability of this computer is not great. You're limited to low power GPUs and the CPU is basically already the best you can get on that mainboard. You could get a 4790k but it's £200 for probably 10% higher clock. Intelchanged the socket after that Generation, so you would need a new mainboard (starting from £60-70). Also the RAM changed in Intel machines to DDR4. So you would need new RAM too if you want to upgrade the CPU. Another £60-120. It's a 5 y.o. platform and to upgrade you basically need to change everything but the case and hard drive. Not a good base.

Refurbished Dell 9020 Tower PC i7-4790 @ ITZOO £299.99 - £349.99
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
May be able to get 10% with newsletter sign up. https:/… Read more
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Good info. I wonder what that adapter is doing to generate the needed 12V standby (ATX standby is only 5V).


All the more reason to avoid it. Power supplies are one of the first things to go bad (alongside hard disks, but at least they're all standard). Those Precisions have some modular wiring looms in them but the board connections are all standard, on later Precisions T3600/5600, etc. they made them proprietary again, to do with dual-redundant PSUs but I think we all know why they did. I wish they hadn't done this. I don't like adapters as you've probably seen with people building bad mining rigs or using overpowered GPUs, it doesn't take a lot to melt a cable.

greenalien1 dell 24 pin to 8 pin adapter not sure if the psu would actually fit inside tho as some after markets ones are slightly different sizes

TehJumpingJawa〈=en-us "Power connector: Mini-Tower, Small Form Factor one 8-pin. one 4-pin, one 6-pin, connector" Good luck attaching an ATX power supply to that! Looks like a 12V only PSU. 3.3V & 5V are thus generated on the motherboard, then passed out to the devices (via the 6 [actually 5] pin connector) There may well be variants of the Dell 9020 mini-tower that don't use this proprietary power layout, but all the examples I've found use the above. Moreover ITZOO make no claim as to the precise configuration of what they're selling.


Sorry, wrong thread, thought it was a toaster. :o

Refurbished i5 3570 8gb RAM 500gb HDD win 10 desktop 12 months warranty from itzoo £119.99...possibly 10% off code
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
Great price for a still capable little desktop unit. Possible 10% off for signing up for newsletter and using code THANKS10

Oh Yeah! Saved £10. Thanks for reply.


Windows 7 Pro licence will translate to a 10 Pro licence


Just incase this helps anyone, I've just activated my Windows 10 and used the "Windows 7 Pro" licence sticker and it appears that the Microsoft have updated the os to the Pro version of Windows 10 (but I didn't pay the £10 extra for Pro.) Will they downgrade or say that I've used the wrong product activation as the refurbished sticker on the case is for Windows 10 home version?


Got mine just now and can't get the lid off. The clip is wrapped around the grille at the back. Where's my hammer?


Thanks JimJim, just a quick update. It worked!! May encourage anyone else that wants to have a try. Even with just the vga cable it works (display port adapter hasn't arrived yet.) It seems that I must have the upgraded (400 rather than the intel 200) integrated graphics on the mother board. A little bit and trial and error and quite a lot of persistence. Now just need to learn how to boot into Mac Os without the USB stick attached, and then how to dual boot with the original 500gb HD with Windows 10. P :)

Dell Optiplex 3010 Refurb with Dell Warranty till 2020 £319.99 @ Itzoo
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
Grade: A Grade Refurbished Brand & Model: Dell Optiplex 3050 D11S SFF Processor: Intel i5-6500 3.2GHz Screen: N/A Memory: 8GB 2400MHZ DDR4 Storage: 256G… Read more

As someone has said, it’s a problem with Windows needing an update before using the code. You’re provided with clear instructions in an email when you buy the kit. I didn’t read them first time round. I emailed them and they phoned me within an hour to explain what to do.


I've found with a couple of these PC's that you need to ensure that all Windows 10 updates are installed before entering the activation code.


Ordered one of these this summer, cheap enough, arrived and wouldn't accept Windows 10 code I was given to update ... Emailed Itzoo and had no response from them at all & neither did Paypal who eventually refunded me in the end and I got to keep the tower ... Wouldn't touch Itzoo with a barge pole again!!


problem with sff is that upgrading it will be a pain. CPU is 2 gens old also so gotta take this into account too


*Update Comes down to 315 with the discount code*

(back in stock) Refurb - DELL T3610 Tower PC HEX XEON 3.5GHZ 32GB WIN 10 PRO - £409.99 @ Itzoo
Found 4th AugFound 4th Aug
Possible further 10% off with code THANKS10 Grade: A Grade Refurbished Mid-Tower PC Brand & Model: Dell Precision T3610 : Model D01T Processor: Intel HEX CORE XEON… Read more

It has 12 months warranty, another stupid comment form you.


The point is simple. Time = money. If you need this sort of machine for actual paid word, spend the money on something with a warrenty, If it's just a toy, then feel free to buy this deal.


Talking more trash now, show us where to better spend the money like you said.


IT's not just about the price, it's the whole package that is important to make something a deal. If you require this sort of machine for work, then your work doesn't pay enough to do it properly, there is an issue.


It's a deal site, and you said money better spent elsewhere . Should us where is a deal that is better than this?

Refurbished Dell Optiplex 7010 16gb RAM, 128gb SSD (refurbished) - £239.99 @ ITZOO
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
A really solid general purpose PC that is rock solid. The SSD is a bit small but other than that it's a bargain. If you sign up to their mailing list you get a voucher code that ge… Read more

These can be had for £216 atm, with THANKS10. This needs unexpiring.


And they'll probably have hundreds if them still untouched in boxes just because they had to use or lose their budget 6 years ago.


Probably the deployed OS image and badly developed applications running on them more than the PC hardware. I've supported many of the 7010's and older 790 Optiplex desktops and the hardware itself is rock solid reliable and plenty fast enough for office use.


It might have a double 2.5" drive caddy, bought a 7010 sff a while ago that had a 320gb 2.5" drive then I added a 120gb ssd. Looks like this one - (editred link for a uk one)


Looks like this is the manual here: link

Refurbished Dell Computer 9020 SFF i7-4770 3.40GHz 16GB - £299.99 (extra 10% discount off the listed price with the newsletter sign up discount code) @ ITZOO or Dell 9020 i7-4790 (credit to CAL23 for spotting it) with R7 250GB 2GB £319.99
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
i7-4790 with Radeon Graphics R7 250 2GB: £319.99 (C… Read more
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Ha ha ha ha. What? With that pathetic PSU? Wouldn't even dream of it.


Yes it does power up first time. most important rule at carboot, don't believe what they tell you. the seller inflated the spec, saying it was 8gb ram. I had to check inside and it wasn't what he told me. so in the end I haggle it down from £30 to £18.


Lol doubt it helped though software developers need time to get the most of stuff like that. At least now cores are starting to become mainstream in usage. Brings AMD back into the game. Already they’ve got in front of Intel when it comes to multitasking across cores. Single threaded tasks need improving.


Does anyone have recommendations on good SFF power supplies? As dell are only around 180 - 240W?


Hyperthreading was available in my pentium 4 but I don’t think it helped lol.

Dell optiplex SFF with 16gb RAM, i7-3770 and RADEON HD6450-1024MB DVI + DISPLAY PORT £239.99 (Refurbished) @ ITZOO
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
I've always found these PC's to be rock solid. With a 9299 cpu index, 16Gb of RAM and Video card capable of supporting 2560x1600 with a display port adaptor this price is a bit of … Read more

if anyone (like me) is looking for a Low Profile 1050ti to put in this machine then I have now found a couple of options which are not priced too much higher than the non-LP varients I went with the Zotac as it is supposed to be slightly smaller in length and space is at a premium in this case hope this helps someone!


Back in stock at the original Price. Can a MOD unexpire this?


Glad to help :)


The cable sorted the problem by the way thanks @Lexeus think it was down the cheap Display port cable. I got a refund for it too :p the DVI to HDMi works perfectly now. PC is working fine! and so fast by the way.. grab one people (y)


Back in stock

Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2 64GB Wi-Fi & Cellular 9.7" A1567 Space Grey - £252 with 10% signup discount @ ITZOO
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2 64GB Wi-Fi & Cellular 9.7" A1567 Space Grey Was looking for an apple tablet for the wife and came across this. Yes I know its a refurb however I'v… Read more

i have one of these, great device. seems good price when compared to apple store.


Same here, I love my Air2. Got the Dixons deal yesterday with an OLD nexus 7, loving apple pencil for note taking ;)


Agreed, the laminated display on the Air 2 is much better than the 2017/2018 models, far less reflection and there has been no change in resolution with the latest models. I work for an iOS development company who produce business apps for iPad's and Android (although we found iOS has been far more successful in the corporate world). I've been using my Air 2 daily since launch (Oct 2014) and still find no real issues with performance. I may consider an upgrade to the 2018 iPad for pencil support - especially for testing but there has been no temptation to upgrade to the 2017 model. I think I have an old iPad 1 in the cupboard and a Galaxy Tab, may be time to upgrade one of those to the 2018 model! Heat added!


2017 ipad doesn't have the same laminated display as the air 2. To be honest, if you have any working tablet that's less than 7 years old then Currys will give you £50 off the 2018 ipad that has apple pencil compatibility. £269 plus TopCashback (or £10+ in avios) for a new 32gb


These are perhaps better value: 2017 32GB @ £239 2017 128GB @ £299 Directly refurbished from Apple.

Refurb Grade A HP Elitebook 820 G1 12.5" Laptop i5-4300U 180GB SSD Window 10 Carry Case Sign up for 10% off £209.99 @ Itzoo
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
HP Elitebook 820 G1 12.5" Laptop i5-4300U 180GB SSD Window 10 Carry Case Refurb Grade A Laptop Yes I know its not exactly the latest and greatest. HOWEVER I bought one of these f… Read more

We had these in work for a free years, good machines, but using Lenovo x270 now and much prefer it.


Not a bad price - perfect for the kids to do their homework on it! Have some heat.


Well, if you want to stuff a 1TB SSD in one of these be my guest! Jokes aside I run a 256GB (or 128 on some) for OS and 500GB for other stuff (media) that I might want when travelling, things I don't want to blow the SSD space on. I think calling it a '4 year old laptop' is doing it a disservice, it is 4 years old (or 1-2 in the case of the G3) but they have barely changed, performance is good, battery life is good, slim, light and super-durable: these are for all intents, proper business-grade ultrabooks. To be honest, Dell are my number 1 manufacturer as well, all my other machines are Dell, but the HP 820 has really changed my opinion of them. As to drivers, Windows 10 picks up just about everything itself, all I recommend for the HP is the touchpad driver as the 'PalmCheck' thing is really annoying and disables the touchpad for 2-3 seconds if you are typing. Also, to anyone consider the G3, it is slimmer, lighter and has B&O sound but (and it's a big one) they changed the design and the base now needs 11 screws removed, so it's vastly harder to open up, takes the HP slim pin charger (weaker design), runs DDR4 (good or bad) and will not easily accept SSD and HDD. Therefore the G2 may be the best option as it improves on the G1 but still has the single screwless service hatch.


Good points well made, but who needs an SSD and a separate HDD in 2018?! If you’re a power user looking at that sort of internal space requirement, you definitely won’t be looking at 4 year old refurbs! The Lenovo trackpad is awful, I’ll give you that! After 10 years of battling with these types of laptops for about 2000 users, the Dell would be my pick every time. Things like driver support are a world above HP and Lenovo


The Latitude E7240 is pretty good but only has an mSATA bay whereas the HP will take HDD and SSD - I only have some E7440 which are obviously bigger hit still really good. The Dell lids are a bit dent-prone too. The Lenovo X240 (and T440) has the worst touchpad ever, it’s this odd thing where the entire surface clicks down but you probably know that, I and many others couldn’t get on with it. HP offer an IPS and FHD panel but the stock one is not great (it’s usable though).

Refurbished Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF i7 3770 3.4GHz 16GB 128GB SSD Windows 10 £252 with discount @ ITZOO
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
Grade: A Grade Refurbished Desktop Brand & Model: Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF Processor: Intel i7-3770 3.40GHz Screen: N/A Memory: 16GB DDR3 Storag… Read more

Very old. But people see the i7 thinking it is the same i7 today :)


My 9010 arrived from the eBay listing today (£199) and is pretty much mint bar the feet. Don't really need a GPU with the 2 built in Display ports but can always fit one down the line. £11 on a pro license and it's great for a windows server / media center machine.


Mine is the same although I am happy with DVI and Display Port. Mine cam with the Mini Wireless adaptor (which is now offered free til the end of the month) despite me ordering it the day before the offer started. Impressions so far is that the machine is clean (inside and out), Windows activation smooth, and incredibly quick (I was upgrading from a tiny Dell square box thing which contained an Atom chip but which has worked superbly).


I've tried that but you cant get into the bios unless you connect to the Radeon because you need video display The only way I could get it to work was pull out the Radeon now I can use the onboard graphics card but looking at the Radeon card I can't work out what model it is. If anyone has any idea how to identify from looking at it?


Have a look at the bios, I think you can select display output from there.

Grade A Dell 7010 desktop £289.99 on pre order  at ITZOO
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
a while ago something very similar got a very good reception on here. This has just popped up in my emails and I am looking for a decent, reasonable new desktop to replace … Read more

no there is another power socket and connector on the MB


Thanks, good to know a 3.5 will fit. Did you have to use a splitter or anything to power it? I've seem mention of this elsewhere...



Awesome, thanks for confirming. I assume it's another 2.5" drive? If so, any idea is there's a limit on the thickness of the drive that could be added?


Glad it's got a graphics card, even a weak one. I recently found out that ivybridge integrated graphics won't output a 4k signal. I went with something haswell in the end but even then the integrated graphics aren't great for 60fps 4k 2D office work under linux!

REFURB: HP ELITEBOOK 820 G1 12.5" LAPTOP I5-4310U 180GB SSD WINDOW 10 CARRY CASE - £207 with code @ IT ZOO
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
Seems like a decent price for a ssd laptop. £20 off if you don’t need Windows 10. Use code: SPRING10 for 10% off.

"Subscribe To Our Newsletter Now and Get 10% Discount - use it today or save it for later!". This should also be possible..


Maybe a project for a Hackintosh?


Oops sorry - will update if the moderators haven’t already.


It's used, refurb. Not mentioned in title or description