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Dell optiplex SFF with 16gb RAM, i7-3770 and RADEON HD6450-1024MB DVI + DISPLAY PORT £239.99 (Refurbished) @ ITZOO
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
I've always found these PC's to be rock solid. With a 9299 cpu index, 16Gb of RAM and Video card capable of supporting 2560x1600 with a display port adaptor this price is a bit of … Read more

if anyone (like me) is looking for a Low Profile 1050ti to put in this machine then I have now found a couple of options which are not priced too much higher than the non-LP varients I went with the Zotac as it is supposed to be slightly smaller in length and space is at a premium in this case hope this helps someone!


Back in stock at the original Price. Can a MOD unexpire this?


Glad to help :)


The cable sorted the problem by the way thanks @Lexeus think it was down the cheap Display port cable. I got a refund for it too :p the DVI to HDMi works perfectly now. PC is working fine! and so fast by the way.. grab one people (y)


Back in stock

Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2 64GB Wi-Fi & Cellular 9.7" A1567 Space Grey - £252 with 10% signup discount @ ITZOO
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2 64GB Wi-Fi & Cellular 9.7" A1567 Space Grey Was looking for an apple tablet for the wife and came across this. Yes I know its a refurb however I'v… Read more

i have one of these, great device. seems good price when compared to apple store.


Same here, I love my Air2. Got the Dixons deal yesterday with an OLD nexus 7, loving apple pencil for note taking ;)


Agreed, the laminated display on the Air 2 is much better than the 2017/2018 models, far less reflection and there has been no change in resolution with the latest models. I work for an iOS development company who produce business apps for iPad's and Android (although we found iOS has been far more successful in the corporate world). I've been using my Air 2 daily since launch (Oct 2014) and still find no real issues with performance. I may consider an upgrade to the 2018 iPad for pencil support - especially for testing but there has been no temptation to upgrade to the 2017 model. I think I have an old iPad 1 in the cupboard and a Galaxy Tab, may be time to upgrade one of those to the 2018 model! Heat added!


2017 ipad doesn't have the same laminated display as the air 2. To be honest, if you have any working tablet that's less than 7 years old then Currys will give you £50 off the 2018 ipad that has apple pencil compatibility. £269 plus TopCashback (or £10+ in avios) for a new 32gb


These are perhaps better value: 2017 32GB @ £239 2017 128GB @ £299 Directly refurbished from Apple.

Refurb Grade A HP Elitebook 820 G1 12.5" Laptop i5-4300U 180GB SSD Window 10 Carry Case Sign up for 10% off £209.99 @ Itzoo
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
HP Elitebook 820 G1 12.5" Laptop i5-4300U 180GB SSD Window 10 Carry Case Refurb Grade A Laptop Yes I know its not exactly the latest and greatest. HOWEVER I bought one of these f… Read more

We had these in work for a free years, good machines, but using Lenovo x270 now and much prefer it.


Not a bad price - perfect for the kids to do their homework on it! Have some heat.


Well, if you want to stuff a 1TB SSD in one of these be my guest! Jokes aside I run a 256GB (or 128 on some) for OS and 500GB for other stuff (media) that I might want when travelling, things I don't want to blow the SSD space on. I think calling it a '4 year old laptop' is doing it a disservice, it is 4 years old (or 1-2 in the case of the G3) but they have barely changed, performance is good, battery life is good, slim, light and super-durable: these are for all intents, proper business-grade ultrabooks. To be honest, Dell are my number 1 manufacturer as well, all my other machines are Dell, but the HP 820 has really changed my opinion of them. As to drivers, Windows 10 picks up just about everything itself, all I recommend for the HP is the touchpad driver as the 'PalmCheck' thing is really annoying and disables the touchpad for 2-3 seconds if you are typing. Also, to anyone consider the G3, it is slimmer, lighter and has B&O sound but (and it's a big one) they changed the design and the base now needs 11 screws removed, so it's vastly harder to open up, takes the HP slim pin charger (weaker design), runs DDR4 (good or bad) and will not easily accept SSD and HDD. Therefore the G2 may be the best option as it improves on the G1 but still has the single screwless service hatch.


Good points well made, but who needs an SSD and a separate HDD in 2018?! If you’re a power user looking at that sort of internal space requirement, you definitely won’t be looking at 4 year old refurbs! The Lenovo trackpad is awful, I’ll give you that! After 10 years of battling with these types of laptops for about 2000 users, the Dell would be my pick every time. Things like driver support are a world above HP and Lenovo


The Latitude E7240 is pretty good but only has an mSATA bay whereas the HP will take HDD and SSD - I only have some E7440 which are obviously bigger hit still really good. The Dell lids are a bit dent-prone too. The Lenovo X240 (and T440) has the worst touchpad ever, it’s this odd thing where the entire surface clicks down but you probably know that, I and many others couldn’t get on with it. HP offer an IPS and FHD panel but the stock one is not great (it’s usable though).

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Refurbished Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF i7 3770 3.4GHz 16GB 128GB SSD Windows 10 £252 with discount @ ITZOO
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
Grade: A Grade Refurbished Desktop Brand & Model: Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF Processor: Intel i7-3770 3.40GHz Screen: N/A Memory: 16GB DDR3 Storag… Read more

Very old. But people see the i7 thinking it is the same i7 today :)


My 9010 arrived from the eBay listing today (£199) and is pretty much mint bar the feet. Don't really need a GPU with the 2 built in Display ports but can always fit one down the line. £11 on a pro license and it's great for a windows server / media center machine.


Mine is the same although I am happy with DVI and Display Port. Mine cam with the Mini Wireless adaptor (which is now offered free til the end of the month) despite me ordering it the day before the offer started. Impressions so far is that the machine is clean (inside and out), Windows activation smooth, and incredibly quick (I was upgrading from a tiny Dell square box thing which contained an Atom chip but which has worked superbly).


I've tried that but you cant get into the bios unless you connect to the Radeon because you need video display The only way I could get it to work was pull out the Radeon now I can use the onboard graphics card but looking at the Radeon card I can't work out what model it is. If anyone has any idea how to identify from looking at it?


Have a look at the bios, I think you can select display output from there.

Grade A Dell 7010 desktop £289.99 on pre order  at ITZOO
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
a while ago something very similar got a very good reception on here. This has just popped up in my emails and I am looking for a decent, reasonable new desktop to replace … Read more

no there is another power socket and connector on the MB


Thanks, good to know a 3.5 will fit. Did you have to use a splitter or anything to power it? I've seem mention of this elsewhere...



Awesome, thanks for confirming. I assume it's another 2.5" drive? If so, any idea is there's a limit on the thickness of the drive that could be added?


Glad it's got a graphics card, even a weak one. I recently found out that ivybridge integrated graphics won't output a 4k signal. I went with something haswell in the end but even then the integrated graphics aren't great for 60fps 4k 2D office work under linux!

REFURB: HP ELITEBOOK 820 G1 12.5" LAPTOP I5-4310U 180GB SSD WINDOW 10 CARRY CASE - £207 with code @ IT ZOO
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
Seems like a decent price for a ssd laptop. £20 off if you don’t need Windows 10. Use code: SPRING10 for 10% off.

"Subscribe To Our Newsletter Now and Get 10% Discount - use it today or save it for later!". This should also be possible..


Maybe a project for a Hackintosh?


Oops sorry - will update if the moderators haven’t already.


It's used, refurb. Not mentioned in title or description

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Refurbished HP Z230 WORKSTATION XEON E3-1225 3.20Ghz 100GB SSD 500GB SATA Windows 10 Pro £192 @ ItZoo
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
HP Z230 WORKSTATION XEON E3-1225 3.20Ghz 100GB SSD 500GB SATA Windows 10 Pro £192 after discount code HP20 Sorry about the Chromebook which sold out in seconds. This might appeal… Read more

graphic NVIDIA NVS 310 512MB who call it workstation ?!


In my previous posts, including the very one you quoted you can see me state for most people this CPU is fine (even including a car analogy...) so I'm not sure what you're getting at. You are obviously included in "most people". In my original post I also stated that people won't find a better deal at this given price point...? I'll assume you're misunderstanding the nature of my previous posts which were purely informative which to summarise in basic terms: it's an old CPU, it will do normal tasks fine, good deal for most people at this price point but there are better options if you spend more. To be crystal clear when I say most people, anyone who is not a power user is definitely included in most. Side note: Your understanding/analysis of what calculations are used for & computer performance is misguided. I'll spare you the detailed explanation to why but from my perspective this is very painful to read.


Thanks Jeremy, Had a go but couldnt. Will expire post.


Fair enough, might be worth doing a quick edit and pasting this as the image link then


Yes they release new versions all the time. Strangely I have a 10 year old computer with an SSD drive in it and it doesnt do anything much different to my 2 year old computer. Switch it on in Windows 10 and both look the same. Maybe my new computer can work out quadratic equations a few milliseconds faster. Ive never tried. Like 90% of the population I browse the internet, watch Youtube, take the occasional look at Facebook, upload photos and send emails. In fact I am sure my 15 year old computer in the shed will do all this adequately too. I have little interest in Specs but for the money I think this HP Z230 is a steal for your average user. As a small Office Workstation I am sure it will be adequate for some.

Dell Chromebook 11 (3120) 11.6" Celeron N2840 2.16Ghz 16GB HDMI Webcam £79.99. ((£72 after discount) - ITZOO
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Grade A refurbished chromebook. Reviews here :- Great for browsing, Youtube, HUKD etc.

Mine also came very quickly.


Chromebook arrived today. It's mint & I'm well pleased with it, thanks for posting. It also had 4GB of RAM - I was expecting the standard poverty-spec 2GB!


Looks like an excellent site


Sorry, FORNEWCUSTOMER was the code and guess there wasnt many in stock. Will expire shortly. If you look around the site theres lots of other bargains. Code works for all as far as I know.


Definitely OOS now.

Refurbished (Grade A) Dell 3020 SFF Desktop i5 4590 3.30Ghz 500GB windows 10 £169.99 (less 10% if the code NEWCUSTOMER still works) @ ITZOO
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Seems to be good value. Only 4GB RAM but should not be too much to add some more.

Forget warranty etc codes work sometimes




More ram needed,Quite expensive.


Do they come with 12 months warranty included? I am sure better deals can be had with patience and a bit of luck. Just like with purchasing most things. Perhaps not as good a deal as the 9020 systems from ITZOO. The code, if it works, will take £17 off. £153 for a system which is ready to go, seems good with a legit Windows 10 Home Premium 64bit license.


The processor goes for about 70 quid on ebay, so the £100 left over would be more than enough to cover the rest of the parts in this system. Sorry but it's cold from me. You can get exact same setup but with 4gb more ram for cheaper returbs on ebay.

A Grade Refurbished Desktop -  Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF Desktop PC i7-4790 3.60GHz 16GB Windows 10 with code NEWCUSTOMER £292.50 - ITZOO
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Grade: A Grade Refurbished Desktop Brand & Model: Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF Processor: Intel i7-4790 3.60GHz Screen: N/A Memory: 16GB DDR3 Storage: 500GB Sata Hard Drive Opt… Read more
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Probably only had one then... expired.


Now out of stock.


heat for username (excited)

Refurbished (Grade A) HP Elite 8200 Desktop PC Core i5 3.10Ghz, 8GB, 250GB Windows 10 £119.99 @ ITZOO
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
10% off if you sign up to the Itzoo newsletter. Nearest price for something similar is £199.90 at MicroDream (only 4GB RAM, but Windows 10 Pro and WiFi).. Other Itzoo options: … Read more
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It’s well know in the industry, MS wants everyone in the 10 platform or equivalent Server Versions going forward the only problem with 10 is the constant updates.


Thanks, I found that the Windows 7 Pro OA code on the older sticker worked when I clicked 'Change Product Key' in Windows Activation. It appears to now have an activated version of Windows 10 Pro.


My 8200 has USB 2.0 ports.


8300 has 4 USB 3.0 ports which they don't mention. Does the 8200? It will be a quicker CPU of course but not a huge difference.


got 8300 elite and its a perfect hackintosh. just needed to upgrade the graphics. is it much diff between 8200 and 8300?

Refurb HP Prodesk 400 G1 SFF PC Core i3 4130 3.4Ghz 1TB Win 10 Home £112.99 -  ITZOO
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
I'd appreciate your thoughts on this desktop PC. It is a refurb - but 1TB and 4GB and and a i3 processor. Included a further 10% discount for signing up to newsletter. I am loo… Read more
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Worth of boast worlds


Why would you want to? Been aware of hackintosh for a while and have a laptop that meets the specs - but why?


Guys You know your stuff. Can you advise a cheap graphic card that would output HDMI and can be stuck into this, obviously Hackintosh compatible This way I could bump graphic and not have to worry about DVI businesses


Lol you are correct, it's way before my time, I was still in school back then.


Thanks will order one then...

Refurbished Dell Latitude E7240 Laptop i7 4600U 2.1Ghz 256GB SSD Window 10 - IT Zoo - £244.99
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
I'd really appreciate everones thoughts on this laptop. It seems a really good, tough machine, and at a reasonable price too - complete with a 1 year warranty. Included the 10% d… Read more
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Bought similar e7240 i7/8gb in very good condition it's blazing fast and no problems whatsoever.


Benchmarks dont lie. There is hardly any difference in the 2 processors. I would pick the ssd and the i5 over that i7 plus £45 in the bank. The i5 2500 is still popular with gamers. Who ever buys this latop is wanting something fast to turn on (ssd) and be able to browse and use word documents. If you wanted to say anything to differentiate the 2 laptops it would be the e7240 has a full hd screen. But you see its tft. I used these laptops with work. Each to their own but I know that e6420 would out perform this e7240 as that i7 is not very good.


Second gen i5, even older than this deal. I used a E6420 for work a few years back, they are a dust magnet and really hard to clean.


That thing is prehistoric - look at it! 2nd Gen i5

whopaysrrp i5, 8gb ram and ssd £205

Core i5 refurbished laptop from itzoo... £189 with code NEWCUSTOMER
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Grade: A Grade Refurbished Laptop Brand & Model: Lenovo T440s Processor: Intel i5 4th Generation 4300U 1.90GHz Screen: 14" FHD (1920 X 1080) Memory: 8GB Sto… Read more
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I'd use a different benchmark first. First it says 'performing as expected' then it says its 'slow' etc. The benchmark doesn't seem to make any sense itself. Use something like Cinebench R15.


I had one of those for work. It got ‘broken’ and they gave me something better. Awful.


I so want this - but don't need it, I'd need to replace 6 of them and at this price it's rude not to! 1080p wins the deal too!


Lenovo figured that one out after getting mass complaints from corporate customers, including me. I did get a private admission from the area manager that they knew they'd screwed up. Hence the W541 which appeared a few months later with proper buttons on the same dumb trackpad for the really important workstation customers. They really didn't sort it out properly until the x60 series.


Actually, the backlit keyboards on the T440/T540p are quite tricky as they've hidden the mounting screws behind the keys and you have to slide the front of the keyboard to get at the screws underneath. You're meant to use a special tool, but any flatheaded screwdriver can do but might (will) scratch things a bit. Stupid design. Speaking of stupid designs... That all on one click trackpad is a total joke and makes using the touchpoint almost impossible. Either Lenovo do zero user testing during design or some project manager who never uses a touchpoint was really stubborn. Anyway, sorted on my T540p by buying an 'unofficial' proper 3 button trackpad from Ebay. Problem with the 'unofficial' bit is that there aren't really drivers for it. The generic ones work fine, but Win10 insists on downloading and installing the newest (i.e. wrong) one. More stupid design choices, this time Microsoft's.

Refurbished Dell 7010 USFF PC i5-3470S 2.90GHz 8GB ***128GB SSD*** DVD Windows 10 £144 with NEWCUSTOMER @ ITZOO
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
Been a month since I posted this & it went OOS. Now back in stock at the new low price of £144 with code NEWCUSTOMER. ***128GB SSD*** This is Grade B (badly scratched case) but… Read more
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Don't give them ideas!


I have got very similar with MSI GTX 1050Ti 4GT LP 4GB. All with only 250w psu. Works great.


Missed it again! OOS


Heat for the deal, I'd almost want to price up a similar spec'd build...



Refurbished 21" all in one computer, I5 processor, 8 gb Ram, keyboard, mouse and free delivery - £129 @ ITZOO
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Spotted this earlier whilst browsing..they are all refurbished stock but come with 12 months warrantee and free delivery.. currently have loads of stock and varying models and pric… Read more
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after updating windows the key worked.




The case is plastic with a metal stand


Windows key on the keyboard.. Cannias k if you could really about the general condition of the kit and if you are happy and is the case made out of plastic or metal


mine came today but the windows key doesnt work :/

Refurbished Dell E7440 Laptop Core i7/16GB/256GB SSD Window 10 Pro £279.99 (With code: NEWCUSTOMER) at ITZOO
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
A few generations old on the processor. But seems an amazing deal apart from that. Has Windows 10 Pro, plus an SSD and back lit keyboard. Code gives £30 off list price.

No not really, but then again I've not used it for 2 hours continuously. Max was an hour.


Got same one. Battery life not great tho lasts about 2hrs. Also noticed laptop gets very hot at the base and side vents! Any similar problems with yours?


Bought the i7 with 256gb ssd worked out at £298 with 2 day delivery charge.


:( Bad luck the grade C was sent to me


I'm glad that my first ever posted deal has worked out for those who were quick enough :) Must be lightning fast with those specs!

Refurb (A Grade) Dell 9020 SFF i7 4790 16GB RAM Radeon R7 250 2GB Graphics 12 months warranty £292.50 @ ITZOO with code NEWCUSTOMER
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
15th March 1645: 250GB HDD version £319.99 less 10% with code:… Read more
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I am using the hdmi port on the graphics card and not the motherboard.


probably silly but are you using the right Display Port? Theres some near top then ones you need are further down near bottom


Well I removed the old graphics card and got a GeForce Gtx 1050i LP but I am getting no signal to the monitor fans are spinning on the 1050i anyone have any idea what could be the problem


I ran both the steam and oculus tests and have been approved as ready for both. The CPU was in the recommened range and the 1050ti gave a 'met minimum response'. If you look at YT videos people are running Hive/Rift VR with a 1050ti at low settings and the performance seems decent. This guy is running it wish just a 1050 (non-ti)! I have been running PUBG on high settings (low shadows) to test and it runs fine. Got a kill and an 8th place on my first go (I know the game well as I've got a lot of time in on XB1). I will be dropping the settings to competitive but the point is it works well as 1080p gaming machine. Even overclocked my GPU by 50mhz (100% fan speed over 70C) and it is running fine when in game. I need to try more games out, but I am very happy. Remember its small form factor. 1050ti low profile, one 3.5" hard drive, one SSD, and the existing slimline DVD drive is the most you will get out of this build without getting a new case/PSU.


Ok Thank you. (y)

Refurbished HP Prodesk 400 G1 MT Core i5 4570 3.2Ghz 500GB Windows 10 @ ITZOO £161.99 (10% off with NEWCUSTOMER)
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
DESCRIPTION Grade: A Grade Refurbished Desktop Brand & Model: HP Pro Desk 400 G1 MT Processor: Intel i5 4th Generation 4570 3.2GHz Screen: N/A Memory: 1… Read more

There is a home edition that authorised refurb companies can put on with a corresponding COA sticker. Big companies buying this hardware won't need a pre installed OS as they'll be reimaging it straight away upon receipt.




Can it play crysis on max? (highfive)


So the normal update (free) would have been Windows 10 Pro.


perfect price

Dell P190S 19" Professional Flat Panel LCD Monitor, Refurb, £29.75 Delivered With Code 15OFF (This Weekend Only - Selected Items, Listed In Thread) @ ITZOO
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
ITZOO have 15% off selected products this weekend - see Post #1 for the others :) (discount code 15OFF - code works on certain items, this weekend only) Grade: A Grade B… Read more
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Widescreen is actually very useful particularly for big Excel spreadsheets. It's not the aspect ratio that's key here though - it's the resolution - 1280 when it should be 1920 or more is very limiting.


Widescreen is less than ideal for anything other than watching films though IMO. Bring back 4:3 for monitors, and matte screens while you're at it ;)


Yeah I had a DVI to HDMI adaptor with my last monitor, easy to pick up and didn't cost much. Think it's the resolution most people don't like. Not really an expert where monitors are concerned - would do for a really old system, a crude surveillance camera setup, server or something.


Most modern monitors come with HDMI sockets these days and not everyone may be aware that DVI and HDMI are basically the same. It just needs an adaptor or suitable cable. I discovered the a few years back. I don't get why these monitors are unpopular either, as my colleagues and I prefer these in a multi-monitor setup compared to a single larger extra-wide screen monitor when doing coding. But it may be because it is what we are used to also.


Cos there's been so many sarcastic comments on here I didn't think it was a genuine question - ordinarily I try to reply...woops :) Sorry.