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Apple Mac Mini 5,2 A1347 Core i5 2.30Ghz 8GB 500GB at ITZoo for £216
Found 16 h, 47 m agoFound 16 h, 47 m ago
Apple Mac Mini 5,2 A1347 Core i5 2.30Ghz 8GB 500GB Grade: A- Grade Refurbished Mac Minor Scratches to Case Brand & Model: Apple Mac Mini 5,2 A1347 Processor: Intel i5 2415M … Read more

No it’s not a late 2012, defo can’t be updated anymore unfortunately


Yours should support Mojave just fine if it’s a “Late 2012” model. It’s on Apple’s supported hardware list. The bigger question is why would you want to upgrade to Mojave? For me Mojave (and its default APFS format for SSDs) is a pain, especially as DiskWarrior can’t currently repair APFS volumes. People often think latest is best but this isn’t always the case, particularly with regard to older hardware, and if your setup works for you right now my advice is don’t update simply for the sake of it.


Yep, depending what version hardware. Not too bad so long as your BT and WiFi is supported. Biggest issue seems to be graphics and dark mode.


Lots of known issues


For those with unsupported Mojave Macs you might try this: Could be a pain when updates come out though.

Refurb Dell E7250 Laptop i5-5300U 2.3Ghz 8GB 256GB SSD £216 with code @ ITZOO 
Found 18 h, 43 m agoFound 18 h, 43 m ago
Discount code THANKS10. This is back in stock now at £9 more than last time. Old deal link below.… Read more

Sold out


This deal was up there several hours at Friday night. I was ordering while on the dance floor :D :p You just need to be quick cause these are deals like!


Tbh seems as if this place has a deal up every week that's sold out straight. Almost as if they're pushing deals they've never had stock off just to drive traffic to the website so people will overspend on other items since they can't get the deal :/


Sold out


One of the better Dell laptops I've had previously, well done if you managed to get one.

Dell (Grade A refurb) E7250 Laptop i5-5300U 8GB 256GB SSD £207 with code @ ITZoo
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
Discount code THANKS10
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You should have posted that deal! (party)


we sell these laptops out for £50 at our company once replaced


Got it from eBay. Did it for my E7250 and E7440 machines. Can’t find original link, it was a while back now.


Back in stock, check my other deal or go directly to ITZOO and use discount code. Slightly more expensive than last time.


Thanks - it’s just trying to find it

Refurbished Linx 1010B Intel Quad Core Windows 10 Black Tablet
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
Sign up to their newsletter to get a 10% off voucher to get this for £71.99 - FREE DELIVERY Grade: A Grade Refurbished Tablet + Protective Case Brand & Model: Linx 1010B Pro… Read more
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Hehehehehe, no problem, thanx for that. :-)


THANKS10 brings it down to £72 (can't crop properly on my tablet)


Showing as £79.99 on the site, unless I'm missing something ...


Hahahahahahahaha, and me too. :-D


Had mine over 2 year, still going strong. Only use it for youtube, emails and HotUKDeals of course. Using it to make this comment.

Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
Grade: A- Grade Refurbished Laptop A- Screen Minor Keyboard Marks & Minor Scratches to lid Brand & Model: Lenovo Thinkpad X250 Processor: Intel i5 5th Generation 5300… Read more

Miukumauku to be precise




Finding @ is fun with Finnish keyboard Ctrl with Alt 2


I bought from ebay about month ago x230 for £108 with postage, best value laptop ever. It has backlit keyboard, still has old school thinklight too, i added another 4gb ram for £12, so its 8gb now, i5 2.6ghz, fingerprint reader and IPS screen. Seller didnt mention that it has IPS screen, nor did he say about backlit kayboard, has very minor faint marks on lid, keyboard and palmrest as new. Also i bought brand new ultrabase series 3 docking with brand new lenovo optical drive for £28 total. It has better colours than my daughters 2017 Macbook Air, honestly. All i could do is put ssd in, just waiting for great deal on samsung or crucial. Im in no rush as the 7200rpm hdd is still very fast, boots in win10 as quick as the macbook air.


Out of stock?

Refurb (grade A) Lenovo Thinkpad T430 Laptop I5 2.6Ghz 8Gb Win 10 Azerty Keyboard at ITZOO for £126 after code
Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
Grade: A- Grade Refurbished Minor Scratches to lid Brand & Model: Lenovo Thinkpad T430 Processor: Intel i5 3320M 2.6Ghz Screen: 14" HD+ 1600 x 900 Memo… Read more

(annoyed) not even DDR3L


oh im missed it :(


Sold out, shame. Would have made a nice back up!


I think that might be wrong.


Ordered thanks, will connect to a monitor and use as a desktop with wireless keyboard and mouse

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Apple iMac 21.5" 14,1 A1418 Core i5 2.7Ghz 1TB 10.11.2 OS - £297 @ ITZOO
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
Apple iMac 21.5" 14,1 A1418 Core i5 2.7Ghz 1TB 10.11.2 OS DESCRIPTION Grade: A- Grade Refurbished Minor Scratches to Case Brand & Model: Apple iMac 14,1 A1418 Processor: … Read more

I’ve just bidded on a keyboard/mouse on eBay genuine one probably looking around 50-60 for a good condition. New ones cost a fortune.


On standard delivery how quick has anyone recieved there's?


eBay will be the cheapest mate, not being sarcastic. You can often pick up a foreign original apple keyboard for a quarter of the price. Magic mouse and trackpad can often be got relatively cheap. You can buy em new and that'll be a quarter of what you just paid for the unit


yeah, obs, just wondered if there was somewhere other than ebay



Refurb Apple iMac 14,1 A1418 21.5" 1920 x 1080, i5 3330s 2.7Ghz, 8GB/1TB, GeForce GT640M, £297 With Code @ ITZOO
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
Edit 12th December: 13 available in stock again. 28 available at time of posting. THANKS10 (new customers) or FACEBOOK10 code takes it to £297 . I know zilch about iMacs so c… Read more

Back in stock it seems! (13 left).


Depends what your after, if its browsing then I am sure its fine, you might want to revise your thoughts on El Capitan though:


Great deal


Accepted, but it's still a very decent and capable CPU and with a very good OS with El Capitan, it's good enough


Not all i5's are the same, this is from 2012: ( 3rd gen, my laptop which I bought last year is 8th). This is the same lot that were selling i3 windows laptops for under 100 last week.

Lenovo Thinkpad T420 Laptop Core i5 8GB Windows 10 - £81 @ ITZOO [Used : Info Crack to LCD Plastic Bezel & Minor Wear to touch-pad]
Found 6th DecFound 6th Dec
Sign up to itzoo newsletter & get 10% discount code bringing this laptop down to £81 delivered
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Apparently the only type of laptop certified for use on the international space station.


+1 If ever theres a thermonuclear war, afterwards all that remains will be cockroaches and thinkpads. (highfive)


Broken=no longer working, therefore cracked =/= broken. Unless you can find a better machine for less, i dont really see why you're criticising this? Personally, i'd spend a bit more and get one in better nick, and stick in a cheap SSD, BUT if someones not that fussy about the odd crack in the plastic then it is (was) a great deal.


Had a t420 for 5 years , steel hinges , windows 7 core i5 , 1366x768 unfortunately , cost £130 off eBay , mint condition , recently bought a Lenovo mini dock for it £ 15 shipped eBay , brand new , ThinkPads last FOREVER x


*Cheap laptops professionally refurbished at ITZOO Bit of glue, acrylic paint and a professional furniture repair wizard could've made it as good as new.

Refurbished Lenovo Thinkcentre M91P i5 3.1GHZ 500GB Windows 10 £76.50@ ITZoo
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
As the earlier posted deal has sold out, this is the next best deal.  Grade: A- Grade Refurbished Desktop Minor Scratches  Brand & Model: Lenovo ThinkCentre M91P  Proces… Read more

What's the 10% off code?


Can this take a graphic card


Struggle? Nah mate, 2nd gen (Sandy Bridge) CPUs are way more capable than you might think. The HDD is the biggest bottleneck and as always it's an SSD that will make the single biggest difference to the performance and responsiveness, more so than RAM (sure, memory does matter but it's impact is less dramatic than storage type). There's a lot of mileage left in the early generations of Intel's Core i-series CPUs offering bargains-a-plenty for the canny buyer, and this would make a great 1080P play-it-all media centre/HTPC for the price.


It's exactly the same cpu and hdd as the sold out version, just has less ram which can be easily sorted.


Worse. At 4gb, 2nd gen CPU and HDD it's going to struggle to do anything more than basic office tasks and web browsing.

Refurbished Lenovo Thinkcentre M91P i5 3.1GHZ 8GB Windows 10 - £72 delivered @ Itzoo
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Grade: A- Grade Refurbished Desktop Minor Scratches Brand & Model: Lenovo ThinkCentre M91P Processor: Intel i5-2400 3.1GHZ Screen: N/A Memory: 8GB… Read more

Well as in the last 10 years we have never got any more than 1MB of net where we live as there is no fibre I dont think it would be an issue, BT told me the line can only handle a maximum of 2MB so these dongles are very good, can handle 10 times more than the BT line.


Good price while it lasted!


Id buy that now if it wasnt for the 24pin module in the way! Can you link me to the seller please.


Good price!


These cheapo cards won't work for anything above 20MB of net speed.

Lenovo Thinkcentre M91P Tower i5 3.10 Ghz Windows 10 - £79.99 delivered @ ITZOO (with code)
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Lenovo Thinkcentre M91P Tower i5 3.10 Ghz Windows 10 - £80 delivered. Grade: A- Grade Refurbished Tower Minor Scratches Brand & Model: Lenovo ThinkCentre M91P 7034-CT6 Pr… Read more

Something like this. He uses the smaller form models which restrict the gpu choice but others were replacing the psus. My son's pc is a small form factor one with 750ti (my old pc)


There are quite a few on ebay. I hace bought three pc's that way (mine, my son's and the one I keep at my parents') thid way. Ex corp and just upgrade gpu (and sometimes ram and processor). There are a few ebay videos on them. Main issue is real budget builders strip out the psu and put their own psu in to get an older and cheaper gpu. Modern gpus don't need a better power supply so are more expensive. I have yet to replace a psu and instead bought a workstation for my own pc which had a monster psu. So if you want to use a powerful gpu then you need to research the buult in psu and how easy it is to replace But if you are happy with a 750ti 1050 or 1050ti nvidia or rx460 rx560 amd you will be fine. I google games and graphics cards on youtube and you will ser benchmarks for them I will try and find the best video that shows how it is done


1. Absolutely. The processor still rocks. 2. Yes but you need a gpu see above posts!


I didn't unfortunately, they sold out pretty quickly. Will keep an eye out, maybe more units will come in.


Would this be any good for either two uses: 1. Use as an office pc. Running a lot of spreadsheets, viewing pdf, DWG and 3d models. Or 2. running for a kid to play online games on Roblox etc?

Refurbished Lenovo Thinkcentre M93P i5 2.9Ghz 8GB Windows 10 for £128 @ ITZOO
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
It isn't the newest, but seems good deal for used one. Specially using code for 20% drops £159.99 to ~£128 Code is good for many other items as well. Also as J4GG4 mentioned you … Read more

If you mean windows, pc have a sticker with key.


Thankyou. Did you have to activate it or did you do the other trick?


I did get 2, one tested, and PC didn't have any issue with it oposite to my breadband ;-)


Anyone bought this? How does it cope with youtube 4k?


I did some digging and found it does have AES-NI :D Would just need to add a USB network adapter that work with BSD - I have a couple I could have tried. Too bad it is OOS :(

Dell Latitude E5430 Laptop Used £89.99 @ ITZOO
Found 3rd DecFound 3rd Dec
i3 3120M 2.5GHZ 320GB Windows 10. Free delivery. Sign up to their newsletter and get a 10% discount code as well
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Hinge screws come out by themselves then snap and break the bezel, well worth removing bezel and adding thread locker to the hinge screws.


sold out


This has been at their store for some time along with the £79 one at least since Black Friday. Figured it must be pretty naff if no one bother to bite.


I’ve had bad expletives with old dell latitudes new never mind refurbished!!! Don’t waste your money


OOS. That’s the problem with ITZOO, you have to be quick as they sometimes only have 1 or 2 of certain models.

Grade B Refurb HP Elitebook 2570P 12.5" Laptop Windows 10 4GB RAM/320GB, DVDRW, 14" 1366x768, £89.99 @ ITZOO
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Neither THANKS10 (new customers) or FACEBOOK10 10% off codes work for this, so I assume there's a minimum spend requirement? Not sure what ITZOO's Grade Bs are like, but may be… Read more
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I'd recommend putting Cloudready Chrome OS in this. It would make a nice Chromebook.


Sold out for me too 😔


Ordered worth a punt at thid price. I need a small pc for travel. Thanks.


Adds to Basket okay at my end? :/


Everything is sold out!!

Grade A- Refurb Lenovo Thinkpad X250 Laptop Core i5 5300U 2.3GHz 8GB RAM 128GB SSD Windows 10 12.5" (1366 X 768), £171 With Code @ ITZOO
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
*Edit 10th December: This is BACK on a new web link, but FACEBOOK10 takes it to £18 more than before. Seems to be the same grade, A- but has a larger SSD.* See https://www.hotuk… Read more

This is BACK, but FACEBOOK10 takes it to £18 more than before. Seems to be the same grade, A- but has a larger SSD. 7 available at this link:


No particular seller, never auction, always buy it now... What i do is to send message asking if seller is willing to consider an offer... and most of the times private sellers are open to offers :)


Is there a particular dealer you use for these price? Or is it by auction? Never seen a decent x260 that low.




Ebay may be worth a look (though I'm a bit wary about some third-party sellers after SCC wouldn't let me do a return on a DOA machine). Not sure if ITZOO restock but doesn't hurt to bookmark it :)

Decent HannsG 19.5 inch monitor refurbished at ItZoo
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Hanns G HP205DJB 19.5" Widescreen LED Monitor 1600 x 900 HD+ DVI-D and VGA. Basic inbuilt speakers. Have bought 2. Perfect for some low spec systems ive built in my spare time. St… Read more

thank you, think I'll go for it then :D


Changed my mind. if you remove it from the stand you can rotate it to portrait. I just tried it. Windows would be able to rotate it for you then. I think it would be pretty good for portrait use


It doesn’t rotate on the stand it comes with. It looks like a vesa mount so you could probably remove it and use a mount. You could buy another monitor that rotates though.


Im in two minds of whether to get one to use as a second monitor for general pc use and use my 24" benq gl2450hm monitor for my ps4 gaming...


Ordered yesterday. Arrived today. A1 condition. Just remember these are only £24. They will go in no time. They dont have mega spec but are a very decent and very cheap monitor from Itzoo who I have found to be excellent too. The height and tilt mechanism is very good also. Its a 19.5 inch screen as stated so its not big see Bigbaks comment. If anyone can get a bigger screen for £24 in A1 condition with 12 months warranty please let me know.

Refurbished HP Elite 8300 Desktop PC Core i5 3470 3.20Ghz 500GB Windows 10 £139.99 @ ITZoo
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Hello, I'm looking for a PC solely for streaming games to Twitch. I will be playing the games on my Xbox, streaming the gameplay to (hopefully this) PC via the Xbox app, then stre… Read more
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30 days warranty lol Buy from an online store at least they have 12 months warranty


The case in the picture is the SFF (small form factor) version of the 8300. Yes you can use GTX cards however I believe they need to be of the low profile variety or they will not fit in the case.


anyone know what the motherboard is in this? would I be able to add a low end GTX 10 series graphics card for use playing Fortnite and similar at 1080p ?


You can get an the 8GB version for an extra tenner. I ordered one on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday. There's also 10% off with Thanks10 or Facebook10. Also worth noting that you get 12 months warranty with the ITZOO kit (unlike some other refurb sellers).


Helpful stuff thanks

Viglen AIO All In One (Used) PC Computer System 19" i5 win 10 £62.99 @ ItZoo
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
With code its £62.99 delivered if anyone needs a cheap computer. Pay with paypal for full protection. 64bit computer with Windows 10. A very well built strong bullet proof unit.

Weak is the wrong adjective for describing processor performance. Also the i5 2500 is a perfectly serviceable CPU; only marginally slower than the Ryzen 3 1200.


Poor competition to the RM One.


My 2nd PC was a Viglen 286 and a 10inch screen with a massive 40mb HDD. Fantastic...


Of course it was missing. The information was not there. You might think it obvious, but it should have been stated. And the missing information has now been added, to both the title and the description.


We use this as a toilet PC, touchscreen is indeed helpful (poo)

Grade A- Refurb Lenovo Thinkpad X260 20F6-S0M200 i7 6600U 16GB/256GB SSD Win 10 Backlit Keyboard 12.5" HD 1366x768, £342 With Code @ ITZOO
Found 10th NovFound 10th Nov
As ever, if THANKS10 (new customers) isn't working for you FACEBOOK10 will also take 10% off. £342 with code: Some reviews: (i5/8GB RAM, however - not sure if the ITZOO ver… Read more

Great small machine for the size, only downside is the low-res screen and the lack of type-C USB/Thunderbolt 3.


I think you read it wrong - I said I would have any screen marks as grade B or C - same as I wouldn't have screen marks as grade A.


You said you would have screen marks in your post. That’s why wondered if you meant wouldn’t?


Yes, I thought that was a strange grade as well. Never bought from ITZOO but as far as I know they get good feedback. I had an X200 from SCC Trade - though I also purchased an HP Elitebook (can't remember which one) which was "0GB" (bought an SSD and new AC Adapter in preparation) - totally DOA (I'd read HUKDers saying this was pretty much a dead cert that all it needed was a new HDD/SSD) - they refused to refund me, never purchased from them since.


In the eye of the beholder - I am used to a 4th gen i3 (IIRC) with a 23XX or 24XX score, which is relatively fast - anything above 2500 is fast enough & 4000++ is blistering for me. I don't do much intensive stuff & hey if a video transcode takes an hour or 2, so be it! Edit: 3rd gen just over 2300 actually EDIT2: Post me a link to an 8000 for sub £400 - keen to see that baby fly! :) EDIT3: OMG - they do exist - if this place it to be believed