Ivacy VPN LIFETIME Subscription @ $29.99 Works On Android, Windows, IOS, Roku.

Ivacy VPN LIFETIME Subscription @ $29.99 Works On Android, Windows, IOS, Roku.

Found 3rd Feb
Hi everyone, sop I have noticed so many VPN deals been posted recently which are getting lots of heat, some expensive & some amazing deals, shopping around to find the BEST deal or even freebie can be a minefield when it comes to VPN.

This deal I am sharing here is a truly fantastic deal, I purchased this a month ago now after getting fed-up of trying multiple s-called free VPN providers which are simply an excuse for pop-up windows, ads and limited bandwidth all hoping you will pay in full.

So I took a chance & purchased this "Ivacy VPN" priced at just $29.99 for a lifetime, sounds to good to be true?, but its not, once payment is received you set-up an account on the Ivacy website, download the software and viola everything works perfectly across multiples devices, tons of VPN servers around the world and I can assure you whatever country you choose you will ALWAYS get lightning fast speeds and ultimate protection, its amazing, the software as multiple options to including Split-Tunneling VPN which allows you to use VPN with one app only such as "Kodi" without affecting your entire PC, browser etc... options also include advanced IP leakage protection and so much more, I am so impressed.

I am use primarily it on my desktop PC, but also use it on my Windows Tablet, Android Phone and even on my Android TV and it simply works on all of them perfectly.

This deal is for a lifetime, no monthly fee, you do not even have to give them your credit card details once the initial payment of $29.99 as been received, so you can rest assured, the deal is what it says it is... from reading the very small print in my account section, it does mention once you have been using the VPN service for 5 years you need to email customer service to keep your account active, some would argue its essentially a 5-year deal, but its not, the deal is what it says it is, for a lifetime.

So check it out, if you do some research into Ivacy as I did prior to purchase, yes you will find some negative reviews, but all software gets a fair share of negative reviews and to be honest most of the reviews are about older versions or noobs who simply do not know how to use the software correctly, so far across multiple windows & android devices I have had no issues whatsoever, check it out.
Ivacy VPN Lifetime Deal.
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