iVide WIFI Sous Vide Cooker @ SousVideTools £79.99 + Free next day p&p

iVide WIFI Sous Vide Cooker @ SousVideTools £79.99 + Free next day p&p

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Found 21st Nov 2018
Black Friday reduction!

The iVide Cooker is the worlds smartest sous vide tool to date. Thanks to our APP you will never have under or overcooked food again. Simply select the product type you are wanting to cook, select the weight and doneness and the iVide Cooker will do the rest for you.

The iVide Sous Vide Thermal Circulator heats to the perfect temperature—no more, no less—which means that your food won’t overcook, ever. Even if they cook for extra time.

The iVide App also makes it incredibly easy to cook thanks to our calculator feature. Simply select the product you want to cook within the APP, choose the weight and your iVide will do the rest for you. With push notifications from the iVide App, you can spend less time tied to the kitchen and more time doing what you love. Head to the gym, run trails, or enjoy time with your family. Dinner will be ready when you are.

The iVide Cooker is also the world’s first IPX7 water resistant cooker meaning the iVide Cooker can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without damaging the device. As the iVide Cooker is fully water resistant it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Running the device with a vinegar solution will also allow for easy cleaning.

You can create a stirred water bath by simply attaching the device to any pot or container via its adjustable clamp

This sous vide thermal circulator really is state of the art. The anti-reflective touch screen control panel is responsive, even with wet fingers. Turn it on with a switch on the back, select °F or °C, set the temperature desired to 0.5°c increments, set the optional timer, then hit start and it will begin circulating and heating water.

Now to the really technical bits. The devices working temperatures are from 0°C to 90°C, with accuracy 0.1°C. Actual temperature is clearly displayed to 0.1°C. It circulates the water at rate of 8 litres a minute so guarantees to eliminate any hot or cold spots, whilst remaining silent in operation. There is also both an audio & visual notification at the end of the set cooking period after which the circulator still continues to operate at the set temperature.

It is built with a state of the art 800watt heating element that will never burn itself out.

It has been designed with clothes peg style adjustable clamp to provide flexibility and convenience for cooks who want to use their own kitchen vessels of up to 20 litres or have limited space in the kitchen. When not in use it can be easily stored away taking up very little space.

You’ve probably heard of sous vide – a cooking technique that allows anyone to produce restaurant quality results. To cook sous vide, you place food in a plastic bag and immerse it in a water bath. Water gently circulates around the food, bringing it to a precise temperature and providing consistently amazing results.

It is as simple at 1,2,3.

1.Attach “The iVide” to a pot with the adjustable clamp and use the iVide APP to set the time and temperature.

2.Prepare your food and place inside a vacuum sealer bag and remove the air using your vacuum sealer.

3. Remove the food from the vacuum pouch at the end of the cooking time and quickly sear to finish in a hot pan or with a blow torch and serve as you wish

It really is that easy.



DELIVERY 24 Hours Delivery


DIMENSIONS (D X W X H)358(h) x 98(w) x 158(d)mm

HEAT UP TIME (MINS)15 minutes to 65°C




POWER SUPPLY UK 3pin plug or Schuko plug for Europe

FINISH Plastic

BRAND Sousvidetools.com

WARRANTY 2 Years Parts & Labour
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Love the fact sous vide cooking can turn the average cook like me into a Gordon Ramsay! (well, in my mind anyway ). However, this does help anyone cook meat to perfection. 🔥 Thank OP
Dammit! Thought it was a lightsabre......still hot though.
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paul291 h, 32 m ago

Dammit! Thought it was a lightsabre......still hot though.

Definitely a cooking tool... But... 'May the fork be with you'!... Lol
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