IWOOT Easter Egg Hunt! 30% off product where egg found
IWOOT Easter Egg Hunt! 30% off product where egg found

IWOOT Easter Egg Hunt! 30% off product where egg found

Could be a really shockingly bad deal but until we find what the product is with 30% off we'll never know!
I'm hunting right now, hope we'll find it with everyone's help.

More info:

It's that time of year again when instead of hiding chocolate out of guilt, we make a sport of it. We guess you'll have plenty of access to far too much chocolate over the next few days, so we've come up with an Easter Egg Hunt with a difference. Every day* we'll be hiding an Easter Egg (well a pretty picture of one) alongside a product somewhere on the site. Find it and you'll see that we've slashed the price by a mighty 30%! But just for a day mind, so pop in on us every day until Easter and see if you can find the Golden Egg.

*For the purposes of this offer, a day starts at 6pm and finishes at 6pm the following day. Over the weekend there will be three Golden Eggs to find to cover the three days.


I can't find it!

found it! Wine glasses - Vino Nobilo breathable ones whatever they are

Ah, I was just looking at the pages listing items, not going in to each one. That's a pain! Thanks Okebird!

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Well done, i think it's now proof it is a crap deal! lol
Can posh glasses really make your drink taste better?

Todays discounted item is the quik pod for £13.99 (down from £19.99). Definately better than yesterdays item.


They have also added the digital photo keyring, £22.39 down from £31.99. Not my type of thing and it seems a bit expensive still but someone might like it.


they also have not removed the discount on the wine glasses if anyone missed that fantastic deal
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