IZ - Works on All MP3 players including IPOD - £19.45 (52% discount) or less delivered!
IZ - Works on All MP3 players including IPOD - £19.45 (52% discount) or less delivered!

IZ - Works on All MP3 players including IPOD - £19.45 (52% discount) or less delivered!

iZ is the ultimate fusion of music and toy! Twist and turn iZ's ears to create new combinations of rhythm and lead tracks; press his belly to change-up the beat!

iZ's eye's bounce to the rhythm and his horn pulses in rainbow colours to the beat! Want to listen to your own tunes? Use the included cable to plug in our iPod or any music source to listen to iZ play your songs his way!

Includes music input connection cable for use with iPod, MP3 players, CD plays, or any other music device that uses standard headset cable.

The different 'modes' of the iZ are:
iZ Play Mode
In this mode you can mix beats and rhythms. The beats are selected by pushing the belly button. Seven beats are available. Twisting iZ's right ear allows you to choose a rhythm from the seven available. You can then mix in a lead by twisting the left ear to complete the track. You can also flick the flicker on the iZ head to to add sound effects.

Around the belly button are four function buttons. The top and bottom ones control the tempo of the music. The right one selects the volume ( 6 levels).

iZ DJ Mode
In this mode the iZ mixes by himself. Pushing the belly button makes him try another mix.

iZ Wziz FM Mode
iZ becomes a simulated radio. Twisting his ears changes the 'channels'.

iZ MP3 Player Mode
Connecting an MP3 player to iZ overrides all other modes. His nose is flashing to the beat of the music playing from the MP3 player. iZ adds his sounds and words to the playing music in random ways.

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That is one weird looking....er... thing !?!

Great Christmas gift though

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Thanks Joggerspark

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How worryingly intriguing is that!

That is truly weird.......but wonderful at the same time!!

Fun looking thing, getting one for my girlfriend, thanks joggerspark. :thumbsup:

Sorry to put a downer on this deal but found it cheaper still here:


£17.99 AND 2% back from Quidco. Also more reliable than ebuyer
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