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I'm using iZettle with this card reader and as far as I'm aware they don't do payments with cardholder not present.


I didn't think that they allowed cardholder not present payments. I m sure that it has been mentioned before on here previously? However I am not a user of their service so what do i know?


Exactly that, I'm not sure how it works, but I know a few people who use this feature often. The charges are slightly higher, but still cheaper than the likes of PayPal :) :)


Virtual Payments? AS in cardholder not present transactions?


I use SupUp for transactions of £100's with no problem at all. When you do sign up though you have to specify the size of transactions you're likely to take. I would guess this user specified a small amount then acepted something far larger without checking.

iZettle card reader now £19+vat (£22.80) usually £59 @ iZettle
Refreshed 29th Oct 2018Refreshed 29th Oct 2018

Good price - they do regular deals. We've been using now for over a year and it's been very reliable and cheaper then Zinc. Sumup may be 0.06 less in fees, I've not used them. We have used iZettle and have had no issues with super prompt payments. Another advantage of using one of these suppliers is not to bother with a PCI DSS annual cash generation scheme audit.required by the "big" providers, and largely unnecessary for a small trader taking face to face payments.


Surely Sumup is better deal. 1.69%


The card issuer takes a cut to pay for any cashback / rewards on the card and not everyone pays interest on purchases. The network owner (Visa / Mastercard / Amex) take a cut for enabling all this. It is practically difficult to build a network that enables any card issued anywhere on the planet to be used anywhere and provide real time updates to the consumer (like Revolut does). The same networks enable a card to be blocked real time if lost or stolen. Plus the investments required to mitigate fraud. There is an element of profit and frankly, it is also because of a first mover advantage. I don't have a problem with the 1.7% because there is a greater cost to using cash only which most of us don't realise - loss of business as online shopping becomes impossible, lower tax collection, significantly higher costs of just handling the cash, etc.


You can be a sole trader, e.g a self employed taxi driver, electrician etc. Just put your business name as your own name if you don't have a business name.


Must you have a registered business to accept payments using this?

Get the NEW iZettle card reader for £19+VAT this month (£22.80) - Usually around £59+VAT
Found 10th Sep 2018Found 10th Sep 2018
Get the NEW iZettle card reader for £19+VAT this month (£22.80) - Usually around £59+VAT
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Thanks, I did notice the other day that it was "on offer again" lol Admittedly though it was full price (£54?) when I had a quick look last week or so. I think they put it up to "full price" every now and then just so they can claim that it is on offer when at £19.


Guess what..


Still no response to my question on Wednesday evening about why they are promising the reader for £19+VAT and then trying to charge you £29+VAT. Instead I've just had some marketing emails from them, including one trying to flog me the reader...


I guess you have more faith than I do about business ethics. It's either cockup or conspiracy, anyway.


I thought they were a decent international company that didn't need to stoop to these tactics?

iZettle Reader for £19 + VAT (Normally £59 +VAT) @ iZettle
Refreshed 2nd Jul 2018Refreshed 2nd Jul 2018
iZettle Reader for £19 + VAT (Normally £59 +VAT) @ iZettle
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Thanks. Just what I was looking for


£19 plus VAT? Call it £15 if you give me cash for it ;)


Maybe worth it for a hairdresser etc .. but big sums don’t think so .. I’m a builder and would cost a fortune


Great for mums who want to bill their adult kids for laundry services whenever they visit home with a big bag of dirty clothes.


Not sure why this is pinned? £19 is pretty much the standard price, they just occasionally put it up so they can they say it's been reduced.

izettle for £19 + VAT
Found 6th Nov 2017Found 6th Nov 2017
izettle for £19 + VAT

Absoute Bull-twaddle! I use this in my car and can even use my Car stereo via bluetooth while using the card machine. I have FIVE bluetooth devices paired to my phone, including the iZettle reader, and NONE are "locked" due to the iZettle reader. Please do not spout rubbish.


Locks your Bluetooth out so can't be paired to any other device afterwards!


Anyone know the percentage paid for over the phone payments?


Thanks, I will double check what is going on; I got the Playstore update, but havent seen any indications of a firmware update to the reader itself.


I use iZettle and think it's fantastic. It's really quick to use too. I've also just logged into my account after it was mentioned the fee is 1.75%. It appears they've changed their pricing so with a few clicks I've migrated from the 2.75% to 1.75%. Excellent news!!

New iZettle Reader for £19 + VAT (Normally £59 +VAT)
Found 25th Aug 2017Found 25th Aug 2017
New iZettle Reader for £19 + VAT (Normally £59 +VAT)
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I see the I-Zettle is still £19+VAT until January 4th. I still haven't got one btw. I bought a Bluetooth printer and got it working with my app. There is a formatting issue, I can't print the £ sign or add pictures for instance but I'll solve it eventually. I could make something up that could be used for a receipt printing. While it won't work directly with I-Zettle (I may contact the company), I could make something that's acceptable to the customer. You could take payment and then open my app and print receipt. Printing takes a matter of seconds and is really quick. Would anyone be interested in such a thing? I don't plan on charging, I'd just include a few ads if I got enough users. Feedback and the ability to design something would be far more beneficial. I bought this printer for £36 (now £85) but in hindsight there is one with a belt clip for £45 that might be better. I just didn't want to spend money for something that didn't work but the coding wasn't hard and I got it working in a matter of hours. Battery lasts a day on standby. For coding I make the connection, wake up the device, print whatever I need and then close down the Bluetooth connection again making it very efficient and great for device battery and phone battery. I can provide a video of my app in action along with the Bluetooth to demonstrate. Drop me a PM if anyone is interested.


you can get the paypal card reader for £35 now, a much better offer IMO.


I'll second that. Ideal in my tea room.


Personally not sure it will happen. HMRC and DVLA are two organisiation that will miss out on millions


You're right, that legislation is coming in, and typically government hit small businesses hard.

New iZettle Reader for £25 (Normally £59)
Found 27th Jul 2017Found 27th Jul 2017
New iZettle Reader for £25 (Normally £59)
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screenshot of PayPal Here app.


oh ok the paypal business card reader? hmm thats interesting..


In the last 3 months I have done over £9,000 with Square (similar) Not a single person has queried it or changed their mind after seeing the card reader. Indeed a number of people have said how cool it is and said that it might be useful for them...


Available for £19+vat https://www.izettle.com/gb/offergb19


Yes, same issue here - I got one last year when they were posted at 19 quid here, and people do not like the look of them, it's hard to get someone to swipe their cards when they hear so much about card skimming and have never heard of iZettle....it's obviously legit, but I can appreciate the caution. I haven't tried the Paypal unit as I don't trust them and presumably they make it very easy for you to be scammed?

iZettle Reader for £19 + VAT (£22.80 - Normally £59+VAT ) / iZettle Reader and Dock £39 + VAT (£46.80) @ iZettle
Found 20th Jun 2017Found 20th Jun 2017
iZettle Reader for £19 + VAT (£22.80 - Normally £59+VAT ) / iZettle Reader and Dock £39 + VAT (£46.80) @ iZettle

​Yeh, true. Thought about that after looking into it.


In my opinion Square is fundamentally flawed by their card reader design. If I was a customer I would not want to enter my PIN into someone's mobile phone/tablet. As a business I would not want to have to hand over my phone/tablet to customers to enter their PIN. If your payments are 100% contactless (impossible as not everyone uses contactless cards) then Square is perfect, but their decision to not put PIN entry on the reader is just plain stupid.


Please can you explain how a customer would pay with a card? I have a stripe account connected to my website


True but every established player is £15-£20 per month for terminal hire, min 12 month contract and also my personal experience with worldpay is min £7.50 per month so if you put nothing through in a month you're looking at min £22.50 for terminal + min fee.


Whom is offering 0.8%? :)

Izettle Card Reader and Docking Stand £54 @ Izettle
Found 21st May 2017Found 21st May 2017
Izettle Card Reader and Docking Stand £54 @ Izettle
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izettle card reader doesn't last very long, I switched to SumUp due to previous iZettle lite reader stopped working


Yes if the items are not fit for purpose and the buyer raises a claim via the bank


If you sold some items at a trade Fair for £100 on this what protection do you have as a seller? Can you have the money taken back and refunded leaving you with nothing?


Really good for small or on the go businesses, used it for at a retail fair, came in handy


That's weird as I get 1.5% cash back on Amex so they must be losing money on those transactions might get myself one and empty my card into every month. This is does my head in actually when I ask if a place if they take AMEX and they sorry no their fees are too high........ No YOU are with the wrong card provider!


Look to be expired now, different offer on the links, £29.00 + VAT for the card reader, and £750 of your first payments at 0% fee. Mods please expire.


cannot get the links to work :(


I've found their service is good. Money lands into your account after 3 working days. Problem is they don't allow part payments (like taking deposits or paying balance), It needs to be full payments. Anyone know of a similar card processor that doesn't charge monthly fees and where you can buy a machine like this and take Part payments ( Won't go near PayPal with a barge poll. Really bad reviews and chargebacks at a whim)


Managed to register and order for £19+vat thanks


get a sumup box. 1.95% transaction costs. got one for £19 from a deal on here last month. hence I guess izettle have matched the offer.

iZettle contactless / card reader for businesses now £34.80 (until aug 31st normally £70.80
Found 19th Aug 2016Found 19th Aug 2016
iZettle contactless / card reader for businesses now £34.80 (until aug 31st normally £70.80

Anyone help, a friend who's a builder is looking at a getting a monthly contract phone from tesco...what would be the best cheap phone to pair with this...thanks for any help


Minimum (25x £25 bookings) : you take £625, you pay 2.75% which is £17.19 Maximum (35x £50 bookings) : you take £1,750, you pay 2.75% which is £48.13 Average (30x £37.50 bookings) : you take £1,125, you pay 2.75% which is £30.94 I don't know what arranagements you have with PayPal, but if they charge more than 2.75% then you are better off with this deal.


This is a credit card terminal aimed at small business, sole traders, cabbies etc. It means you can take credit card payments from your customers. The same as Tesco/Sainsbury etc do when you pay for your goods at the till. The device you're on about, it simply a security device for your account not a credit card terminal.


sorry may be a silly comment. But this looks very similar to what the bank (natwest) have given me for free to make payments. how it this different?


It's great isn't it? I've been using iZettle since 2 years now, and apart from a couple of minor downtime, it's been great. My passengers love the fact they can pay in my car, and are astounded it even supports Apple and Android Pays.