Jabra BT250v (instore) £10 @ Asda

Jabra BT250v (instore) £10 @ Asda

Found 16th Apr 2007
I've just bought this headset in store for £10!

The link takes you to the online shop where it is £59.95!!!
All the details of the headset is on the link.

Hope this is something you're looking for!



If this is a general in-store deal then it looks very good. Especially for owners of PS3 who need a BT headset for on-line play.

I'll check out Asda this evening.

Voted hot.

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I should have mentioned that it had a sale sticker on the price, and I had to ask if they had any in stock because they didn't have any on the shelf.

I've seen reviews of this headset, and apparently they're very good! - Especially for £10 instead of £60!

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Asda are selling it online for £60 - instore for £10

If only I was at home.........

Was going to buy this on Friday as it's payday, if it's a tenner in Asda and still in stock later I will certainly be getting it!

This is a great offer I was going to buy it from amazon at the weekend but with postage adds up to £27 this saves me £17 each. I phoned my asda got the girl to put aside 2 for me,collected them £10 each, they only have 1 left asda Tamworth, many reports including the one from which rated this a top bluetooth, cheers for highlighting this offer

So they are definatly £10?

yes I asked her to save me 1 when I got there confirmed they were £10 I brought 2 leaving her just 1 in the store. They had no sale stickers on just scanned at £10.

The reviews for this are very mixed on Amazon, for everyone who rates it, there is another who experienced 'terrible' sound quality - maybe some quality issues with these?!

I've ordered about 300 of these headsets for the company I work for and everyone swears by them! They are meant to be very very good headsets especially for the price. I will be giving my local asda a call in a minute.

Yea I agree for the price very good, I phoned my local asda 1st they did not stock them but the superstore had a few, gave me a reason to nip out on the m/bike for a spin too.

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Definitly £10 - i was just browsing this morning when i noticed it - I double checked with the guy, and scanned at £10 - then started this thread when i got into work.

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