Jabra BT320 Stereo Bluetooth Headset £11.24 delivered - Back in Stock

Jabra BT320 Stereo Bluetooth Headset £11.24 delivered - Back in Stock

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Found 21st Feb 2008
Many Thanks to akheirax for the original post

See previous post which has been expired...................

If you buy two its free delivery.

Jabra BT320s Stereo Bluetooth Headset. The latest blue tooth stereo headset from Jabra can deliver all of your favourite hits, all of your calls, all the time! With the Jabra BT320 s there is no need to turn down the volume on your favourite track to take a phone call, this Bluetooth stereo headset will automatically switch from your music to phone mode everytime a call comes in; allowing you to loose yourself in the music, but stay in touch as well.

The latest from Jabra, the BT320s is a leading edge wireless high-performance bluetooth stereo headset. It unties you from your mobile phone, music player or other Bluetooth device, giving you freedom to move again.

Jabra once again delivers on its promise to constantly develop new products that take freedom, design and innovation to the limit.

Bluetooth compliance: Bluetooth 1.2 supporting A2DP and AVRCP profiles, headset (HSP) and hands-free (HFP) profiles Supported Bluetooth profiles: Handsfree (default) and Headset Bluetooth profiles.

Supported special features: Pair with up to 8 devices, Answer calls, End calls, Reject calls, Voice dialing, Last number redialing, Call waiting, Place call on hold and Mute.
Standard 3.5 mm plug to connect with your favourite headphones
Phone and Music remote control in one clothing clip
2 different wearing styles: integrated clothing clip and lanyard carrying strap

Operating range: Up to 10 metres (30 feet)
Talk time/music streaming: Up to 6h (subject to phone)
Stand-by time: Up to 160h
Charging time: Approximately 2 hour

Price is now £9.95 with a total price of £11.70 including delivery.
- akheirax


I was hoping to see the package today. Hopefully tomorrow they will be delivered. Glad its back in stock as I honestly think its a bargain. I like em bluetooth headset as opposed to the ones which stick around the ear and since I small ears lol, i tend to go for these kinda headsets.

I can see the price has changed slightly to £9.95. A few pennies more.

Just found these reviews
Sounds like some have had trouble getting the stereo to work with certain devices (inlcuding the TYTN that I would be using). You can update the firmware to fix it but from the ounds of it you need a non-standard usb cable.

ordered these last night.

whats good about this

Hi,use diff headphones that came with your phone.PDA etc,not all phones have std 3.5mm connection,(lots better can be bought).
Does handsfree etc.
No wires to the phone itself etc.
Phone in theory can be 10,m away from you & the headphone/BT unit.

More details here:-


Cheers BOB

I have receieved this today. Charged and connected to my MDA Compact III. Fantastic. Works and I can play my music. I wasnt aware these stereo bluetooth headset were this good. Sound quality is amazing. So glad to have bought one.

so can i use this headset with my laptop to listen to music?
the laptop has bluetooth


so can i use this headset with my laptop to listen to music?the laptop … so can i use this headset with my laptop to listen to music?the laptop has bluetooth

Check if the bluetooth services in ur laptop features are similar to the ones for this headset.

Ok just to give an update to this in case anyone is thinking of buying it. Delivery was quick and it came in a proper box with charger, lanyard and headphones. After charging the unit was easy to pair with my Nokia 6120 (none of this on/off three times stuff). It all works fine, it has play/pause/stop/next/previous/volume up/down controls and all work. However, the sound quality is not great, lacking in bass and only ok clarity wise. Changing the headphones for a set I know are good made no difference. I am going to try it a few times and see what I think when out and about.

The only other thing is that the controls can't be locked which means that you could accidentally press them. You have to push them in (it's not that sensitive!) but they have quite a short travel so it doesn't take much to activate them. It only arrived today so I don't know how much of a problem this is but thought I would mention it.

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