Jabra BT620S Bluetooth Stereo Headphones With iPod Bluetooth Adaptor A125S - £17.99 Delivered @ Play.com !!
Jabra BT620S Bluetooth Stereo Headphones With iPod Bluetooth Adaptor A125S - £17.99 Delivered @ Play.com !!

Jabra BT620S Bluetooth Stereo Headphones With iPod Bluetooth Adaptor A125S - £17.99 Delivered @ Play.com !!

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Supported special features:
Music player controls on right speaker (play, pause, stop, prev./next track, FFWD, RWD)
Phone controls on left speaker (answer/end/reject/hold/wait/mute call, last number redial, voice dialing)
Volume control on left speaker
Digital sound enhancement via DSP technology
Multi-coloured LED for status on Bluetooth, battery and charging
Complete with AC power supply and mini USB jack for charging from PC
Headset can play music from the PC via USB cable while charging
Pairs and connects to up to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously
Bluetooth 1.2 supporting A2DP (for music playing) and AVRCP profiles (for remote control), and headset and hands-free profiles
Operating Range: Up to 33 feet (10 meters)
Weight: 99g
Talk time: Up to 16 hours talk time - up to 14 hours music streaming
Stand-by time: Up to 240 hours
Charging time: Up to 2 hours
Battery: Rechargeable lithium polymer
Microphone Type: 6mm omni-directional
Connectivity: Bluetooth 1.2 with Headset 1.1, Handsfree 1.0, A2DP, AVRCP, GAVDP profiles
Jabra A125S:
Indispensable companion for the Jabra BT620s (same charger).
10 hours of music streaming.
250 hours of stand by.
Mini USB charging jack.
Bluetooth version 1.2 incl. A2DP, AVRCP 'Play and pause' mode (mutes the music when pressing play/pause).


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ordered many thanks
wonder if it'll work on iPhone
first one had no A2DP but should still work with the dongle attached

Got these - not impressed. Terrible bass (very crackly) and VERY Quiet. Good deal if you *really* want them tho!

Bargains, Thanks.

Good deal .. shame it doesn't just connect through the audio jack ... not much use to me and my zen

Does this work with sony ericsson fones?

I got a w910i I would love to use this on.

Can someone confirm that the adaptor works for the iphone or Touch please ?

I'm tempted, but mixed reviews here! I do like bass, not loads...just a rich full sound. Hmm...I'll see if anyone else comments.

Damn, I just bought a pair of these off ebay for £25!

As above, they don't go nearly loud enough and the bass is very lacking. Good enough for wearing at the gym but not good enough for serious music listening. I have a pair of Motorola HT820's as well and they sound much, much better. The Jabra's are much more comfortable for wearing for long periods though.

do the motorola ht820 work with the iphoen?

Now showing at play for 24.99 next best ive seen is £21 here not checked P&P though

For benefit of all - I recieved them yesterday and I had iphone to which this connects (pairs) nicely but as all know that we can only call/recieve phones and cannot hear music that way. But there is Jabra ipod connector/adaptor that connects to iphone and this does well but there are problems with this. 1) It is difficult to retain bot these connections active, most of time you are either connected to ipod function and when you recieve call it is not guarenteed that you can recieve this on head-phone. or if you disconnect the adapter and then pair again with iphone chances are there that the adaptor not looses conection to BT 620. It is not wonderfull experience. 2) For music mode when adaptor is connected to iphone and you keep this in you pocket, chances are there that slight movement can cause disconnection adaptor and iphone.so if your sound goes off try pressing the adaptor and music starts streaming in, but again 3) sometimes it loses bluetooth connection (because adaptor is in ur pocket and BT is radio signal) so that keeps you wondering why you've lost connection. Overall I would say not very happy experience and no wonder why it is priced so low

Anyone got this working on their pc?

Is it possible to connect a different A2DP headset to the bluetooth dongle and how ? (the supplied headphones are HUGE !!!)

Mine say "Dispatched on the 25/06/08" but they still haven't arrived
I ordered some Blank DVDs from play.com 4 days later and they arrived already
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