Jabra Move Bluetooth Black Headphones £42.50 @ Amazon

Jabra Move Bluetooth Black Headphones £42.50 @ Amazon

Found 7th Aug 2017Edited by:"brainsys"
Allegedly best in class at the sub $99 pricepoint Amazon have dropped the price from £50.99 today. They appear to do this about once a month for a few days so grab one while you can - especially if you missed last week's exceptional offer of the gold version for £39!

If black isn't the new black for you - the other colours have also been discounted - but not quite as much.

I now have a set and can confirm they are a great investment. Only drawback is the battery life is only around 8 hours but there is a back-up 3.5mm cable to keep you going or act as an aerial if you use FM radio on your mobile.

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I've had these, they are pretty good. Certainly a lot better than any of the crap stuff you normally get at this price, Jabra are a really good company.

Only issue is the plastic cracks around where the head-pad-things connects to the phones-bit. Here:

I had two pairs from Amazon as replacements from Amazon before upgrading to the Jabra Revo. I would still recommend them to anyone.
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Good headphones!
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