Jabra SP500 Bluetooth Speakerphone - reduced to just £8.99 (or £8.54 with voucher) delivered @ Play.com !

Jabra SP500 Bluetooth Speakerphone - reduced to just £8.99 (or £8.54 with voucher) delivered @ Play.com !

Found 2nd Jan 2009
Now reduced to just £8.99 delivered + 4% Quidco (RRP £49.99). 5% discount via attached voucher (single use only)

Good reviews & absolute bargain at this price..

£14.99 @ Amazon
£15.99 @ MyMemory

The Jabra SP500 is a truly portable Bluetooth speakerphone, ideal for use in the car, office or at home. It has been designed with innovative, intelligent features that assure you crystal clear hands-free conversation whatever your environment. Add to this the latest Bluetooth technology 1.2 for faster connection and improved audio quality, and you have one of the most technologically advanced Bluetooth speakerphones on the market today.
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I've become a fan of Jabra stuff. Good deal
Was it not reduced to this price sometime ago? I remember seeing a post here with that price. Not sure if it went back up again.
good price for a discontinued model - not listed on the jabra website
does anyone know if this has a clip to attach to a sun visor whilst in car?
Bought 2 of these previously for me and the misses when the Police were hitting the mobile users about a year ago for a quick fix bluetooth mobile tool in the car, but after trying it out myself first, in my opinion its useless, indeed the other one is stuck in a cupboard not even out the box.

Regarding whether it has a clip for the visor, yes it does, alsocomes with a small 3 suction mount bracket for your windscreen, but please dont waste your cash.

http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/286467/jabra-sp500-bluetooth-speakerphone-/Just over a month ago, and before that.http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/278941/jabra-sp500-bluetooth-speakerphone-/So over the month ruling.

Thanks for the links Adam. Both are listed @ £9.99, the first link was cheaper for a day with the £1 voucher

does anyone know if this has a clip to attach to a sun visor whilst in … does anyone know if this has a clip to attach to a sun visor whilst in car?

If you click through to the deal, you will see that
Included in the box: two mount options (in-car sun visor & window)

just got 2 of thes and they are just cheap **** better getting a motorola ear peace in tesco 7 99 better spent dont waste your time on thes cheap ****
I use 2 of these, as do 2 of my friends. We all find them clear, reliable & easy to use! Seems opinion on here is quite polarised. My experience is that callers find background noise fairly well elimnated - even the radio - and that conversation is easily heard.
They are old stock & the rechargable batteries were fairly near the end of their usefulness in 1 unit. But they are standard AA size, so easy & cheap to replace.
No complaints from me with the two I bought.

Performs like a cheap, basic, bluetooth handsfree & guess what? - it's a cheap, basic, bluetooth handsfree! :thumbsup:
:)ty just ordered
With regards the performance I imagine its very subjective and can vary a lot beween different cars.

Jabra are supposed to be a good make though so this could be worth a go for the money. The only thing is that I seem to think play list a couple of other devices for similar money that have far better reviews....
Is this compatible with iPhone/3G? Ive bought this hoping it is - according to this it is?


Had one of these a while ago, total and utter scrap. Completely useless, sound unless stationary virtually inaudible, suction pad just doesn't work, too heavy for a sun visor, don't waste your cash on this.
Bought 2 of these last year for business use and they have been really good , the battery life is brilliant. Good price for a good handsfree solution
accidently expired this item, it has not expired, NOT EXPIRED, im fixing my mistake at the moment, damm you smirrnoff
would this work with a PS3??
was about to buy it but then I thought do i need it..good price
Damn, I missed the 5% voucher details but I guess I'll make a larger order by the time it expires. I used quidco & it tracked quckly but at the bizarre rate of 3.448% thanks for posting up the deal, fingers crossed I don't have any trouble with it.
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