Jack Daniels 1 Ltr @ £24.97 in Asda

Jack Daniels 1 Ltr @ £24.97 in Asda

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Found 23rd Jul 2012
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21.42 at costco if you have a card
Why does this dishwater cost more than some decent Single Malts?
mmmmmmmmmmm Jack
Works out cheaper at Costcutter for 70cl bottle on offer at the moment for 14 quid or so.
so this works out to about £17.50 for 700ml? that seems like a terrible deal.
you can usually get 2 x 700ml for £25 toward the end of the year, and personally I would drink Jim Beam over Jack any day, even at the same price.
and there are people that are voting it hot? Looks like those individuals didnt grasp the concept of numbers
I saw this in morrisons for the same price a few days which came with 2 free jack daniels glasses. Wasn't a particularly good deal then, without the glasses its terrible.
Although not exactly the same; Jim Beam is only £14 (70cl) at Sainsburys at the moment
Not hot at all sorry.
haha I guess it's the perfect deal for student houses


Look, he's right!

Why does this dishwater cost more than some decent Single Malts?

It's a bourbon thing mate. The charcoal flavor is distinctive. For a good bottle of Jack you have to get the single barrel stuff.
Thanks for posting SonyLondon. The trouble with this site is that someone goes to the effort to post a deal to save people money and people decide to rubbish them instead.
trigger_andy if you don't like this dishwater, why are you looking up posts on Jack Daniel's? It costs more because it's shipped from over 3,500 miles away, there is import duty to pay and the pound is weak against the dollar.
mirrowsaw you'll have to wait until Christmas in the hope that it may be cheaper.
shopkeeper thanks for the Costcutter tip. I don't rarely visit Costcutter but I going and will stock up if it's £14 a bottle.
Let's try and be positive! (Cue the derision).
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