Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack £26 @ Asda

Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack £26 @ Asda

Found 6th Jun 2013
ASDA have this on roll back, £1 cheaper than the deal I posted last week (Tesco). Best price for Gentleman Jack at present. Usually £30+, drops to £25 around Christmas. Please bear in mind this is NOT Jack Daniel's Black Label Old No 7 before voting. It's charcoal mellowed twice, once before aging and once after.
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It's worth every penny more than the regular JD as well.... Very nice indeed!
Good deal. Heat added.
Nice. May pick one up.
does it work with coke?
Good ****!

Very hot!
Bit expensive to mix with coke lol!
70cl. Don't drink this with Coke, take it straight or on the rocks. Old no7 is a tasty drink to ease yourself through a pleasant evening....GJ is actually a quality taste and you genuinely can discern it is a step or two up from regular Jack.
This is lovely stuff!
Awesome stuff!!
I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a bottle of this nectar

Must have been good though! oO - HOT
Don't mix with Coke, consume and mix it with your body for full effect.
Great find, thanks OP, heat!
Definitely no coke! Or ice! Keep the bottle in the fridge and then drink neat. Put some whisky rocks in your glass to keep it cool once poured.
Im buying it to mix with coke.

Im buying it to mix with coke.

Out !

And don't darken these doors again
Was full price £31 in my local (astley bridge bolton) tonight
Probably just not had the labels changed yet, price only rolled back today. Did you scan it at till?
No actually, wish i had now
Could I tell the diff between this and High Commissioner?
I doubt it. Hick.
Got this on sale a while back @ £17. Has to be THE smoothest bourbon I've ever drank. JD has a subtle bite to it but this stuff goes down like water lol.
I love bourbon. Bourbony, bourbon, bourbon. Here it goes down, down into my belly...

Heat added!
Excellent deal, will pick up a couple.

does it work with coke?

hell yeah its good deal and taste's good with coke!for sure do it
I bought this for £19.50 from Tesco at Christmas, been around the £20 mark for the last couple of Christmas's from memory.
Very nice indeed, but at £26 I won't be rushing out to pick one up.
Oh and don't mix it with coke, what a waste.You wouldn't mix a nice malt whisky with coke would you ?
Still £31.50 in Torquay. :-(

Still £31.50 in Torquay. :-(

Flip! Might have a look in the Newton store tomorrow.
If didn't have some Jim Beam Black and Devils Cut on way back from duty free. I'd be on this right now. Beautiful drink.
£31.50 at MK. They did have Woodfords reserve on offer at £25 though. Anyone tried it?
Yeah, Woodford's is a lovely Bourbon. Try scanning the GJ they probably just haven't updated shelf price label
Nectar of the gods
don't put whisky in the fridge as some one has commented you will ruin it and it may go cloudy if you want it cold but without the ice get some whisky rocks you put them in the freezer and use them to chill the drink this is where the saying whisky on the rocks comes from ice just gets used because its easier
Only a total moron would add Coke to Gentleman Jack.........and it's NOT Bourbon by the way. It's a Tenessee Whiskey. Bourbon is from Kentucky.
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