Jack Daniels Honey £20 for 70cl @ Co-operative

Jack Daniels Honey £20 for 70cl @ Co-operative

Found 23rd Jun 2013
Just popped into my local coop and this is on special offer!! Normally £26-£28 depending on where you go.

It's a really nice variation on the standard Jack and an absolute bargain!


Nice but jim bean is nicer and only £15 in asda, £16 in tesco and uses honey as opposed to the chemical JD use

Seen these at £16

"do you guys like honey jack?"
"no, it tastes like watered down JD"
"well I like it"
"that's because youre a watered down human being"

-- EpicMealTime

Great drink but not a great price !

Jack Daniels is a great Whiskey but this stuff sucks, don't waste your money.

It's about personal taste !
I love it and so will many others .....great to drink with cheese and fruit or as an addition in your coffee
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