Jack Daniel's Master Distiller no. 3 only £20 instore / online @ Sainsbury's

Jack Daniel's Master Distiller no. 3 only £20 instore / online @ Sainsbury's

Found 14th May 2017
Tennessee Whiskey

This third bottle in the series honours Jack Daniel's third Master Distiller, Lem Tolley. The grandnephew of Mr. Jack served for 23 years and was strict when it came to abiding to his family's whiskey-making tradition. During Mr. Lem Tolley's watch, two prominent articles were published in Fortune and True magazines, drawing worldwide attention and demand for Lynchburg's famous export. But Lem's steady hand ensured the tiny distillery made more whiskey without making it differently.

A warm amber colour with aromas of sweet vanilla, this is a smooth, full-bodied whiskey, with flavours of orange, brown sugar and spice, and a long rich finish.

During its 150 year history, Jack Daniel's has won numerous gold medals around the world. Its success can be put down to the unique way in which the famous 'Old No.7' brand is made, the same way it always has - using the finest corn, rye and barley malt; pure, iron-free water from the Cave Spring in the Distillery hollow; being mellowed through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal; and aged in hand-crafted charred oak barrels.

It is this unique way of making whiskey and the extra steps such as charcoal mellowing that makes Jack Daniel's what it is - a smooth sipping Tennessee whiskey and not a bourbon.

To appreciate the full and spicy character of this whiskey, simply enjoy it sipped slowly over ice.
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