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Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire 70Cl £15.00 from 25 at Tesco
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Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire 70Cl £15.00 from 25 at Tesco

Posted 1st Nov 2016
Jack Daniels' Tennessee Fire Cinnamon Whiskey 70cl, approx £25 elsewhere.

Available both instore and online

Tennessee Fire Liqueur

The Jack Daniel's fire brigade stands ready to protect our fine whiskey from fire's threat. Sometimes though, mixing fire and whiskey is a good thing. Our Tennessee Fire blends red hot cinnamon liqueur with the smooth character of Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 for a classic spirit with a fiery finish.
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Good price, is it nice?
yeah pretty good stuff!
Very nice indeed.
How does it compare to fireball?

How does it compare to fireball?

I have both and they taste almost the same, the JD has more of a kick to it, but if you're into one you'd be into the other.

Grabbed a few from Tesco tonight, whilst all flavours of JD are on offer at this price it looks like everyones grabbing this, with plenty of the others in stock and only a couple of these (well none after i'd done) left on the shelfs (and non in the back, sigh). So treat yourself whilst the goings good. If they run out I noticed Fireball was £12 (Sainsburys? whilst there on a Russian standard run.)

hmmm, i think i need help!
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Tried this in a bar and thought it was waaaaay too sweet, otherwise I'd be heading to tesco to pick one up at this price

How does it compare to fireball?

​Its just as good i think and i'm a fireball maniac at this price i would buy it all the time. 25quid is too steep!
having drank lots of both Fireball & JD, I prefer this. I actually like it as a liqueur over ice. fireball as a shot is easier. Both have their merits but for £15 grab it while you can.
Like regular JD not this one, always on discount.
We like this a lot and also buy Fire eater (which my partner prefers over JD fire) for around £14.

Might have a look at Fireball sounds good too.
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great price!
Fireball was £12 in Asda yesterday, will try this though if any left
still going strong picked up a few bottles from tescos
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