Jack Daniels White Rabbit 70cl £21.99 @ Amazon (Lightning Deal)

Jack Daniels White Rabbit 70cl £21.99 @ Amazon (Lightning Deal)

Found 8th Jun 2015
A great price for this. Tastes better than the normal Jack Daniels.

29% sold at time of posting
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Never heard of this variant. ...gotta try it. ...cheers
This is so good and only 10 minutes left
10 minutes? it should run until 10pm or it hits 100% claimed.

Have you added it to your basket without completing the checkout as it stays in your basket for 15 minutes before removing itself from your basket if you haven't completed payment.
cheers ordered
Ordered. Thank you
ordered :-) thanks
Any better than the assa post
ordered with some drumsticks I needed! Cheers
im on a waitlist for it. is that normal?
kinda. The waitlist is in case someone before you in the queue changes their mind and cancels their purchase.

I've tried to mark this deal as expired when it hit 100% but it doesn't seem to have changed.
perfect for oh's birthday. ordered. thanks op
Nice one, managed to get one through the wait list :-)
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