Jack Reacher DVD £2.99 at Amazon
Jack Reacher DVD £2.99 at Amazon

Jack Reacher DVD £2.99 at Amazon

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Brilliant film.

Not a bad film, just don't read the books before watching, or you may be disappointed ...

Just the fact that Tom Cruise is about a foot smaller than Jack Reacher. Couldn't they have got somebody (anybody, except Prince) a wee bit taller?!!!

Good film, but the books are much better.

Have to go with the people above. One Shot is actually a pretty good book, even as Reacher novels go. Film is entirely watchable if you have not read the book, but kinda laughable sometimes if you have. So take it on that basis.

Great Film plus you get Rosamund Pike .Sweet have some heat

Should have used Chris Hemsworth. Could have had a franchise then, and he could have aged like the character does in the books.

Awesome film, & really funny in places (bathroom scene ).

Awesome price. HEAT

I love the Jack Reacher books and agree that Tom Cruise was the wrong actor to play Reacher, too clean cut, smooth and short! It should have been Liam Neeson as far as I'm concerned.

Still a good film though. :-)

Saw this £3 in my local Sainsburys, maybe nationwide.

Also on Netflix

Voted hot on price and NOT read the books but this is an average film at best Imo. We'd have happily left it half way through we were that bored.

Sadly as soon as a Jack Reacher book reader sees the front cover of this DVD it is all over......

A micro playing a giant and a baby faced one at that.. arrgh

And sadly it is supposedly a franchise.

Thought Cruise did a fantastic job. Better to have one of the best character actors as Reacher rather than someone taller but lesser talented.
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