Jackass 2.5 (NEW SHOW DVD PREORDER) £8.98 from Amazon

Jackass 2.5 (NEW SHOW DVD PREORDER) £8.98 from Amazon

Found 12th Feb 2008
As far as I can make out this is new material from the Jackass lot. Think its 64 mins long excluding the 60 mins of bonus footage.


thought it was the jackass 2 movie with a few more scenes?

Nope its a new film, only being released in usa cinema's

am sure its not coming out here, good dvd tho!!

Its extra stuff that was shot for Jackass 2 but not included on the DVD originally.

you can thwe whole of this on youtube

It's basically all the bits that weren't good enough to make it into Jackass 2. Honestly, not worth watching, they didn't make it for a reason..

...and it was released to download for free in the States around Xmas time!

it really isn't very good.
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