Jackass: Complete Box Set: Movie: Vol2: Vol3: 3dvd
Jackass: Complete Box Set: Movie: Vol2: Vol3: 3dvd

Jackass: Complete Box Set: Movie: Vol2: Vol3: 3dvd

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£4.99 HMV

Get ready to laugh till it hurts with Johnny, Bam, Steve O and the rest of the gang in this big screen version of the hit MTV show. With a bigger budget and no TV restrictions the pranks are bigger, funnier and far more dangerous. Witness Johnny hire a car, wreck it on purpose and then try and return it, Steve O swimming with crocodiles, Bam terrorise his long suffering parents and Party Boy takes his unique dancing skills to Japan.


Am I missing something here? Looks like £34.99!

4.99 for me.....

4.99 for me too

11.99 on play.com............this is a great deal. There is a 4 disc collectors box set available though. This is 3 disc set

34.99 for me??

Doh...didn't go to checkout, price then shows £4.99. Good post bungleboots!


34.99 for me??

try clearing your cookies or a diff browser.i`m on AOL.

DVD £34.99 Delivered

34.99 for me too!

*HOWEVER* If you add it to your basket....

Knoxvil Jackas DVD [x] x1 £4.99 Subtotal £4.99 Discount £0.00 … Knoxvil Jackas DVD [x] x1 £4.99 Subtotal £4.99 Discount £0.00 Total £4.99

Bargain, already own it. You bet your ass I paid four times that at least

don't forget 10% quidco.. and 10% student discount too if applicable.

Excellent, ordered and voted hot!

Ordered, Hot, Reputation!

Original and (maybe) the best!
Dirty sanchez are funny too !
vot hot.

u cant get student discount online? sean

good offer


I'm not getting £4.99!


u cant get student discount online? sean

Yes you can.

Go into HMV, and ask them for a Student Discount Card.
The will ask to see you Matriculation card from College/Uni, then they just give ya a form and a card. Fill it in and hey presto.
When you register on the HMV site, in your profile or personal details, there is a box to put in your Student Card Number.
After putting it in, it shows up "10% student" or something similar, whenever you log in on your basket.

Its great because its 10% off everything, and with mad deals on it works on them all.
Was great over christmas.


u cant get student discount online? sean

Yup - under account details there's an option to add your NUSextra / HMV student discount card number.
Takes a while to authenticate but gets done eventually. Then its 10% off everything bar consoles.


Now £34.99 so i've clicked expired .....

Email Received:

Dear HMV CustomerWe are writing to you about your order, placed today for … Dear HMV CustomerWe are writing to you about your order, placed today for the following item: Cat.No: PHE8364 Artist: KNOXVILLE, JOHNNY: BAM MARGERA: STEVE O: CHRIS PONTIUS Title : JACKASS: COMPLETE BOX SET: MOVIE: VOL2: VOL3: 3DVD 37428Due to a technical error, this item has appeared at an incorrect price of £16.99 - the correct price for this item is £449.99.As stated within our terms & conditions, HMV are entitled to withdraw from any contract in the case of obvious errors or inaccuracies regarding the goods appearing on our web site. If an error or inaccuracy is discovered with regards to the advertised price of the goods that you have ordered, we will contact you as soon as possible by email. We regret to inform you that we will therefore be canceling your order for this title.Please be assured that these errors are very rare, and we apologize for any disappointment caused.Kind Regards,Online Customer Service Team [url]www.hmv.co.uk[/url]

They can't price things or email correctly it seems......

£450 anyone?

lol gotta love the numerous mistakes they have made today - check the top of your email it may well show a few hundred other customers email addys too

They've cancelled mine too! B*stards! I sold my copy of Jackass The Movie yesterday as i new this was coming, so now instead of the filmx2 i have the filmx0

Same with me, been cancelled, i think they should have to post at the price we buy from, its there fault with error on the net,feel like making a complaint :x

Oh well at least Jackass 2 is funny. :giggle:

It's in their terms and conditions, same as most online shops, they don't have to merit a price mistake, some places do though.
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