Jackie Chan Collection Box Set : Shanghai Noon / Twin Dragons / Rumble In The Bronx (3 DVD Collectors Edn) - £6.91delivered @  Select Cheaper

Jackie Chan Collection Box Set : Shanghai Noon / Twin Dragons / Rumble In The Bronx (3 DVD Collectors Edn) - £6.91delivered @ Select Cheaper

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Found 19th Nov 2009
Shanghai Noon (2000): Two cultures collide when East meets West in Shanghai Noon, a wildly hilarious, stunt-filled action-adventure-comedy starring the death-defying action hero Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson and Lucy Liu. Chan plays Chinese Imperial Guard Chon Wang (say it out loud) who hightails it to the wild and woolly West to rescue the beautiful kidnapped Princess Pei Pei (Liu). When he meets up with laid-back outlaw cowboy dude Roy O'Bannon (Wilson) - the best mismatch ever made in the rough and tumble Old West - the two face jail, brawls, bordellos and the vilest villains this side of the Great Wall! Spectacular stunts, outrageous irreverence and epic vistas reign as East meets West in a battle for honor, royalty and a fortune in gold! It's a real kick.

Twin Dragons (1992): The night that wealthy Mrs Chan gives birth to identical twins, all hell breaks loose in the hospital! A wounded gangster escapes from a police escort in the emergency room and snatches one of the twins as hostage. The distraught parents lavish all their love and affection on the remaining twin throughout his childhood. He studies music and becomes a world-famous conductor. The abducted baby is abandoned by the gangster and found by a dance hall hostess who takes the infant home and brings him up as best she can. His youth is spent in the company of thieves and gangsters but he manages to get a job as a mechanic. Years later when the two Chans, by coincidence, meet face to face - chaos reigns. There is no time to establish a relationship but they both run headlong into great danger and a series of mind blowing stunts, that only Jackie Chan & Jackie Chan can deliver.

Rumble In The Bronx (1995): No one brings more death-defying entertainment to the screen than fearless martial arts superstar Jackie Chan. In this awe-inspiring and often amusing action-thriller, Chan outdoes himself with the most eye-popping stunts ever filmed, each more amazing than the last! Chan plays Keong, a Hong Kong cop who gets more than he bargained for when he visits relatives in a crime-ridden section of New York. Soon Keong is brawling with Mafia kingpins and unleashing his lethal skills on unsuspecting thugs. From the first astonishing action sequence to the last, in which Chan is matched against a giant hovercraft in a deadly show of brute strength, 'Rumble in the Bronx' is the definitive action-adventure film; one your have to see to believe!

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