Jacob's Creek shiraz cabernet and semillon chardonnay 75cl £5.99 a bottle OR 3 for £9 save £8.97
Jacob's Creek shiraz cabernet and semillon chardonnay 75cl £5.99 a bottle OR 3 for £9 save £8.97

Jacob's Creek shiraz cabernet and semillon chardonnay 75cl £5.99 a bottle OR 3 for £9 save £8.97

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this is a great buy stock up for christmas (if you can keep it that long I doubt we'll have any left in our house by then)


I assume you meant to say "3 for £9" ?

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Ooopsoops: yes have changed:thumbsup:

Great deal - they had the Yellow Tail on before, which I prefer, but this is damn fine. Hot!

Not online..

Thanks, will get some tomorrow! Hot!:thumbsup:

Arent Jacob's Creek being taken to task for too many chemicals and sugar in their wines. I read something at the weekend saying they were more akin to alcopops than wine.

And I say that as someone who still likes a glass of liebfraumilch (sp?) from time to time - so none of your "wine snob" taunts!

Dispatches: What's in Your Wine?

Jane Moore examines recent scandals in the wine industry, looking at 40 different substances that can be used in wine production but rarely appear on the label of the average bottle.

Watch the programme here


What's In Your Wine ?

Jane Moore investigates the recent scandals in Italy, France and South Africa which have tarnished the image of the industry. She examines an adulteration fraud in Italy involving millions of bottles of wine, which are alleged to have contained ingredients which pose a significant threat to consumer health. French producers of Beaujolais have been accused of planning to add tonnes of extra sugar to some of the region's wines to boost alcohol levels. South African producers have been caught using an artificial flavouring in an award-winning wine and the Appellation D'Origine Controlle (AOC) system, long-established by French producers as a benchmark of regional quality, has been severely criticised for misleading consumers.

Nor is it easy to be sure what is good value for money. Master of Wine Jancis Robinson, tells Dispatches that the high price of some champagnes are more down to successful branding that to the quality of the wine in the bottle. She recently taste-tested 80 brands of non-vintage champagne and concluded: "From my point of view, perhaps about 30 per cent of all champagne is worth the money. "

Jane Moore conducts her own taste test of a leading brand of champagne versus a sparkling wine costing a third as much - with surprising results.

She also visits the vineyards of Champagne, and discovers that for decades, rubbish from Paris was dumped on the soil as a fertiliser. The organic matter may have decayed, but razor blades, syringes, batteries and fragments of plastic bin bags can still be seen littering the landscape in some areas. Jane says: "I love champagne...but I will try not to think about this when I am next drinking a glass, because it's really quite disgusting. It might not bother the farmer that it looks like this but as somebody who consumes champagne, I have to say I am quite bothered by it."

All these Wine/Champagne Snobs ( I'm getting a hint of razor blades, syringes and fertiliser)

It is not just Jacobs Creek it is almost all producers of cheap wine that use flavoured yeast to produce the "distinct flavour" rather than grapes!

£3 a bottle, though, is very good value for money which is what the forum is all about.

If you want a cheap alternative to champagne try some of the Loire Valley sparkling whites. Vouvray and Saumur are excellent valur for money and produce to "Methode Champagnoise" which is the same way Champagne is produced. Ackerman are one of the biggest producers in the region. In France these wines can be purchased for as little as 5 Euros.

Deal still on so bought some today!

Thanks, heat & rep added.
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