Jacques Fruit Cider £2 Each - ASDA (Big 750ml bottles)

Jacques Fruit Cider £2 Each - ASDA (Big 750ml bottles)

Found 22nd Jul 2010Made hot 23rd Jul 2010
Jacques Fruit Cider & Orchard Fruits 750ml Bottles are now £2.


mmm lovely stuff. Doh, slimming world, can't have it. Hot anyway

thanks for the heads up! Love the stuff.

so much 4 asda not doing deals on booze ever again......... heat added

Are these definitely £2 each or 2 for £4 as that was last week

Already been posted, been like this for week ish. 2 quid or 2 for 4 pound, same thing.

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It's not if you only wanna buy 1 bottle, or 3, or 5, I could go on, lol!

lol i mean it was £2 last week aswell, pretty sure someone posted it as I bought 3 for £6

250ml bottles 79p each in home bargains

My girlfriend does enjoy fruit in cider !!!

Jacques is got to be one of the best ciders...
Try the red variety... You will be addicted.. Even if your not a massive cider fan!!

Great deal.. Normally about £4 a bottle!
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