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Jaeger - Men's 100% Wool Blazer £179 down from £279
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Posted 22nd Dec 2017Posted 22nd Dec 2017
Jaeger - Men's 100% Wool Blazer £179 down from £279
I have been looking for a decent blazer for a while and spotted this one. Jaeger quality and £100 pound off plus free delivery on orders over £150 using code FREEDEL150. Lots of o… Read more

For 100 u can get full suit from bicester village for the above make cold deal


Jaeger used to be good quality, but then they started shipping cheap quality, but kept the high price tags.

Wool Jaeger Navy Suit £159 instore Jaeger Wilmslow
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Posted 30th May 2017Posted 30th May 2017LocalLocal
Wool Jaeger Navy Suit £159 instore Jaeger Wilmslow£159
Wool shadow check slim suit from Jaeger reduced due to store closure in Wilmslow. This item is still full price online: Jacket - £275 Trousers - £124

Keep an eye on brandalley.com. They have frequent Jaeger sales on Men's and women's with suits usually starting below £100. Decent suits but anyone paying full RRP are naive. :{


do you know what sizes they had instore? any different colours or styles? thinking of popping down there ?


heat !


very good value - Jaeger produced top quality suits

JAEGER Final Reductions: up to 70% off.Wool Twill Slim Suit £350 £99 Save 71% (£3.95 del)
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Posted 5th Jul 2016Posted 5th Jul 2016
JAEGER Final Reductions: up to 70% off.Wool Twill Slim Suit £350 £99 Save 71% (£3.95 del)£99
This is for people who missed out on Moss Bros Sale yesterday. There`s quality Suits at decent prices plus other fashionable clothing. Wool Twill Slim Suit £350 £99 Save 71% Pl… Read more

Better than M&S, but not as good as Austin Reed imo. Have a couple of Jaeger suits and they are of decent quality for a work suit. :{


I know it's 100% wool but how does the quality of Jaeger suits compare to the likes of Charles Tyrwhitt, M&S, Austin Reed, etc?


5% quidco too


​I've ordered from them before and had to return the item (trousers were small) - no problems, refund was done w/o issues. Actually just ordered a suit


Good find. Very tempted by the suit trousers but their online reviews about customer service and returns is somewhat off-putting. May have to just cross my fingers and hope the item won't need to be returned. :|

Jaeger 70% off. Wool Sharkskin Modern suit reduced from £499 to £149. Many sizes available.
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Posted 12th Jan 2016Posted 12th Jan 2016
Jaeger 70% off. Wool Sharkskin Modern suit reduced from £499 to £149. Many sizes available.£149
Some excellent deals on quality suits and there are loads of normal sizes available, rather than just the unusual ones! This suit for example is there in 36 and 38 regular trouser… Read more

received my two suits yesterday , great look, great fit (i got the slightly bigger trousers as was recommended and it worked a treat)


It's more like a regular fit, but not as wide on the legs - so basically the backside doesn't just go straight down - it's cut in a bit. It's not as slim as slim though. Think the jackets are a more shapely modern cut too.


Just how many sharks did they kill to make this suit?


What is their 'modern fit' equivalent to? Would it be slim fit or more like a regular fit?


I own a suit and some shirts. The quality is good, and fit is also good. Or maybe I just make it look good, it's hard to tell

jaeger 20% extra off flash sale on sale items
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Posted 30th Jun 2015Posted 30th Jun 2015
jaeger 20% extra off flash sale on sale items
extra 20% off flash sale. sale items included. grab a bargain on quality British fashion clothing Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

bought some lovely shirts for 16 to 18 quid. great quality as well.


there are none.. cold


Where are the £1.00 items ?

Jaeger outlet 50% weekend offer
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Posted 13th Jun 2015Posted 13th Jun 2015
Jaeger outlet 50% weekend offer
The Jaeger Outlet has a number of nice Jaeger products at good discounts. They are running a weekend offer on a number of items offering a further 50% off. I thought the suits lo… Read more

The true discounts are about half of what they say. They start with a, probably fictitious, RRP then show the 'was' price followed by the sale price. But the % off figure is not the difference between the 'was' and the sale price, its based on the RRP! They're all at it.


ordered 2 ties, thanks op


5.25% cashback on top http://www.topcashback.co.uk/jaeger-outlet/


Nice, pity no local click and collect.

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JAEGER Plain Poplin Shirt saved £52.5 today only £16.45 Delivered
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Posted 12th May 2015Posted 12th May 2015
JAEGER Plain Poplin Shirt saved £52.5 today only £16.45 Delivered£16.45
Today only extra 50% off, use £65 now £12.5. Just ordered 2 of shirt, I like this brand with good quality! good as a gift for your man ! use UK Standard Delivery £3.95 should be fi… Read more

Go to TKMaxx and buy direct formal tshirts with same price


the outlet is a scam - as far as I can work out the vast majority of stuff is made for it and is of an inferior quality to the real deal - that reduced price is likely nearer the value.


SPECIAL OFFER: Today Only! EXTRA 50% off Current Selling Price. Discount added at checkout.


Sorry. Ah I've just realised it's not off everything.


Hi, is there I should be using? The items I've put in basket aren't showing an extra 50% off.

Jaeger Outlet - £25 off each £100 spend - Plus up to 80% off Sale
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Posted 2nd Feb 2015Posted 2nd Feb 2015
Jaeger Outlet - £25 off each £100 spend - Plus up to 80% off Sale£100
Limited sizes but some real bargains to be had - i.e. Mens puffer jacket £39 from £199 (Medium only) Womens pink tie neck blouse - £19 from £150 (size 12) Yes most things are hig… Read more

When you look at the website it says New Season £25 off £100 and the 80% off is a different banner. I think it is one or the other.


doesn't knock £25 off at checkout, or i am being stoopid


£3.95 delivery or free to Jaeger outlet stores

ALL JAEGER handbags reduced to £99.00 !!!
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Posted 13th Jan 2015Posted 13th Jan 2015
ALL JAEGER handbags reduced to £99.00 !!!£99
Fantastic reductions from a luxury brand. The Hobo bag down from £350 to £99 and the Anderson bowling bag down from £295 to £99.00. All leather and made in the UK Great to put awa… Read more

Sorry it's checked....that ones sold out now...they're going quick


Can't find the one you have there in the pic!


Oh very tempting.

JAEGER FLASH SALE additional 50% off outlet prices
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Posted 9th Jan 2015Posted 9th Jan 2015
JAEGER FLASH SALE additional 50% off outlet prices
Excellent suits available. Almost all of them 100% wool. Additional 50% off until midnight 12th January. Here are few good suit prices :- Fine Colour Stripe Suit - £78.45 (Incl … Read more

Looks great with red bull


I got a load of stuff delivered today... and it's crap - well it's crap in the sense that I don't believe any of it was ever bought by anyone at the ticket prices - I've been searching around and it seems that Jaeger like a lot of companies makes stuff specially for its outlet - so while I was surprised that the quality and cuts were no better than say a cheap M&S suit it makes sense once you work out that the majority of this stuff was never sold in the full-price stores. So the sale prices seem to be closer to the actual price they should be than they first appear.


Very good deal - shame no pea coats on the flash sale - been looking for them for a while now.


Was just about to post this myself. Annoyingly they don't seem to have listed 'suits' under the flash sale category, just lots of suits and jackets, some of which are matching, but listed separately. But I've gone through and put together a list of jackets which have matching trousers in stock - hope it's useful! Managed to order 3 suits myself! http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Herringbone-Jacket/280143H,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_280143H_color=05500&dwvar_280143H_size=38R&start=20&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Herringbone-Jacket/280161H,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_280161H_color=00200&dwvar_280161H_size=38R&start=32&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Mayfair-Birdseye-Jacket/287003K,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_287003K_color=05500&dwvar_287003K_size=38R&start=36&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Prince-of-Wales-Jacket/280033H,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_280033H_color=05500&dwvar_280033H_size=42R&start=19&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Prince-of-Wales-Jacket/280011H,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_280011H_color=00200&dwvar_280011H_size=38R&start=44&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Mayfair-Birdseye-Jacket/287003K,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_287003K_color=00200&dwvar_287003K_size=36R&start=51&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Plainweave-Jacket/287001K,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_287001K_color=00100&dwvar_287001K_size=36R&start=82&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Plainweave-Jacket/287001K,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_287001K_color=00200&dwvar_287001K_size=40L&start=108&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Eastbury-Pinstripe-Jacket/280082H,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_280082H_color=05000&dwvar_280082H_size=44R&start=118&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Plainweave-Jacket/287250K,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_287250K_color=05500&dwvar_287250K_size=40L&start=121&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Plainweave-Jacket/287250K,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_287250K_color=00200&dwvar_287250K_size=40L&start=125&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Plainweave-Jacket/287001K,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_287001K_color=05500&dwvar_287001K_size=40L&start=133&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Plainweave-Jacket/287250K,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_287250K_color=00100&dwvar_287250K_size=40L&start=144&cgid=Men_Flash_Sale


I'm going to have to check if there is a limit on returns. My husband on his travels with work for sixteen days, not around to try what he has ordered.

JAEGER Classic Black Plainweave Suit WAS £360.00 NOW £63.95 DELIVERED!
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Posted 5th Jan 2015Posted 5th Jan 2015
JAEGER Classic Black Plainweave Suit WAS £360.00 NOW £63.95 DELIVERED!£63.95
SAVE 79% FROM £360.00 TO £75.00 BUT 20% CODE WILL APPLY AUTOMATICALLY AT CHECKOUT! Classic Black Plainweave Suit A strong staple piece, this two button suit has a classic Mayfair… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

You may want to repost this mate, they have an extra 50% off in a flash sale. Some crazy prices currently!


Fair enough. Just surprised they didn't say so.


Material is 100& virgin wool, check the individual item fabric details for this information.


yes but not a 'made' product. I couldn't see any reference to the material being wool (normally a big clue that it isn't) plus being 'made' would also strongly indicate it is a man made fibre e.g polyester.


The fit of these classic mayfair are very different to a normal suit, They are desing to fit the waist/ stomach line a lit more than a normal suit. It feels tight around the lower middle part of the torso and looser up top (chest area) trousers are "modern" normal up top and tighter around the lower leg area. May not suit all!

Jaeger wool Navy Overcheck men's suit RRP £350, now £103.95 delivered at Jaeger Outlet
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Posted 5th Jan 2015Posted 5th Jan 2015
Jaeger wool Navy Overcheck men's suit RRP £350, now £103.95 delivered at Jaeger Outlet£103.95
I was looking for a quality (cheap!) suit and after perusing this site I found this deal that was posted a couple of months ago for £123.15 delivered at Jaeger Outlet. https://www… Read more

That is the Jacket size. 40R will have 34R trousers. Click on the Size Guide tab just beneath the "Tweet" and "Pin it" buttons.


I can only find trouser size ie; 40r ..where is the jacket size ?


very cheap price... If you want the brand name, then go for this. But their quality are just not that great. If it was a blind test, I would have thought its from Zara or worst. Their RRP are always exaggerated; same tactic as other suit companies.


Good call. I was looking for one this time last year. Viscose was king sub £200. Managed to pick up a Cerutti 1881 wool/cashmere mix. Pucker condition. £35 after haggle :-). I'd have bought this this time last year.

Jaeger suits for £64 inc delivery (100% Wool)
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Posted 3rd Jan 2015Posted 3rd Jan 2015
Jaeger suits for £64 inc delivery (100% Wool)£64
Really cheap price for these suits, starting at £75 and 20% off at checkout plus £4 delivery making the final price £64 or may be able to collect in store for free making it £60? S… Read more

Although the cheapest suits are out of stock there are still great deals to be had on men's suits with the additional 20% off. Shouldn't this deal stay live to reflect that? I just bought two suits with a total RRP of £1,050 (I'm sure they were never actually sold at their RRPs, but still) for £200 each.


Everything out of stock !!


For a moment I thought it was a different type of Jaeger suit...


All now out of stock (unless you're 16)


That's a badly made website. Out of stock sizes appear in the selection list, with no indication they're out of stock until you select them. Refine by size makes no distinction between trouser sizes and jacket sizes, and doesn't seem to work anyway (certainly returns false positives). Not voting on the deal because I can't tell if there are really any £75 suits in stock -- if I spend any longer trying to find a suit in my size I shall lose the will to live. :{

JAEGER FLASH SALE additional 40% off outlet prices
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Posted 1st Jan 2015Posted 1st Jan 2015
JAEGER FLASH SALE additional 40% off outlet prices
JAEGER FLASH SALE additional 40% off outlet prices so great deal if you're looking for that special posh work suit or dress!!! Ends midnight on New Year's Day so be quick!

This is so hot hubby bought work trousers from £150 to £30. And it's what he normally buys from jaeger there quality is outstanding.


Thx op I bought some chinos on Black Friday when it was 40% off also and regretted not buying more as they are amazing quality..now I've just bought another 2 pairs...


My wife just ordered a dress, £45, down from £220. Ecstatic is the word I'd use. Thanks op.


Selected items only


Don't forget 5% Quidco cashback too!

Jaeger Suit Down From £499 to £74.50 -  Bargain!
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Posted 7th Dec 2014Posted 7th Dec 2014
Jaeger Suit Down From £499 to £74.50 - Bargain!£74.50
Smart 100% wool Subtle Stripe suit has 70% off & now an extra 50% off this weekend bringing the price down to £74.50 (£78.45 inc' postage) "Our Subtle Stripe Suit is a fail-sa… Read more
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How exactly does this interface with a giant robot?


All gone now.....


50% off at the checkout - very limited stock


Price says £149 now...

Further 40% off all sale items at Jaeger Outlet!
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Posted 29th Nov 2014Posted 29th Nov 2014
Further 40% off all sale items at Jaeger Outlet!
40% off all sale items at Jaeger Outlet! Also 5% Quidco.

I would like to say thanks as well (A £599 suit for £105)


Thanks for this! Just managed to buy my husband a suit and shirt for just under £100 heat added!

Funnel Neck Car Coat @ £105 (rrp £399) @ Jaeger Outlet
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Posted 29th Nov 2014Posted 29th Nov 2014
Funnel Neck Car Coat @ £105 (rrp £399) @ Jaeger Outlet£105
Jaeger Flash sale items. Further 40% off sale items. Item given as example only. £399 jacket now £105. Plenty of bargains to be had for mens and women (expensive) fashion. Further … Read more
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Jaeger Overcheck mens 100% navy wool suit £123.15 including del @ Jaeger Outlet
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Posted 23rd Oct 2014Posted 23rd Oct 2014
Jaeger Overcheck mens 100% navy wool suit £123.15 including del @ Jaeger Outlet£123.15
An impeccably tailored suit will never go out of style – enter our Overcheck design. This set features a single-breasted jacket and smart pair of trousers, both cut from the finest… Read more

I take it there's a six inch drop on these? It's not clear viewing from the mobile site


im a 38s jacket but cant find what trousers will come with this and cant find that info anywhere, any tips?


Seems to be quite a few other choices too and all seem to be 100% wool from what I looked at. Looking for a slim fit suit though so I'll pass but hot from me.


5% Quidco too

Men's herringbone grey suit 100% wool £99 (+ £3.95 del or free store collection) @ Jaeger Outlet
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Posted 15th Aug 2014Posted 15th Aug 2014
Men's herringbone grey suit 100% wool £99 (+ £3.95 del or free store collection) @ Jaeger Outlet£102.95
Men's herringbone grey suit from Jaeger 100% wool. Quite a few sizes left & seems decent value. Jacket : http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Herringbone-Jacket/280031G,en_GB,pd.html?d… Read more

Some of the other suits on the website are 50% off when you add them to the basket


True, but for anyone willing to have the trousers altered to fit, 42L is still available, which can probably be altered down a few sizes very cheaply.


So many Burtons shoppers in this thread. Heat added.


Can you return things if they don't fit? Does the fact that it is an outlet store make any difference?


Also make sure you look at the cut which is usually listed somewhere near the bottom of the page. They do everything from slim fit to classic disguised under pretentious titles such as "Mayfair". After sizing its important to have the right cut for your body type, no point getting a nice colour and fabric only to find the suit is uncomfortable or baggy to wear.

Nice 100% wool trousers £39 @ Jaeger Outlet store
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Posted 25th Jun 2014Posted 25th Jun 2014
Nice 100% wool trousers £39 @ Jaeger Outlet store£39
Men's trousers reduced from £160 http://www.jaegeroutlet.com/Pick-and-Pick-Trouser/285524Z,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_285524Z_color=00200&dwvar_285524Z_size=30R&start=10&cgid… Read more
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No, you could! If I tried it'd be suitable only for a clown's workwear. (_;)


Nitro, are you offering?


You could knit these yourself for less.


This'll be nice quality, and good for the price. Dry clean only, so not for me (budget control reasons!). Voting hot.


Can't see it