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Jaffa Cakes (40) Christmas tube (BBE 14/01/23) - 99p Instore @ Farmfoods (Crosshands, Carms)

In store: South West Wales · FarmFoods Deals
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40 Jaffa cakes in 4 cartons with this yard(guess) long cardboard tube.

Not priced but lady at the till mentioned then to the person ahead of me that had bought the normal ones. Crosshands, Carms.

Dated 14/01/23

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    might want to add 40 Jaffa cakes to title the 1 from poundland £1.50 went scorching earlier
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    I'll be doing a Jaffa raid on my local farmfoods tomorrow to see if they have any!
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    Full moon, half moon...

    ... total eclipse! (edited)
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    I got his today, 99p in Farmfoods, essentially just four standard sized packets (10 per box) for 99p. Dated late January 23, but sealed so should be fine for a while. Great deal, my kids love these and they have absolutely shot up in price. 
    Remember when they used to be 12 per box? 48 a tube? And like £1.99 every year without fail. Now they're like £2.99-£3.99 in some shops!
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    Thank you I found some in my local area, It was priced already but wouldn't have gone in if I hadn't seen this deal
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    Phew glad it's 4 cartons of 10. Can stick to my one carton a day after dinner. One bite......two bites......
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    Thanks Op, just grabbed some in Liverpool